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20 June 2009 @ 06:32 am
[Fic] The Visible Love Bite - Part 1  

Title: The Visible Love Bite
Pairing: AKame
Rating: NC-15
Genre: Romance, humor, crack.
Type: One-shot
Summary: What happens when KAT-TUN finds Kamenashi Kazuya with a visible love bite while they they are changing during a concert?

Disclaimer: I don’t own any characters from Johnny’s Entertainment, but I own some characters and the plot. However, this idea came from a conversation with 

paddyabroad  so I would like to thank her! ^__^


Author Note: None except that this fic implies boyxboy relationships.



~ In the changing room – Backstage of a concert ~


KAT-TUN was changing their clothes very quickly because they had to get to the stage for their next performance in 10 minutes.


Kame: Huh?

Maru: OMG! Is that a bite?? Did you get a bee bite??


Ueda: On the back of your neck. Does it hurt?

Kame: EEHH??? It doesn’t! *averts his eyes toward everyone while touching the bite when he noticed that Jin had a smirk on his face*

Jin: It looks BIG Kame! Is it itchy?

Kame: “YOU JERK!! BASTARD!! YOU LEFT A LOVE BITE, DIDN’T YOU! SCREW YOU! I’M SO GOING TO KILL YOU!!”  Kame’s face was getting red from anger and embarrassment.

Koki: Are you ok Kame!! You’re face is little pale and red.

Kame: I-I’m…F-fine…

Koki was heading toward Kame looking at the back of his neck when Kame started hiding it by turning around and wearing his clothes real fast.

Koki: You sure you’re ok? Here, let me see. We must check if it’s infected.

Kame: N-No need. It doesn’t hurt at all.

While Kame was fighting with Koki who insisted on seeing his neck, he didn’t notice that Junno was behind him already checking out the bite.


Everyone averted their disbelieving and shocked eyes toward Junno. When they fully registered what he said, they looked with questioning eyes toward Kame who blushed badly and started feeling hot from embarrassment.  

Everyone approached the embarrassed Kame checking out the love bite that Junno mentioned and confirmed it. Then, they looked at Kame and started their teasing.

Maru: WOW! That is sure a big hickey!

Koki: I wonder what type of woman gave you that ~~

Ueda: The wild type ~~

Junno: So, you scored lately Kame?

Jin: Why don’t you tell us about her Kame? *smirks*

Kame was stunned by the questions he got from his band mates. He didn’t know what to answer them, but once Jin talked, he got angrier and decided to make the latter regret that he opened his mouth or to give him that love bite in the first place.

Kame: I should kill her for doing this!!

Maru: That’s harsh!

Kame: But, she totally deserves it!

Koki: Is she hot?

Kame: *looks at Jin and smirks* Not that much. I mean, she looks thin, but she’s actually very heavy. In another word, FAT ~!

Jin: *eyes widen in shock* “I’m FAT??”

Junno: I never knew you like them fat

Kame: I don’t

Ueda: Then, why the hell are you in a relationship with her?

Kame: I’m not!


Kame amused by everyone’s action and thought of playing this game little longer.  

Jin: Why are you sleeping with her then? *glares harshly*

Kame: DUH! It’s just a one night stand *death glares at Jin*

Everyone gasped at Kame’s answer. Kame hated doing this, but he wanted to make Jin suffer a little longer.

Maru: I never knew you’re the player type Kame!

Koki: Yeah, that’s just bad!!

Kame: I’M NOT!! It was only a one night stand and that’s it. I was drunk and couldn’t think clearly and she took advantage of the situation. You know how girls will plan anything for us to sleep with them since we are idols!!

Ueda: What a bitch!

Koki: Yeah, definitely a bitch! She probably wanted to brag to her friends about it.

Jin: *getting confused* “Didn’t he mean me? But, when did he get drunk and I forced myself on him?? EHH? Am I missing something?”

Junno: Was it good?

Everyone got shocked by Junno’s question; they didn’t know the boy was interested in knowing these details because he always looked so innocent.

Kame: Nope. It was actually, awful. It sucks. It was the worst night of my life!!

Jin: *gasps* and how is it bad when you moan loudly??


Koki: What do you mean?

Jin: I…ah….huh….I’m confused!! Who is awful??

Maru: Are you for real?

Junno: Weren’t you listening?

Koki: It’s the girl that Kame slept with last night I presume since I didn’t see that love bite yesterday. Anyway, she basically sucks in bed bakanishi!

Ueda: *looks at Jin* What an idiot!

Jin: *deep in thought*

Kame: *smirks evilly* She texted me asking me to meet her again. Can you believe it!! I don’t know how to make her understand the word ‘impossible’.



Kame: *tries to hide his devilish smirk* What?

Jin noticed what he just said and looked at everyone and noticed Kame smirk. He knew the younger boy had set him up confusing him like that. Everyonewaited for his answer, but instead, he pulled Kame’s hands and took him outside the changing room ignoring the calls of his band mates. When he was about to leave the room.

Jin: I need to give this guy a lecture!!

~ Part 2~

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