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04 June 2010 @ 12:09 am
[Fic] Forbidden Love - Ch7  

Chapter 7: The Ugly Truth


It was another day in school where Kazuya felt weird all day that he thought it might be his sixth sense trying to tell him something. He had this feeling, this weird feeling inside just like that day; unexplainable feeling that he couldn’t put his hands on and he thought maybe……maybe it was his soul’s way of telling him that today was his last day on earth…..don’t they say that sometimes people could feel their last day on earth? And Kazuya wasn’t thinking of anything like talking to his parents or classmates or anything else……all he was thinking about was…….how lucky he is because his misery will finally come to an end….

He was sitting in the classroom, spacing out while watching outside the window when a loud gasp was heard from him and everyone including the teacher looked at him.

Teacher: Kamenashi-san! What’s wrong?

Kame: *breathing heavily and noticed that he gasped loudly seeing everyone looking at him* sorry, nothing!

Teacher: What was I saying Kamenashi-san?

Kame: I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention! *looks down*

Teacher: *sighs* If I see you not paying attention again Kamenashi-san, you’ll be punished!

Kame: *nods*

Maki was glancing back at Kazuya looking at him like she always did. The funny thing is, she never was noticed by Kazuya and he never looked back at her even once. He always was too occupied with his thoughts that he didn’t notice her at all. Maki felt pain in her chest, she knew what kept Kazuya distracted that badly; it was that love of his he never mentions. She can always see the longing in his eyes even till now and it hurts her so much, but he warned her anyway, so she cannot complain about it. She looked at him and how he focused in something entirely different than her, probably that person. She always wondered who that person is, who could own Kazuya’s heart that badly till the point of making everything else meaningless to him. She turned around when she felt that gazing at her so called boyfriend was more painful than she could handle. It was foolish of her anyway to try dating him because it brought nothing but pain to her. All she felt is that she forced him to be her boyfriend and never once he admitted that he was. She told everyone as well so that he won’t back off from it. However, she was far from being a girlfriend to him till the point she doesn’t even know her home address.


Kazuya’s mind wasn’t with him at that moment. He could swear he saw him. Kazuya was spacing out and all of a sudden, there he is, in the school yard, walking around like a ghost. Kazuya started to shake his head. He didn’t understand what was going on. He thought he was feeling better; he was getting better except for today. If these things happened when he first enrolled in this school, it would be fine, but it’s been a year now and Kazuya felt that he improved. His mental state as well as his body state has improved. He no longer sees things that weren’t there. He used to see him everywhere and keep running after strange guys thinking that it were him. Pain crept inside his heart of the image. It didn’t look entirely like him more like a ghost of him. Kazuya was afraid to look again to the window and he struggled to do so and when he did, there was no one there. Somehow he didn’t know if he was relieved or sad to see that no one was there. He kept searching with his eyes for anyone even if it was a glimpse, not caring if he was imagining. Maybe he is a ghost now who came back to haunt me and take me with him? But, he saw no one.

Teacher: *smacks his hand on Kazuya’s table* Kamenashi-san!!

Kame: *turns around to look at him still spaced out* what?

Teacher: So, you aren’t paying attention again? *annoyed*

Kame: *sighs while having a dazed expression on his face* yeah

Teacher: Come with me!

Koki: *goes to Kame’s side before he follows the teacher* he kept calling you all the time, but you didn’t answer him back at all!

Kame: *shocked* seriously?

Koki: *sighs* what were you thinking about that much?

Kame: *nervous* Nothing, I have to go Koki!

Koki: *looks at Kame’s back while mumbles* it’s always nothing Kame while whoever sees you will think you have the weight of the world on your shoulder. 

Maki: You think so?

Koki: *yells in a surprised tone* Maki-chan??       

Maki: I think so too! *smiles bitterly at Koki* and what sucks the most is the fact that he shuts everyone out of it!

Koki: *raises his eyebrow* including you, his girlfriend?

