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21 June 2010 @ 01:27 am
[Fic] Forbidden Love - Ch8  

Chapter 8: Separation



Hitoshi: *trying to hold Reyoma back since he was preparing to launch himself on Jin* Reyoma!

Kazuya noticed the silence of both their mothers and the silent tears that were falling staining their face. His gaze went back to his father and uncle who were definitely angry and saw red. He knew his dad would snap any moment now.

Jin: *stood up angry from the false accusations*I didn’t force myself on him! I knew you would blame me once you know about this because I’m older, but I don’t really care what you all think!

Hiromi: JIN! You don’t care that what you’re doing is wrong and against all our beliefs.

Jin: I don’t care! I don’t have that kind of belief!

Hitoshi: Why you little arrogant kid?!!!

Kazuya: Enough already! We didn’t do anything wrong!

Hitoshi: Shut it Kazuya! You don’t have a say in this!

Kazuya: Why not? Why putting all the blame on him??

Reyoma: Because he took advantage of you and you’re definitely confused now, so you don’t know what’s right or wrong.

Jin: Stay out of it Kazu!

Kazuya: But, we love each other!! He didn’t force me to do anything; we both are in this together and did it willingly!

Hitoshi: Oh GOD! Are you out of your mind Kazuya!!??

Kazuya: Why, because I love him?

Naomi: Do you even hear yourself?? You both men! MEN!! And to make matters worse, cousins! Or did you forget that?

Kazuya: we don’t care about that!

Jin: We never cared about that!! Shouldn’t you at least understand how we feel!


Kazuya: *averts his eyes away from everyone while turning red in the face* “Shit! How stupid of me to stop Jin from locking the door!! I can’t believe mom saw that!”

Hiromi: How could you Jin? How could you feel something toward him? He’s your younger cousin, you both are almost brothers! I just don’t get how you two could feel that way toward each other!! I don’t get it!! How come??

Jin: It just happened mom! Why can’t you understand? We fell in love just like you and dad did.

Hitoshi: That’s entirely different Jin! It’s more like you tell me that your mom and I fell in love. This is how we view it because it’s incest!!

Jin: I thought you, our parents will understand us!

Reyoma: Understand what Jin? That you have a relationship with your cousin? A forbidden relationship between two men and cousins at the same time!

Hiromi: Why not a girl Jin? Hell, why not another guy if you’re gay?

Jin: You think I didn’t try that??I tried dating girls and sleeping with them, but it never worked! I even tried to do it with guys, but it didn’t work! Nothing worked!!  I didn’t have it easy believe me! I knew that I had to give up on trying because all I could think about was Kazu. I know for sure that there is no one else but Kazu for me! Why can’t you understand?

Hiromi: What did you expect us to do Jin? If you’re gay, we might be upset at first and try to reason with you. But, in the end will support you because we love you and you know that. However, this Jin, we can never accept!

Reyoma: Being gay is a huge blow, but you and Kazuya…..that’s too much to process.

Naomi: I can never accept this either! So there is no way I’m going to allow you and Kazuya together Jin!

Kazuya and Jin felt weak and pain filled their heart and chest. They knew that they won’t be accepted, but they never thought it would be this bad. They thought they don’t care about what others think, but what their parents said has dug a huge hole in their hearts. These feelings sting and hurt so much. They felt like they don’t belong there. Like they are been looked down and descended from their parents eyes so badly. They felt wrong.  

Hitoshi: Kazuya *Kazuya averted his eyes toward his dad* you’re not allowed in this house ever again, you hear me!

Kazuya: *eyes widen in shock* W-wh-what?

Hitoshi: And same goes for Jin! You’re not allowed either in our house from now on!

Jin: B-b-but—

Reyoma: You won’t be seeing each other from now on no matter what happens! You hear that!

Jin/Kazuya: NO!!!

Jin: You can’t do this!

Reyoma: Oh yeah, watch us doing it then!

Kazuya: There is no way we’re agreeing to this!

Hitoshi: You both don’t have a say in this! We know what’s best for you and from now on, you won’t ever meet or speak to each other again. If we knew that you are doing so behind our back, you’ll definitely regret it!

