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26 July 2009 @ 04:12 am
[Fic] Kame Goes Wild - Ch13 Part 1  

Title: Kame Goes Wild
Pairing: AKame
Rating: NC-17.
Genre: Romance, drugs, violence, humor and smut.
Summary: The first time Kamenashi Kazuya agrees to Akanishi Jin unfair request, he ends up in being in a tough situation. How the situation will end and what caused Kame’s weird behavior? How will Jin act with the new Kame?
Disclaimer: I don't own any characters from Johnny's Entertainment, but I own some characters and the plot.

Chapter 13

~ Next Day ~

Kame was very early. He woke up very early from a bad dream and couldn’t sleep till the time Cartoon Kat-tun episode was supposed to run. Therefore, he decided to take a shower and head to the set early.

When everyone started arriving, they noticed the tension in the air. They knew that something wrong between Kame and Jin because both of them were avoiding and ignoring each other as if the other one didn’t exist. It was always that way though, but somehow, the air between them used to be different and now it’s like there this killing aura coming out from Kame while an angry one coming from Jin. They thought that it’s better not to ask or they might end up hurt very badly.

Kame was very angry since the time he woke up. After replaying everything that happened last night, he only focused on one thing, Jin has abandoned him when he needed him the most and he didn’t trust him enough neither gave him the chance to explain himself. He was mad at him for acting in that way although he tried to defend him as well. However, his broken heart has won and decided to ignore Jin completely and try to act as if he’s the happiest man ever which was a bad idea because Jin thought that Kame didn’t care about what happened and that he was not affected at all. He saw him laughing with their band mates before the shooting starts and it made him feel very bad. His eyes were following Kame everywhere, but each time Kame turned to look at him, he would look away pretending that he wasn’t looking at him.

Kame felt someone’s gaze at his back and each time he turned around, he would see Jin avert his eyes to somewhere else. He knew the other was looking at him which made him feel bad. “What’s the matter with him? I don’t get you Jin!! You threw me out your apartment yesterday and now you look at me all the time?! I don’t get what the hell do you want Jin. You kicked me out and left me alone at your door. You threw me away when I needed you the most. I hate you Jin! I’m scared and you don’t give a damn. I hate you!! The assistant is here and you don’t even know about him because you didn’t give me the chance to tell you. AHHHH!!”

Although deep down, Kame knows those hate words are lies, but he couldn’t say the opposite. It just hurts him so much that Jin has treated him in that way and he still couldn’t believe that he didn’t accept his apologies neither hear him out.

But at the same time, Jin was feeling horrible. He woke up this morning smacking his head for what he did. He let his anger take the best of him and said things that he regrets so much. He wanted to apologize to Kame, but the latter was ignoring and avoiding him completely. It made him feel bad. Although he was still mad from Kame, but he also wanted to make up with him because he knows that they shouldn’t fight for a long time or else, the problem will grow up more with time. It might seem to Kame that Jin was avoiding or ignoring him, but the latter doesn’t know how to start talking with Kame and apologize for what he did. He knew that he needs to make up for Kame, but he didn’t know how. Kame was angry although he tried to laugh with the others and act as if he’s in the best mood and Jin knew that, he just knows him that much. He was scared that Kame will blow up on his face or something, so he decided to talk to him later that day. It would be better anyway.

The filming started and the episode was about great amount of food that needs to be eaten and many competitions and it included Jin, Maru and Junno.  

Kame tried his best to hold his anger and not blow up especially on Taguchi who was commenting in a very silly stupid way as usual not being able to read the atmosphere and acting as if he’s the funniest guy in earth while he was totally the opposite.

They reached the end of the episode when there was a huge pudding in a bucket where everyone helped in turning it and that was when Kame’s hand brushed Jin’s, but Kame took his hands immediately and decided not to put his hands again. Jin was delighted that Kame’s hand was on his because he missed the other’s touch so much and they never spent the night away from each other since they became lovers, so he truly missed him. That single touch moved so much inside of Jin. “God Kazu, why did you have to pull your hand away. I so want to touch you and hug you right now, say that I’m sorry and I’ll never act in that way again. I was stupid being blind by my anger that I wanted to stay alone and was harsh on you in the process. My kazu ~~ I’ve truly missed you ~~ I must end this after we finish filming this episode. I can’t take it anymore. We need to stop fighting baby. ” So Jin was determined to talk to Kame after the show ends and clear everything plus hear him out. He felt that Kame wanted to tell him something very important yesterday and that made him very curious. “How stupid of me!? Kazu wanted to say something yesterday. What did he mean by ‘if it weren’t for that…’?? What did he want to say? God, all I need to do is say sorry, hug him, kiss him, make it up for him, promise him never do it again and then ask him about what he wanted to say and what made him change his mind. I know we should have discussed it, but my anger didn’t allow me to do so”

~Part 2~

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