Maki: I wonder if I ever was his girlfriend, but yes including me!

Koki: *sighs* I guess I’m not the only one who is upset then!

Maki: Believe me, you’re not! *looks down gloomy*

Koki: *try to lighten up the mood* come, let’s go wait for that stupid boyfriend of yours and tease him for being a total listener in class *winks*

Maki: *laughs and then pouts* hey! My boyfriend isn’t stupid!

Koki: *chuckles* yeah, let’s go! 


~ In the Teacher Room ~

Teacher: Is something the matter Kamenashi-san?

Kame: Huh? What do you mean?

Teacher: You’ve been acting weird recently! Spacing out a lot and not paying attention!

Kame: *looks down* I’m sorry!

Teacher: I know how hard high school life is and I know you only moved here last year. But, I thought you already adapted to this place.

Kame: I did!

Teacher: Then, what’s wrong?

Kame: *annoyed* Nothing wrong!

Teacher: Is it personal problems?

Kame: *calmly and uninterested* Not really!

Teacher: *annoyed* why are you indifferent about everything?

Kame: *annoyed as much* because that’s how I am!

Teacher: *points at some books at his table* carry those books to the library by your own!

Kame: *looks at the big heavy 6 books and nods*excuse me *carries the heavy books and leaves*

Teacher:  *sighs while shakes his head* what’s up with that guy?? Even I can’t carry all those books and he don’t even complain or say anything!


Kazuya was struggling on carrying those heavy books. Shit, who needs such books anyway at this era; there are digital books for God sake. He was trying to catch his breath and taking breaks from time to time and noticed that the next class has already started. He knew he wouldn’t reach before the teacher, so why bother anyway. He will skip the class after returning these stupid books to the library for that stupid teacher of his who can’t stop meddling into his affairs. He still can’t believe that stupid teacher asked him to carry his books as a punishment, what is he?  A kid?

But soon, Kazuya was deep in thought about the earlier events. He knew that his mind is playing its usual stupid tricks on him again for some unknown reason. Maybe it had to do with his dream yesterday. Kazuya sighed deeply and didn’t notice someone walking in front of him in the empty corridor except when he raised his head to lock eyes with him causing his breath to hitch.

The books fell down from his hands and he looked at the person in front of him in horror, not believing his eyes. Pain crept in his heart, chest and body and he couldn’t feel his legs anymore which give away immediately and he fell, sitting on the ground still looking at person in front of him in disbelieve, shock and hurt filling his face while tears falling. His heart beat was running wild and all his senses were alert. All the memories that he tried to seal away inside of him, the memories that kept him going till now flooded into his mind and it all came back to him again.


~1 year ago~


Jin was watching a soccer match on the TV in the living room while Kazuya was laying on Jin’s lap reading a magazine. Both of them enjoyed each other’s warmth although they were getting impatient. Their parents decided to go to Hawaii and although they invited them both as usual, they rejected the offer saying that he have club activities and they should prepare for their exams and etcx; however, their real reason is to take advantage of the time their parents aren’t home and spend it together alone; making love to their heart content to keep them going till the next holiday. The only time they would sleep in each other embrace was during the couple of days off their parents have which they always spend it abroad.


It’s been 3 years now since they started their secret relation and everything was amazing in their eyes. Life is great for them and they couldn’t be happier than this. They felt content with each other and complete although they had their fights and arguments. But, all those fights were out of jealousy.


They grew up a lot during these years. Kazuya is now 15 years while Jin has just turned 17. They were close as ever and nothing changed regarding that matter. They were best friends and not just lovers knowing each other very well more than their parents do. During these past 3 years, they became very popular with girls which were the reason for some arguments. Kazuya hated hearing about how a new girl confessed to Jin and he hated how the girls would always make a fuss around his boyfriend. On the other hand, Jin was very possessive and jealous when it came to Kazuya and noticed how Kazuya was desired not only by girls, but by guys as well. Their secret rule about never bringing anyone home still continued and none of their friends from their clubs or classmates have ever been to their houses.


