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09 June 2009 @ 11:58 pm
[Fic] I Only Have My eyes On You - Part 1  

Title: I Only Have My eyes On You

Pairing: AKame, Kokame [Friendship]
Rating: NC-17.
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Summary: In BTR concert, Kame flirts with Koki and earns a kiss which was seen by Jin, Kame’s lover. Jin decides that his boyfriend needs a big punishment.  

Disclaimer: I don’t own any characters from Johnny’s Entertainment, but I own the plot.

Author Note: Warning: This fic contains a relationship between two guys.


In the couple apartment, an angry figure appears after opening and closing the door cruelly with a loud sound not caring of waking up the neighbors.

“What was that for???” Jin said in a very annoyed tone.

“What do you mean??” Kame answered having a hint of what made the older boy this mad.

“What do I mean?? The kiss between you and Koki, what was it for??” Jin snapped back at Kame after remembering the events that happened earlier in Break the Record Concert.

 “C’mon Jin! You know it meant nothing. Koki is like a brother to me” Kame answered calmly making Jin more furious than he already is. Kame was amused by Jin’s reaction. He always enjoyed seeing Jin jealous and always teased the older boy by flirting around with his band mates to make sure that Jin still feels the same way about him and he was right.

“Brother my ass KAMENASHI!! You’ve been flirting with him through the whole concert!” Jin said in anger.

Kame: “It’s called fan service Jin! Fan service!!”

Jin: “Don’t bullshit me!! Why not do your fan service with me?”

Kame: “Awwwwwwwwwwwww, don’t tell me your jealous babe ~~”. Kame asked enjoying the development of the situation.

Jin: “And what if I am? How could you let Koki kiss you?”

Kame: “You’re acting as if he kissed my lips and not just my cheeks, Jin”

Jin: “Your lips, cheeks or any other part are all the same to me. No one allowed touching or kissing you except me!”

Kame: “Not even my mom??” Kame asked in amused tone. He wanted to tease the older boy more.  

Jin: “KAZU!!”

Kame: “What do you want me to say Jin?”

Jin: “That it won’t happen again. I’m sick and tired of you flirting around with our band mates. Hugging Ueda tightly, touching Koki and then letting him kissing you. That’s too much! You’re mine and I won’t sit and watch you continue with this bullshit.”

Kame: *turns around and smirks* “I can’t promise you anything Jin. It’s not like I planned for this to happen (yeah right!), I just follow the flow and these things happen all the time.”

Jin getting annoyed by Kame’s answer pushed the latter to the wall earning him a groan from the younger boy. He glared at the younger boy warning him to oppose him and not assuring him that it won’t happen again. Of course, Kame noticed what the older boy wanted to hear from him, but he was stubborn and teasing Jin, he always loved seeing his boyfriend getting mad and it have always turned him on. Oh, how he loved Jin possessive nature and how it takes control over him to end up claiming Kame as his and his alone.

Jin: “Care to repeat what you said again?” Jin said in a very dark and angry tone warning Kame that he’s going to regret repeating what he said. But, Kame as stubborn as he is, he answered him in a very calm tone, “I said that I can’t promise you anything Jin…I don’t …”. Kame was stopped by Jin’s lips which were trying to devour his own ones by sucking his lips roughly not giving Kame the chance to breath. After 2 minutes of their kissing, Kame pushed Jin to catch his breath when he felt everything around him is turning black and all he can feel is Jin’s lips and oh how he loved Jin’s sexy and soft lips. They always make him lose his mind and forget everything that surrounds him feeling nothing but the heat.

Jin: “Y-You…need...to be taught...a lesson Kazu!” Jin said with heavy breaths and a dangerous tone sending shivers into Kame’s body making the latter tremble in fear not knowing what Jin is going to do to him, but he also enjoyed the feeling as dirty thoughts started climbing through his mind.  

Kame: “I-I…do?”