Jin: MOM!!!

Hiromi: We all agree to that decision!

Kazuya eyes his mom for help begging her with his eyes, but her face was so cold.

Naomi: Don’t dare to meet because you won’t like your punishment!

Hitoshi: Let’s go Kazuya!

Kazuya: *goes behind Jin for cover* No! I’m not going!

Hitoshi pulls Kazuya away from Jin while Reyoma holds Jin who was struggling.

Jin: KAZU!!! LET GO!!

But Hitoshi managed to take Kazuya out from the house after the latter was yelling Jin’s name that Jin felt his heart clench in pain. He couldn’t even stop his uncle from taking Kazuya.  

Reyoma: *his grip tightens more on his son* why didn’t you come talk to me Jin?

Jin: Yeah, like you will listen!

Reyoma: You really think that I wouldn’t have listened to you? If you didn’t want to talk to me, why not your mom? You could’ve come and told us about your feelings. We would have figured a way to fix things.

Jin: I couldn’t! How could I tell you that I have feelings for him? Huh?

Reyoma: You couldn’t because you know deep down that what you’re doing is wrong. That this whole thing is wrong.

Jin averted his eyes feeling guilty because his dad was dead right.


~Later that night on the phone~


Kazuya: Jin! You ok?

Jin: I’m fine! You? Did your dad do anything cause if he did I swear I’m going to—

Kazuya: *chuckles* no, he didn’t do anything except giving me a long lecture.

Jin: Where are you now?

Kazuya: In my room.

Jin: Come to the window then!

Kazuya opened the window and saw Jin standing outside the house looking at him. They kept talking on the phone while looking at each other.  

Kazuya: hey you~~

Jin: Hey babe~~

Kazuya: *his expression changed from cheerful to sad one* your face is swollen

Jin: Don’t give me that long face! It’s ok!

Kazuya: I’m sorry Jin! This is my fault! If I hadn’t stopped you from locking the door then—

Jin: You think that would’ve helped! I think our sounds were enough to give us away anyway especially when you’re so loud! *giggles*

Kazuya: so it’s my fault after all!

Jin: Kazu! You know how much I love hearing your sounds! It makes me know how much you love me and feel the affect I have on you babe~~

Kazuya: But—

Jin: I’m loud too, you know! Anyway, don’t think about that! It happened and there is no one to blame.

Kazuya: What are we going to do now?

Jin: *sighs* we run away! Like we promised! You still remember our plan, right?

Kazuya: Of course

Jin: Then, we’ll run away tomorrow at—

Jin saw Kazuya avert his eyes in shock and he heard him say ‘dad’ before the line went dead and saw his uncle coming closer to the window.

Hitoshi: GO HOME JIN!

Jin walked back home very quickly worried about his younger boyfriend. He kept calling him, but the line was dead. Maybe his uncle switched the phone off.  


Hitoshi took Kazuya’s phone once he went inside his room and once he saw Jin walking away, he closed the window and smashed the phone on the wall.

Kazuya: NOOO!!!!

Hitoshi: What the hell did I tell you?

Kazuya: *yelling* you can’t control me!!

Hitoshi: I don’t remember raising a son who yells on his dad!

Kazuya averted his eyes looking down in shame and anger. All he could think about is his phone and how will he contact Jin now.

Hitoshi: Listen Kazuya, you won’t leave your room for a whole week!

Kazuya: WHAT??!!

Hitoshi: You hear me! You’re not allowed to even eat with us! Got that!

Kazuya: Do you think I won’t try and jump from the window!

Hitoshi: Go ahead and be my guest! I would like seeing you try because I won’t be the one who ends up being hurt anyway.

Kazuya: “I can’t get hurt or else I won’t be able to run away with Jin! SHIT!!” URGH!!!

Hitoshi: Glad that we understand each other!