Now, they were dying for their family to leave as soon as possible so that they would jump each other. Jin hide his hand and started playing with Kazuya’s hair making the younger sigh in satisfaction, but he never turned to look at him and had his gaze set on the TV because his parents were running around the house preparing their stuff. After being together for 3 years, they both noticed how convenient for them that they were born cousins. Kazuya could lay on his lap and their family could never suspect anything.

Hiromi: Ok! So, we got everything I hope! Well, are you two sure you’re not going to change your mind and come with us?

Jin/Kazuya: Nope~~

Hiromi: Fine! Take care of yourselves and the house then! See you two after couple of days. *kisses Jin on the cheek* see ya Kazuya honey *kisses Kazuya on the cheek as well*  

Kazuya: Take care aunty!

Hiromi: Did you see your parents off?

Kazuya: Yeah!

Hiromi: Can I switch you with Jin? I got a cold son who doesn’t even care if I was at home or not.

Jin: Don’t be drama queen mom! I know you love me~~

Hiromi: Yeah yeah~~ byebye~~

Reyoma: Don’t start fooling around you two while we are gone!!

Both Kazuya and Jin froze on their spot hearing those words looking at Reyoma in total disbelieve. Where they found out?

Reyoma: I wouldn’t want to come back and see a mess in the house discovering later that you threw a party or something, you hear me!

They both sighed in relief although they got pretty nervous and smiled in a weird way.

Jin: Of course we won’t!

Kazuya: Don’t worry uncle Reyoma!

Reyoma: Good! See you then!

Jin: Have a safe trip! *waves his hand*

Kazuya: Take care! *joins Jin in waving his hand*

Kazuya goes back to reading his magazine till they hear the house door closes. Jin took the magazine in a swift move and threw it on the table while grabbing Kazuya’s hand and pulling him toward upstairs. Kazuya laughed.

Kazuya: Impatient aren’t you?

Jin: Of course, it’s been almost a month now! I’m at my limit already!

Kazuya: Oh yeah *started pecking on Jin’s lips*

Jin: *broke the kiss* Kazu! Wait till we get to my room.

Kazuya: Oh c’mon! We’re alone now!! Do you see anyone around? *smirks and start kissing Jin passionately slipping his tongue*

They reached Jin’s room not breaking their hot kiss. Jin opened the door while Kazuya was pulling Jin with him inside of the room, panting heavily. Jin broke the kiss again and closed the door and when he was about to lock it, Kazuya pulled his hands.

Kazuya: Stop being paranoid Jin! They left already, so stop thinking about anything and just kiss me!

And Jin doesn’t waste any time on the door anymore and rushes to kiss Kazuya hungrily slipping his tongue and reaching every part of his hot cavern trying to fill himself with Kazuya’s taste that he missed so badly. Kazuya was returning the kisses in the same manner and soon, they both were lying on the bed, ravishing each other mouths. Kazuya pulled Jin’s t-shirt and threw it behind not caring where it lands and Jin followed his shoes. Jin started ravishing Kazuya’s nibbles, teasing him making him whine. 

Kazuya: Enough Jin! *pants harshly*

Jin: No! I want to see you go crazy!

Soon, they both were fully naked. Kazuya whimpered from Jin’s stare that is filled with lust and was piercing through him. He knew how Jin was devouring him in his mind at that moment. Jin was taking his time touching all his boyfriend’s sensitive spots making him go wild in pleasure. Kazuya was loud and Jin asked him to be even louder; he always loved how the voices Kazuya lets out makes him go crazy and hard as a rock. Once Jin started preparing his boyfriend, Kazuya bite the pillow to hide his pained voice. 


In the car to the airport.

Hiromi: Reyoma! Where our passports and visa?

Reyoma: Huh? I gave it to you earlier, didn’t I?