Jin: “I’ll make sure that you won’t have any energy tomorrow in the concert to go flirt around with other guys.” Jin said with a serious tone and a devilish smile on his face enjoying Kame’s reaction to his words. He knew that his boyfriend does this to tease him and make him jealous and he always succeeds. Although he knew that his boyfriend is only acting, but seeing it in front of his face angers him all the time and toss all his sanity away. He simply loses control because he cannot think whenever he sees his boyfriend close to someone else even if it was a mere acting to make him jealous. He knows that Kame is enjoying himself right now and loving his angry state. He realizes how incredible the love sessions they have during these times.  

Kame gulped after seeing where this thing is headed. He would probably end up wobbling tomorrow which is something he cannot afford to happen.

Kame: “Jin, you can’t! We have a concert tomorrow and I can’t afford to be tired!”

Jin: “Hahaha, as if I care! You brought this on yourself Kazu”

Kame knowing that Jin is dead serious and based on his instinct, he tried to run away from Jin, but the latter was faster and held both his wrists firmly with one hand. Jin has always been stronger than him and his weight has always given him an advantage over Kame.  

Jin: “Where do you think you’re going? There is no escape babe and by trying to run away, you only excite me more ~”

Kame: “Jin, I’m serious! If it was another time, I would let it pass, but it’s a CONCERT! I have my solo; I need to fly not to add singing. ”

Jin: “It’s your own mistake! You should have thought about it from the beginning when you decided to provoke me and tease me”

Kame started cursing himself. He truly didn’t think at all. He noticed that whenever Koki was close to him, it would make his boyfriend angry and that made him go with the flow and flirt with Koki. He was stupid, not to think about the consequences it will have on him knowing that this will happen and wanting for this to happen. However, he forgot completely about the concert and how it will affect on him tomorrow. How can he miss thinking about something this important?

Jin interrupted Kame thoughts by kissing him passionately; demanding the latter to part his lips in order to slip his own tongue and taste the sweetness of his boyfriend. Kame couldn’t think anymore, battling Jin’s tongue with his own tongue to show authority tasting the saliva of his boyfriend and feeling how a generous amount of their saliva is running down their mouths. “AHHHHH” Kame gasped from the touch of Jin left hand that was making its way under his shirt over his nipples, lifting his shirt up and rubbing his right nipple. Jin broke the hot tongue battle to proceed to the next stage, Kame’s left nipple which was feeling lonely. Jin started licking the nipple enjoying hearing the moans from his younger boyfriend. He kept licking the nipple till it got harden and started sucking it till it got swollen.

Kame couldn’t control himself anymore. He tried to hold his moans to stop Jin, but he couldn’t think or process anything anymore. All he wanted right now is to feel Jin. His knees started weaken which Jin noticed so he used one knee to support his lover. Jin started undressing Kame by removing his shirt. He noticed his boyfriend erection which was obvious. He knew at that moment, Kame won’t be resisting it anymore and all his sense have probably left him. He loosened his grip on Kame’s wrists and as he expected, Kame wasn’t fighting him or trying to run anymore.

Jin started removing his clothes by removing his jacket followed by his shirt. He went back to kissing Kame again and the latter wrapped his arms around Jin’s neck bringing his lover closer to him to have a better access to his tongue. Jin placed Kame legs around his waist and started heading toward their bedroom. He placed his lover on the bed and started kissing his neck moving downwards to his chest, nipple, and stomach and finally reaching his pants. He opened the belt and used his mouth to open the pants zipper which made Kame moan in expectation. After removing the pants and underwear, he was mesmerized by his lover beauty. Although they were living with each other, yet, Jin always feel like it’s his first time seeing the beautiful features of his lover and how the younger boy outstand all the girls he knew in his whole life. Seeing his lover hard member brought him back to reality. He started removing all his clothes as well. He smirked when he noticed that his boyfriend bite his lips.

Jin: “Enjoying what you’re seeing? ~~”

Kame: “Y-Yeah”. Kame answered took Jin by surprise, he didn’t expect that answer at all. However, Kame didn’t realize the effect of this simple word on his lover. Not until he saw his lover member standing proudly impatient. Kame gulped after realizing what he said, he was in a daze that he didn’t notice what he said. He just realized that he excited Jin more. He knew that this night will be a long one filled with a very hot love session.    

~ Part 2~
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