The next day finally came and Jin was waiting for Kazuya in their secret place, but the younger didn’t show up. He was late and Jin started to worry. He knew something was wrong and kept calling Kazuya, but with no success. He even called his uncle house, but his aunt has hung up on him once he asked for Kazuya. He even went back to his uncle house and had a fight with his uncle wanting to go inside the house, but his uncle didn’t let him. The next day was the same and his uncle hired guards to not allow him to be closer to the house. Kazuya’s window was never opened all that time, but he figured that sooner or later, he will see his Kazu when his graduation ceremony from elementary school takes place next week. In the mean time, Kazuya was crying his heart out feeling awful that Jin is waiting for him and he cannot even go to him. He felt bad not being able to see him or even hear his voice. They were used to be together every day, so he hated this situation. He looked at his window which was covered by cells and irons that he can’t even reach the window itself. He started to hate his dad and mom for what they were doing.  


On the day of the ceremony, Jin went to the school and noticed that the guards his uncle hired were there. He avoided entering the school from the gate and went from behind jumping the wall. He searched for Kazuya until he finally found him, but one of the guards was with him. He tried to make eye contact with him and he finally succeeded and made signals for Kazuya to go to the bathroom. Jin went before and hides inside one of the stalls and Kazuya followed while the guard was waiting out for him.  

Kazuya: Jin! *hugs him tight*

Jin: God, I missed you so much Kazu!! *tighten his grip on his waist and start kissing him*

Kazuya: My dad is crazy; he’s not even letting me out of the house!

Jin: I know! I tried to see you, but he hired those stupid guards!

Kazuya: We have to run away Jin!

Jin: Yeah, but it has to be today and now!

Kazuya: I don’t care! I just want to get out from this prison!

Jin: Ok! Then, listen to what we have to do!


Jin explained his plan to Kazuya who left the bathroom and went in the crowd mixing with his friends. They all decided to leave and go party on their own, so Kazuya went with them seeing that the guard was following him. He then told the guys that the man following them is someone suspicious who tried to have his way with him. The guys were both his friends from the baseball club and classmates who turned around and blocked the guard way trying to kick his ass.  

Kazuya took the chance and ran away making sure no one was following him till he reached their secret place. Jin brightened and had a huge grin on his face once he saw him coming.

Jin: Glad it worked!

Kazuya: *grins* yeah! Let’s go!

They both went to the train station where Jin had bought tickets previously and sat, waiting for the train to come. But after 1 hour and a half, policemen came to them and asked them for their IDs. They showed them and they were taken immediately to the police station. When they got inside, they knew what was this all about. Their family was waiting inside giving them death glares. They were busted!


~After couple of days~


Hiromi: You don’t have to do this!

Naomi: Yes, we do Hiromi!

Hiromi: We will find another way!

Hitoshi: There isn’t any other way! They probably together now doing God knows what!

Reyoma: I can’t believe we reached this point!

Hiromi: I’m going to miss you Naomi, bro! *hugs them both*

Hitoshi: We’ll stay in contact!

Naomi: Yeah!

Reyoma: Take care of yourself sis! *hugs his sister*

Naomi: You too!

Hitoshi: God! I’m so going to miss you man!

Reyoma: Me too! But I hope this won’t take so long and they will come back to their senses.

Hitoshi: I hope so too!

Kazuya/Jin: We’re home!

The four of them looked at the two with serious disappointed expression.

Hiromi: You two don’t listen, do you?

Jin: We just went shopping together, so what’s the big deal?

Jin noticed the luggage and looked at them with worry.

Jin: What’s going on?

Hitoshi: Kazuya, we’re leaving!

Kazuya: W-what? Wait!

But Hitoshi grabbed Kazuya almost carrying him and went outside while Jin ran after them, but got pulled back by his father and mother tight grip.


Hiromi: It’s your fault Jin! You never listened to us and kept meeting Kazuya. This is both your punishment!

The taxi driver came to pick the luggage while reality dawned on Jin. His struggle became stronger while hearing Kazuya screaming his name and seeing the tears running down his face. Jin felt helpless that his tears started to flow so badly while his mouth yelled Kazuya’s name over and over again.

Jin: Please dad, let me go! Please! I swear I won’t see him anymore, so let them come back!

Reyoma: Sorry son, but that’s too late!