Hiromi: Shit! I can’t find them in my bag! Are you sure?

Reyoma: I put them on the bed in our room and asked you to put them in your handbag! You said, you did later!

Hiromi: GOD! I forgot them!

Naomi: WTH Hiromi?? You were the one who annoyed us about making sure we got everything!

Hiromi: Sorry! Hitoshi, can you go back please?

Hitoshi: Sure!


Jin: Kazu, don’t muffle your voice! I want to hear you!

Kazuya: OH GOD! FUCK! It’s been a while, so it hurts!

Jin: *whispers in a husky horny voice next to Kazuya’s ear* Soon babe, I will turn 18 and will move out and take you with me! I will make sure to have you everyday till the point you will get too used to it that it won’t hurt.

That gesture made Kazuya so horny and hard. He loved how Jin will whisper in his ears especially if it were dirty words which turn Kazuya on.

Kazuya: *wraps his hand on Jin’s neck* ugh….I can’t wait for that day to come! AHhh….I wouldn’t mind you have me….. as much as you want every day.

Jin: *gulps* you know babe, you shouldn’t seduce me anymore or else, I wouldn’t end up being gentle at all.

Kazuya: Who asked you to be gentle today? *smirks*

Jin inserted the second finger trying to prepare his lover as gently as possible.


Reyoma: Do you want me to go?

Hiromi: No, it’s ok! I’ll go!

Hitoshi: Hurry up then!

Naomi: Don’t bring something else with it! *laughs*

Hiromi: Alright!*chuckles*


Jin made sure that Kazuya is well prepared when he finally took out his fingers which earned him a groan from the younger boy.

Kazuya: Jin, I want you!

Jin: Why don’t you show me then how much you want me?

Kazuya: *smirks* if you want me to ride, all you had to do was just ask.

Jin: I wish my mom would see you now, she always compare between us. I wonder what she will do when she sees her not so innocent Kazuya .

Kazuya: Who do you think has taken my innocence away? *pouts*


Hiromi: Jin, Kazu! Weird! *looks at the table where the magazine was thrown harshly and mumbles* at least, put the magazine properly.

Hiromi start to head upstairs going toward her room. She checked the bed and she saw the envelope which has the passports, visa and other needed papers on the pillow. She grinned and took the envelope leaving the room. 


Kazuya placed himself on top of Jin after stroking Jin’s length with a good amount of lube. He started to groan loudly taking Jin inside of him slowly steadying himself by his hands that were placed on Jin’s shoulders. However, Jin started to moan, not being able to wait for the other to adjust to him because the heat was killing him making him lose his rational mind. He secured his hands on Kazuya’s waist and started to thrust inside of him making the younger pant and moan loudly in both pain and pleasure.

Kazuya: *gasps* GOD Jin! Nnnnnnhhhh! Slow down!  *pants*

Jin: I can’t! *pants* Fuck, I missed this so much! *he pulled Kazuya’s face to kiss him*   


Hiromi remembered her son and nephew and wondered about them. So, she went toward Jin room, but somehow her heart started to beat faster as she started to hear sounds till she froze on her spot at Jin’s door hearing moans and hearing voices she recognized very well. She started to tremble in panic; the envelope slide from her hand and fell on the floor forgotten. Hundred of thoughts were running through her mind. She was fighting with her inner self to twist the door knob. Somehow, she had the feeling that the door was opened. She wanted to make sure, but although her hand was at the door knob, it was trembling badly and failed her to twist that knob and make sure what was going on.    

Maybe they are watching porn? Masturbating? Because there is no way they would….no….no way they would do that….but why?? Why are they moaning each other name…..GOD! I can’t open the door! What if they were…..?? I wouldn’t b e able to handle seeing that sight! I rather die than see that!


Kazuya: AHH!!! JIN!!

Jin found Kazuya’s sensitive spot and was thrusting toward it not giving the younger boy time to absorb his shivers making him moan and pant hardly and loudly.

