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19 June 2009 @ 04:13 am
[Fic] Kame Goes Wild - Ch9 Part 1  

Title: Kame Goes Wild
Pairing: AKame
Rating: NC-17.
Genre: Romance, drugs, violence, humor and smut.
Summary: The first time Kamenashi Kazuya agrees to Akanishi Jin unfair request, he ends up in being in a tough situation. How the situation will end and what caused Kame’s weird behavior? How will Jin act with the new Kame?

Disclaimer: I don’t own any characters from Johnny’s Entertainment, but I own some characters and the plot.

Chapter 9 Part 1


Kame: AHHHH…J-JIN ~!!

Jin: KAZUU~~!!

Both screamed each other name while reaching their climax. Jin lied on top of Kame and when he wanted to pull out from Kame, Kame didn’t let him and asked him to stay little longer. Each of them were gaining their breath back and getting back from their high. Kame was enjoying the warmth of Jin’s body inside of him when he noticed that Jin started kissing his neck.

Kame: No Jin! No more! We need to head to the meeting!

Jin: Hmmmmmmmm…But, I just can’t resist you Kazu ~~

Kame started feeling that Jin was growing hard inside of him which only means one thing and that is the start of another round.

Kame: *gulps* Seriously Jin, I mean it. We really can’t ….tsk…I can’t believe you’re this horny! What are you? A teenager? I’m already tired.

Jin: Kazu ~~ *kisses Kame fully on the lips*

Kame: Ahhhhh…God Jin, don’t move!!

Jin: I’m not babe ~~

Kame: Horny bastard! AHHH ~~ *digs his nails on Jin’s back*

Jin: Easy babe, you’re hurting me..

Kame: You deserve it!! Idiot!!

Jin: Tsk…Kazu…You shouldn’t say this to your boyfriend, you know.

Kame: If my boyfriend is a jerk, he totally deserves it! AHHH…Jin…Seriously…Stop already!! You’re killing me…

Jin: Then, be killed by me...only me babe…*moans*

Kame: J-Jin ~~

Jin: I love you babe ~~

Kame: I love you too ~~…Huh? Why did you stop?

Jin: You asked me to stop, remember?

Kame: And since when did you care if I asked you to stop in sex?

Jin: Since always of course.. *smirks*

Kame: You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you? *curses Jin*

Jin: Oh Kazu, just tell me what you want me to do ~~

Kame pushed Jin while wrapping his arms around his neck to make him changing his position to and ended up sitting on top of him earning himself the advantage.

Kame: Don’t think I’ll fall into your game baby ~~ *starts moving*

Jin: AHHH~…Who is the horny bastard now?

Kame: I-It’s your fault! Stopping in the middle wanting me to beg, but guess what, I’m not! *Kame starts moving up and down fast just to get back at Jin*

Jin: Ahhhh ~~ Slow down Kazuu ~~

Kame: UGHHH ~~ AHHHH ~

Jin held Kame’s hips firmly and started moving fast inside of him hitting his sweet spot continuously driving Kame crazy as always.

Jin: Ahhhh…Kazu...God, you’re still tight as ever..

Kame: AHHH…JIN…I’m…I’m coming..

Jin: Shit! Don’t tighten your hole…I won’t last..

Kame: Then don’t! *leaned into Jin’s ears whispering* come with me babe ~~

Jin: AHHH ~~ *pushed Kazu to the mattress again to regain his previous position, him being on top of his lover while putting Kazu’s legs on his shoulders*

Kame: *gasps* Too deep…Jin…I can’t..

Both of them came together real hard. After Jin changed his position and went deeply inside Kame, the latter has lost it and was moaning loudly until he came and Jin filled him with his seeds. Jin finally pulled out and rested beside Kame. Both were gaining their vision and their breath after the hot session they had. When they finally started recognizing their surrounding, Jin stared at Kame with loving eyes that turned into lustful ones after checking out the hickeys/love bites that covered Kame’s neck and chest. Seeing his seeds sliding out from Kame’s hole, all the traces of their session made him turned on again and once Kame noticed that, he looked at Jin with disbelieving eyes.

Kame: NO WAY!!

Jin: But…Kazu ~~~


Jin: I don’t want to, not yet *pouts*

Kame: Fine! I’ll take one and I swear I’ll leave you behind once I finish it. We’re going to be late and it’s your fault and yet you’re up for another fucking round!!

Jin:  It’s because I have a hot boyfriend that I can’t..*Kame interrupted him*

Kame: Don’t bullshit me and don’t think it’s going to work on me. Go take a shower NOW!!

Jin: *gulps* HAI!!

Jin headed to the bathroom knowing that not doing what an angry Kame wants is wrong, totally wrong and he might end up hurt real bad. Or even worse, not have sex for one day or even more. No, it was definitely wrong and he won’t get on his bad side at all.

Kame was smirking evilly while watching Jin heading toward the bathroom. He liked how a snap from him will make the latter lose all his coolness and will submit to everything he wants. It made him feel in control. He also loved how Jin always wanted him no matter how many times he had him. It made him know that Jin truly loves him because if he only wanted him for sex, then he would be satisfied already, but he’s not. He looked at the watch and was shocked to see that there is only 15 minutes until the meeting. He jumped from the bed and headed toward the bathroom as well. He can’t wait till Jin finish his shower and take one because they’re definitely going to be late. He joined Jin in the bathroom and the latter was delighted to see him and had his mind full with dirty thoughts including a hot love session in the shower. He truly thought that Kame came for another reason than showering.

Jin: AH…you missed me already babe *winks*

Kame: Shut it Jin! We have 15 minutes and we need to shower in 5 minutes. Dare to touch me and I’ll punch you on the face *glares*

Jin: Fuck! That’s unfair Kazu…How can I not when you’re totally naked and in front of me..Are you kidding me?

Kame: JIN!!

Jin: *sighs* Fine..I’ll just turn around *pouts*

Kame noticed that Jin was disappointed and that he didn’t cool down yet since a certain part of his body was half erect. So, he thought that this was his chance for a payback since Jin wanted him to lose control and beg him earlier, he wanted to return it back to him as well as making him beg.

Kame: *smirks* Here let me help you showering ~~

Jin: N-No need

Kame: I insist baby ~

Jin: *gulps*

~ Part 2 ~
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