Jin: Mom! Mom please, I beg you please, don’t let them take him away, please!!

Hiromi: *tears started to fall* they warned you Jin, but you never listened! There is nothing we can do now!


Hitoshi was holding Kazuya who was struggling so badly and put him inside of the car.

Kazuya: I don’t want to go! You two go anywhere you want, but I don’t want to leave!

Hitoshi: We warned you couple of times Kazuya, but you never listened to us! We’re leaving this place and never going to come back again!

Kazuya: NOOO!!! Please dad, mom, I will listen to you. I will do anything, but I don’t want to leave! Let’s stay here, please!

Naomi: Sorry Kazuya, but that’s not going to happen.

The taxi driver started the car while Kazuya was crying so badly screaming ‘NO’

Jin went blank once the taxi started to go that he kicked his dad so badly till the tight grip on him was loosen and he started to run. He had to stop them from going; he had to take his Kazu back. He can’t let them leave. Jin saw Kazuya from the back window placing both his hands while crying his heart out saying something, but he couldn’t read his lips because his vision was blurry from his tears.

He kept running and running, but the taxi never stopped, his legs were getting tired and he was out of breath from the running and crying. His pace became slower and slower till the taxi was out of his sight and his legs gave way. He was kneeling and crying his heart out.


But soon his voice dead from the huge lump on his throat and he cried silently not caring about his surroundings or anything at all. He was seeing nothing, nothing but darkness and feeling completely helpless because he couldn’t even stop them from taking the one he love.  

Reyoma and Hiromi had stained faces with tears losing the ones they held so dear to their hearts, seeing them leaving and seeing their son in that state. It was the first time from the day he was born that they saw Jin crying that badly. They both went to their son and hugged him, but their touch couldn’t even reach him since the warmth have already left Jin’s body once his uncle snatched him away from him. Jin tightened his hold over his heart because the pain was too much and soon, everything went blank.



~ The Present~


He didn’t believe his eyes and thought that he truly gone crazy, but decide against it when he noticed that he was in pain just as much as he was, crying too.


Kame: *still looking at the person in front of him, tears still falling* J-j-jin???

Jin: ……..

Kame: You finally came!!

And once Kazuya extended his hand to his Jin trying to hold him, he saw the other trying to run away. He tried to follow him calling his name, but he was stopped once he heard a voice from behind, that stupid teacher voice, and everything went blank.


Kazuya woke up to see Koki and Maki looking at him.

Kame: *smiles* you’re awake!

Koki: You worried us Kame!

Kame: What happened?

Koki: The teacher found you laying on the ground.

Maki: He said that he found you talking to yourself and then you suddenly collapsed.

Koki: Who is Jin?

Kame: *his head snapped up looking at Koki in shock and disbelief* how do you know that name?

Koki: You were calling his name minutes ago!

Maki: The teacher also said that you called that name before you collapsed. Who is he Kame?

Kame: None of your business! It got nothing to do with you two!

Koki: *looked at Maki who was about to cry from Kame’s outburst* hey now, we’re just wondering!

Kame: Sorry, I’m just tired!

Koki: We’ll get you something to drink! C’mon Maki-chan!

Kame was left alone in the infirmary room. He sighed loudly remembering what Maki and Koki said. He must be hallucinating because his teacher didn’t see Jin. All of a sudden, he noticed someone in the room, and saw his leg; he looked up and saw his Jin in front of him.

 Kame: You’re not real, are you?

Jin: What do you think?

Kame: I don’t care as long as I can see you! I missed you Jin! *tears started to fall*

Jin: I missed you too Kazu!

Kame: Then, why aren’t you here yet?

Jin: I’m here now, aren’t I?

Kame: You’re lying! You’re not real!

Jin: Want to touch me to confirm?

Kazuya took a deep breath and started to move closer to Jin. He tried to touch his face and the feeling was there, the feeling of Jin’s face on his palm. He placed both his hands on Jin’s cheeks who placed his hands over his in return while closing his eyes. Warmth crept inside of Kazuya’s system and he knew that touch so well.