Jin: You feel like heaven! AHH! Move your hips more Kazu!

Kazuya: I can’t!  UGHH!! FUCK! Not so hard Jin! I can’t! NNNNHH! Feels so good! Mmmmh— *his moans gets muffled by Jin’s hot tongue that started ravishing his mouth moving toward his neck*


Naomi: Hiromi! *Hiromi jerked in surprise* There you are! Why were you late?

Hiromi: *looked at Naomi in panic*

Naomi: *gasps* why are you crying? What’s wrong?

Hiromi: I-I-I…….I……..

Naomi: *stood next to her at Jin’s door* what’s wrong sweetie? *heard sounds coming from the room, sounds they definitely know what it means* OMG! Did Jin bring a girl home while we left? I can’t bel—*Naomi froze hearing a voice calling and moaning Jin name and looked at the door then at Hiromi in shock* what’s going on? *panic evident in her voice* that’s Kazuya’s voice, what are they doing? Don’t tell me threesome?  

Hiromi: Do you hear a girl’s voice?

Naomi’s legs give way and she slide down to the floor, tears falling from the shock. She didn’t know what to feel, think or say anymore.

Naomi: Hiromi! Maybe we are mistaken! Why don’t we open the door?

Hiromi: Be my guest! I-I can’t do it!

Naomi: *tears falling *what do we do now?  

Hiromi: *pulls Naomi to stand on her feet* c’mon, we have to cancel our flight!

Naomi: Wait! I have to check!


Kazuya: Nnnnnnhh…..Jin! Touch me! *leads one of Jin’s hand toward his length*

Jin: You can’t come yet babe~~

Kazuya: I can’t! I can’t take it….ughh…..anymore…..please! Hahhh

Jin switched their position. Since Kazuya was riding Jin, the older boy pushed Kazuya slowly to lay in the mattress and started to thrust harder and faster inside of him. He finally answered Kazuya’s request and started to stroke him matching his thrusts. 



The two mothers headed downstairs devastated by what they saw and seeing their husbands’ impatient faces standing at the door, they lost it. For the first time in so long, Naomi headed toward Hitoshi snuggling in his chest not caring about who is around trying to hide herself from the cruel reality while Reyoma was puzzled about the tears in his wife’s eyes and hugged her, patting her back gently.

Hitoshi: *tighten his embrace on his wife* what happened honey? What’s wrong?

Reyoma: What’s wrong with you two? Hiromi, what happened? *worried*

Hiromi: Cancel our flights! We can’t go!



They both came groaning loudly seeing white and feeling numb. Jin body gave out all its energy and he fell on Kazuya who wrapped his hands on his waist still in a daze. After they both came out from their high, Jin rolled himself next to Kazuya and took him in his arms. Kazuya smiled tiredly to his boyfriend looking deeply into his eyes. Jin loved looking at those loving eyes. He tugged strands of Kazuya’s hair behind his ears and ran his hand on his boyfriend cheek. He loved how Kazuya started to close his eyes leaning toward his touch and enjoying the warmth of his hand sighing in fulfillment.  

Kazuya: *opened his eyes meeting Jin’s gaze* Jin! *in a hoarse voice*

Jin: Hmmmmm?

Kazuya: I’m starving!

Jin: Huh?

Kazuya: I’m really starving!

Jin: *pouts* we just made love and you’re thinking about food?

Kazuya: It’s because I didn’t eat anything! Besides, you must be hungry too!

Jin: Stop mentioning food at this moment!

Kazuya: *lean toward Jin* but babe, how can we have a second and a third round if we’re starving?

Jin: *eyes sparkling for the mention of possible round of sex* but, are you ok?

Kazuya: Do you think that one round will be enough for me after not having you for more than a month?

