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20 June 2009 @ 03:08 am
[Fic] Kame Goes Wild - Ch10 Part 1  

Title: Kame Goes Wild
Pairing: AKame
Rating: NC-17.
Genre: Romance, drugs, violence, humor and smut.
Summary: The first time Kamenashi Kazuya agrees to Akanishi Jin unfair request, he ends up in being in a tough situation. How the situation will end and what caused Kame’s weird behavior? How will Jin act with the new Kame?

 Chapter 10 Part 1


The reporters took advantage of the frozen Kame and started asking questions that some of them reached Kame’s ears. Some of them asked if they had a relationship between them, others asked if the pictures were true and some others asked if they spent the night together in intimate way and etc. Kame was scared and trembling. The last thing he would have thought is this happening, reporters surrounding them and catching them leaving the apartment together. They were too careless and in their own world to remember the problem they were in and maintain their image. Kame had dozen of thoughts running through his mind.  “How did they get here? Does this mean, someone followed us last night? OMG, it means they saw everything, every single thing. They might even saw something earlier or heard us! *gasps* I can’t believe that this is it! The pictures are out! Someone asked me about the pictures. Which ones? The ones with me naked or the ones with Jin…Either way, it’s bad…Very bad, how did I forget everything that happened. How did Jin make me forget everything that happened!! I can’t believe this. We are truly screwed!”

Jin noticed that Kame was out of it and he was deep in thought shutting himself from everything that surrounds him. He took his hand and pulled him which surprised Kame and made him freak out till he noticed that it was Jin pulling him, so he let him. Jin guided Kame to the car while holding his hand tightly as if he’s assuring him that he will never let go of him and that he will protect him. They practically ran quickly from the reporters and once they got in the car, Jin drove very fast and started misleading those who are following them in order to shake them off. He checked Kame who was silent and didn’t say anything at all. It scared him seeing Kame in this state, very serious, deep in thought and not sharing what’s on his mind. It makes him feel as if Kame doesn’t need him and as if he shut him from his life. After couple of minutes, the silence became unbearable for Jin so he started talking.

Jin: Kazu, what are you thinking about?

Kame: …..

Jin: Kazu, please, tell me what’s going on your head?

Kame: Nothing Jin

Jin: Kazu ~

Kame: I’m not in the mood to talk Jin!

Jin got shocked by Kame’s attitudes. It always hurt him when Kame acts like this. The same happened when Kame heard about Jin leaving to LA. Kame shut him out of his life not listening to him at all. After he came back from LA and fixed things between him and Kame, he promised himself that he’ll never allow Kame to be in that state again, but it’s happening right now and he’s somewhat in fault although he knows very well that Kame is probably blaming himself right now. He needed to assure his boyfriend that everything is going to be fine and that everything is going to turn out the way it used to be and if not, they had each other, so there is nothing much to lose.

Jin: Don’t worry baby, we’re going to fix this. I promi…*Kame interrupted him*

Kame: DON’T YOU DARE JIN!! *Jin’s eyes widen and he looks at Kame who is staring at him with teary eyes*

Jin: Kazuu

Kame: This won’t be fixed. No matter what you say or do..We can’t lie! We got caught together leaving the same apartment after the pictures of us kissing got out. What lie can we make? I was drunk? Why did I stay over your apartment then? Why not Koki’s apartment since I’m too close to him? Hell, why not any other bands mate? Do you think they’re going to believe any of our lies? They DEFINITELY WON’T!! We’re simply screwed! Our lives as members in KAT-TUN, Johnny’s are finished!!  I-I….*tears started falling real bad and Kame turned out to look to the window avoiding Jin’s gaze*…I-I…c-can’t..

Jin turned right and parked the car on the first building he found which he noticed was a bank. He reached for Kame, but the latter pushed his hand away breaking Jin’s heart more. Jin knows that his younger lover is scared, hell, he was scared as well, but he just wanted to comfort him by saying words that might make him feel better. He didn’t know that by doing so, it will break his lover more. It broke his heart that Kame is in this state while nothing happened yet; he thought that his younger lover might not be able to stand what’s going to happen if they got kicked out from Johnny’s. He knew that Kame would definitely hate it and won’t be able to stand not being a member in KAT-TUN anymore because he was too proud to be a member of it and he worked very hard to deserve it. He knows that Kame wanted to stop being an idol someday, but that someday would be when he reached the sixties maybe. He wasn’t ready for this and he won’t be. Jin moved closer to Kame and tried to turn him around to face him, but the later didn’t, so he forced him to turn to him and the sight made his heart tighten beating faster and louder causing him so much pain. Kame’s nose was red with watery eyes and tears that were falling continuously without stopping. Jin hugged Kazu to his chest making the latter cry harder and let out his voice.

Jin: Didn’t I promise you that we’re going to be together no matter what happened?

Kame: *nods*

Jin: Whatever the agency or Jonny or the people decide, we’ll always be together baby.

Kame: *holds Jin’s shirt real hard*

~ Part 2 ~