Kame: OMG! It’s you! JIN!! *wraps his hands over his neck*

Jin: God! I missed you Kazu!

Kame: I missed you too! I missed you so much! I knew my mom was lying to me! You’re fine! You’re alive!!

Jin: Your mom didn’t lie Kazu!

Kame: What do you mean?

Jin: I’m not alive anymore!

Kame: *pulls himself back* what are—

His words was caught inside of his throat once he saw Jin’s face being a skeleton and completely dead. He screamed his heart out.


Kazuya woke up while screaming which made Maki and Koki jump up from surprise.

Koki: Calm down Kame!

Maki: You’re finally awake! Are you ok?

Kame: *yelling* Leave me alone!! Just get out from here!

Maki: But Kame—

Kame: LEAVE!!!

Once they both left, Kame held his knees hugging them. Panic, despair doubt and all the negative feelings filled his mind. He was going crazy not knowing what real and what’s not anymore.  



Chapter 9: Between Reality and Imagination


Sorry for posting this late, but I only had internet access through my mobile because my laptop has crashed since last week. It finally got fixed today, so I rushed to write this update. ^___^
Hope you'll like this update!
Comments are love~~

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kiss_1234: AK_kissukiss_1234 on June 20th, 2010 10:13 pm (UTC)
OMG, hope u fix ur lappie soon.. mine was crazy lately too T^T

:(( AKame :(( so hurtful and sad .. what's Kame-chan gonna do now >"<

Garnetgarnet_light on June 21st, 2010 09:22 am (UTC)
I already fixed, so hopefully it will stay functional ^^
Yes, they are ne~~
We'll wait and see~~
Thanks a lot for reading and commenting!! *hugs*

PS: *gives u choco* for being FIRST!!
Puriiii~ueda_fangirl on June 21st, 2010 12:11 am (UTC)

so kazu starts to seeing things and then goes crazy then end up dead???????? no no no it must be my imagination
gawt this chapter hurts =[
but awesome!! <3
Garnetgarnet_light on June 21st, 2010 09:28 am (UTC)
Kazu is seeing things, but he's not dead.
I'm glad you liked it despite the angst!
Thanks a lot for reading and commenting sweetie~~
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Dyabi_manyu on June 21st, 2010 12:11 am (UTC)
i love it....much...

you're wrote it soooooo detail and sweet..
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Garnetgarnet_light on June 21st, 2010 09:30 am (UTC)
I'm glad you do *hugs*
I'm happy to hear that I succeeded in writing this chapter ^^
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Will update soon~~
imangelofmusicimangelofmusic on June 21st, 2010 12:23 am (UTC)
dear god its getting creepy!!! he sees things, has nightmares...ewww! omg..cant say anything that would make any sense. EVIL ppl.
Garnetgarnet_light on June 21st, 2010 09:32 am (UTC)
Yeah, but Kazuya used to see those nightmares before too as I mentioned in the previous chapters~~
I hope you enjoyed this chapter!
Thanks a lot for reading and commenting!!
jamie_spottyjamie_spotty on June 21st, 2010 01:30 am (UTC)
Wahhhh I so love it! The fact that Kazuya now knows that Jin is dead gives me the shivers of what he will do! But I so love this! Thanks for the update!

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Garnetgarnet_light on June 21st, 2010 09:36 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you loved it dear!!
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Yup, my laptop is good now!! *hugs u back*
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Garnetgarnet_light on June 21st, 2010 09:43 am (UTC)
Sorry for making you feel that way dear >.<
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this is so good...
please...update soon...i wanna know what had happen to jin...

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Garnetgarnet_light on June 21st, 2010 09:51 am (UTC)
Yaaaaaay!! I'm glad to know that!!
I will update soon, don't worry ^^
Awwwwwwwww, maybe you need to stop re-reading it then~~
I will try my best to update soon ne~~
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Garnetgarnet_light on June 21st, 2010 09:53 am (UTC)
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Yeah, poor Kazu ne~~
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I'm going to update soon dear~~
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Yes it is depressing ne~~
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I'm so happy you loved it!!
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