Jin: Then, let’s clean ourselves! *grins happily while bringing tissues to clean himself and Kazuya*


They stood in the stairs when Kazuya tugged on Jin’s shirt giving him a puppy eyes.

Kazuya: Won’t you carry me?

Jin: *chuckles and kneel to Kazuya and carries him on his back while descending the stairs* sure my princess!

Kazuya: *pouts* don’t call me princess! You know I hate that! *twists Jin’s cheek*

Jin: Ouch! Ok, sorry I won’t say it again! 

Kazuya: So, what will you cook me?

Jin: Pasta of course!

Kazuya: Jin! *pouts* you always cook pasta! I’m sick of it!

Jin: You know it’s the only thing I can cook Kazu!

They reached downstairs and Jin knelt to let Kazuya down while the younger boy whispering his thanks to him pecking his lips. They both started heading toward the kitchen, Jin leading while Kazuya behind him. The younger boy wrapped his hands on Jin’s waist.

Kazuya: I’ll help, but let’s cook something else than pasta! *smiles sweetly at his boyfriend*

Jin: *chuckles* nope! I’m the one who’s going to cook and it will be pasta! You will just sit there and keep me company!

Kazuya: *giggles* what’s up with—

Kazuya’s words died in his throat when he and Jin entered the kitchen that has a diner place and they saw their parents all gathered looking awfully gloomy. Kazuya unwrapped his hands on Jin’s waist immediately while Jin started to panic and his body was trembling. He noticed that his mom and aunt red eyes so it seems they were crying. He was afraid to ask, but he had to. He prayed silently that the reason isn’t related to him and Kazuya.

Jin: What’s wrong? I thought you all went to the airport already?

Reyoma shot a dangerous look at Jin making his heart beat racing loudly.

Kazuya: *worried* did something happen?

Reyoma: That’s what we want to ask you! What’s going on?

Jin: *trying to hide his trembling body* what do you mean?

Reyoma: *in a sarcastic high pitched tone* don’t play dumb with us!! Do you think that you can fool us forever?

Kazuya: *averting his eyes between all of them* I don’t understand!

Reyoma: Since when Jin?

Jin feelings were right. They were busted, but he won’t give in just yet because maybe, maybe they didn’t know the whole truth.

Jin: Since what? I don’t get your question!

Reyoma in anger stood up and headed toward Jin punching him right on the face making his son stumble and fall on the floor.

Kazuya: *dashed to Jin’s side* what the hell uncle?!!

Reyoma: *yelling* since when you and Kazuya started to…..I don’t know what to call it, sinful act? Have sex?  

Kazuya froze on his spot as if someone had splashed cold water on him. He noticed that Jin was in the same shocked state as he is. Their parents have found out about them! They always feared this moment and they definitely weren’t prepared for it.

Reyoma: Answer me Jin!!!

Jin: *holding his abused cheek* how? You….how do you…know?

Hitoshi: Just answer him! Since when?

Jin: *not being able to look at them* three years!

Reyoma and Hitoshi saw red upon Jin’s answer, but the earlier headed toward Jin and punched his son again pushing Kazuya away who was trying to protect his lover from several blows.


Chapter 8: Separation


Sorry for posting this late, but I'm currently having my finals. I think the next update will be after I finish my finals which is on the 12th of June. But if I ever had the time, I'll try to post it sooner ^__^
This chapter is actually longer than this, so I thought dividing it into different chapters.
I hope you enjoy reading this chapter and comments are always love~~

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mysticseasmysticseas on June 3rd, 2010 08:20 pm (UTC)
oh man :( poor jin and kame. ♥ It must have been such a shock to their parents though. But who was it that kame saw at school? I thought it was really jin, but then, why would kame look at him 'in horror', and fall to the ground with 'shock and hurt' on his face?
Garnetgarnet_light on June 3rd, 2010 08:23 pm (UTC)
Yeah, poor them ne~~
But as you said, it was shocking for their parents.

Well, that is to be found out in the next chapters I guess, hehehehehe~~
Thanks a lot for reading and commenting! *hugs*

btw, *gives you a cupcake* You're FIRST!!! xD
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imangelofmusicimangelofmusic on June 3rd, 2010 08:21 pm (UTC)
this is getting creepy and sad and SO GOOD!
Garnetgarnet_light on June 3rd, 2010 08:25 pm (UTC)
Well, I'm glad it at least is getting good ne~~
But, creepy? Why? Because of their parents?

Thanks a lot for reading and commenting! I hope you liked it! ^__^
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Garnetgarnet_light on June 3rd, 2010 08:35 pm (UTC)
I didn't know another way to write except like this, to make the readers truly feel like they were there at the situation as well!
I'm so happy you felt it!!

Yeah, I feel sorry for them too >_<
YAAAAY! Thanks a lot for reading and commenting! I'm so happy you loved it!! *hugs u back*
Puriiii~ueda_fangirl on June 3rd, 2010 08:34 pm (UTC)
ashflkjsgklsghskfhlskfhjs =O
im gasping air right now LOL

but eeeek! its the most horrible nightmare that their parents found out ;-;

and now they see each other again in sgool isnt? or else kazu wouldnt be crying right? u make me curious now *pouts*
Garnetgarnet_light on June 3rd, 2010 08:45 pm (UTC)
I'm glad it gave you that kind of reaction, lol!
Indeed, it's their worst nightmare ne~~
Well, you will get to know that person Kazu saw in the next chapters ne~~

Thanks a lot for reading and commenting!! *hugs*
La Fee Verteabsinthe1213 on June 3rd, 2010 08:41 pm (UTC)
kame saw a ghost from the past, ne?

i hope his life turns for the better now...

he looks so dead to the world...
Garnetgarnet_light on June 3rd, 2010 08:47 pm (UTC)
Yes, he sure is dead to the world!
Yup, that is definitely a ghost from the past, someone he didn't see all that time.
You will get to know that person in the coming chapters ne~~

Thanks a lot for reading and commenting! ^__^
Laurahinodesol on June 3rd, 2010 10:07 pm (UTC)
Uwah, I really hope you update quickly. I want to read more! : D
I can't possibly wait till after 12th of June, it's cruel to leave this to a part where Jin is getting beaten up. XD (Of course finals are important, so do concentrate on them and ignore my wailing. xDD)

But still: update soon, pwease~! *puppyeyes*
Garnetgarnet_light on June 4th, 2010 12:06 am (UTC)
I will try my best to update as soon as possible ne~~
Thanks a lot for reading and commenting dear!
ClarieWinchesterakameangel on June 4th, 2010 12:58 am (UTC)
I wonder the one Kame saw was may be "Ghost Jin"? :P
He attempted to suicide right?

It must be very heard for their parents...
Poor jin and kazu .... it is too much for having forbidden love between them ..


I <3 kazuya for trying to protect jin from his dad.
thanks for sharing. It was really worth to wait chappy ne. I will be looking forward to next update.
Garnetgarnet_light on June 4th, 2010 10:50 am (UTC)
you will find out in the next chapters ne~~
Yes, it sure is hard on their parents, I feel sorry for all of them >_<

Yeah, Kazu truly loves Jin~~
I'm so glad you enjoyed this!
Thanks a lot for reading and commenting sweetie *hugs u tight*
hikayutohikayuto on June 4th, 2010 02:50 am (UTC)
Maybe that person's Jin's dad?
;___; I'm waitng for your next update. Please please update fast ne. I'm so in love with this fic ;____; Poor Jinjin and Kazu. Please tell me that Jin didn't die.
Arghhhhhhh ;____________;

Thanks so much for sharing ne *hugs*

Garnetgarnet_light on June 4th, 2010 11:05 am (UTC)
You will confirm that in the coming chapters ne~~
I will try my best to update soon!
I'm so glad you love it!! *hugs u back*

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