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29 April 2010 @ 06:34 pm
[Fic] Forbidden Love - Ch5 Part 1  

Chapter 5: First Time


Months have passed since they confessed their love to each other. They decided to take it slow in their relation or more like Jin decided to especially when he thought that Kazuya is just a kid and doesn’t know anything about sex between men. But, Jin didn’t know that Kazuya was watching gay porn preparing himself to know all about it. Jin didn’t want to scare Kazuya off although Kazuya was eager to take their relation to another direction. They were used to everything else before they were officially lovers except kissing and cuddling. They became more intimate than they were before. They always would hold hands when going out and started on sharing their drinks. Kazuya tried to seduce Jin couple of times, but failed each time. Once, Kazuya was sitting in Jin’s lap, both were watching TV. Kazuya started his seducing tactic saying how hot it is and started to take off his shirt, but Jin pushed Kazuya away saying that clinging to each other is going to make him hotter. Kazuya didn’t know that when Jin pushed Kazuya and left the room, he ran to the bathroom and jerked off.

 The second time Kazuya was seducing Jin, he was wearing a tight short shirt that showed his stomach and shorts that weren’t hiding much. Jin was sleeping over Kazuya’s house that night, so he was having a hard time to focus on anything when his lover was wearing those clothes and when he asked him to change, he declined saying it was very comfortable and went downstairs to have dinner in front of his parents with those clothes. Jin wondered if Kazuya ever brought friends over, would they be seeing him like this and the imagination itself made him furious. So, once they stepped in Kazuya’s room, Jin throw a shirt at Kazuya demanding him to wear it and Kazuya did.

The sight made Jin go crazy because whoever sees Kazuya wearing the shirt now will think that he was incredibly gorgeous. The shirt was loose on him and long covering his shorts, so it showed as if Kazuya was naked underneath and the merely thought of a naked Kazuya made Jin thoughts run wild that he ended up jerking up that night as well.

Kazuya thought his seducing tactics never worked, but it did except that Jin controlled himself and didn’t jump Kazuya fearing that the younger boy wasn’t ready and not knowing that he wished for it.

Jin asked Kazuya to make them lunch on a Sunday and he took them to their special place. It felt like a picnic, they enjoyed the nice breeze and kept chatting while munching on the food. Only Jin was munching the food, but noticed that Kazuya didn’t eat yet.

Jin: Why aren’t you eating anything?

Kazuya: *grins* I’m enjoying the view!

Jin: *blushes* Kazu! C’mon! Here *grabbed a steak* say Ah!

Kazuya: *blushes* Stop it Jin! I’m not a kid! I can eat by myself!

Jin: *pouts*but I want to feed you!

Kazuya: *looks at Jin and then at the steak and sighs* Fine

Jin: *smiles brightly seeing Kazuya eating from his fork* that’s my boy! 

Kazuya: *pouts* Jin!

Jin: *munching a steak piece* what?

Kazuya:  Seriously! Stop treating me like a kid!! “At this rate, it will take us years to have sex!”

Jin: But, you are a kid Kazu!

Kazuya: Really? So, can a kid do this?

Kazuya grabbed the plate from Jin’s hands and placed it on the ground. He hovered on top of Jin who started to panic knowing that his Kazu was up to no good. Kazuya started licking the remaining steak sauce on Jin’s mouth sides while grinding his hips on Jin’s lap aiming for the older boy length. He wanted Jin to lose control and hated when his boyfriend will look at him like a kid he needs to protect instead of ravish. Kazuya finished licking the sauce and started kissing Jin passionately and Jin replied back as eagerly and passionately as his lover. They kept nibbling, sucking and licking each other lips. Jin needed access for his boyfriend hot cavern which Kazuya’s gladly given, so Jin pushed his tongue inside Kazuya’s mouth touching and licking every corner it could reach until it got tangled with Kazuya’s tongue and they started licking, sucking and nibbling playfully each others. Both were moaning getting excited and Kazuya kept his ministrations over Jin’s length that affected even Kazuya’s length making him as excited. Kazuya wrapped his arms around Jin’s neck while Jin arms were around Kazuya’s waist. Jin was losing it. His younger boyfriend was a tease, a very beautiful tease that he adored. He wanted him so bad and he didn’t know if he could stop himself anymore. Kazuya seeing how Jin was great in controlling himself used his last card, so he un-wrapped his arm to slide down a hand and move it over Jin’s erection.  Jin couldn’t handle it anymore, so he flipped them over and held Kazuya’s hand over his head and locked eyes with his boyfriend. He retreated back and sat up.

Kazuya: *saw the confusion in Jin’s eyes* Jin?

Jin: *looked at his boyfriend* you’re a kid Kazu! I just can’t bring myself to cross that line yet….

Kazuya: *smiles mockingly* don’t you think we crossed that line from the day we confessed our love?

Jin: Kazu, you don’t understand! I…when I see you..I think of our parents and I….I can’t….I keep telling myself that you’re young…..and I shouldn’t be pulling you into this….this is wrong Kazu…..*locks eyes with Kazuya who starts crying* we’re cousins….No…No Kazu please don’t cry….

Kazuya: But it feels like you’re breaking up with me! *cries more*

Jin: *kisses Kazuya on the lips* I can never break up with you Kazu!

Kazuya: *confused* then, why? I don’t understand!

Jin: Because…..Kazu…although this whole thing is a mess…..I never been sure of something in my whole life as I’m sure of this…..so I’m giving you the choice……your only choice…..you have to think carefully before you decide Kazuya because there will be no out of this afterwards!

Kazuya: *hugs Jin tightly* I don’t need to think about anything Jin! I know what I want and I want you!

Jin: *the words have melted Jin heart* then please remember your choice always.

Kazuya: *nods* I will! So, can I have my kiss now?

Jin: *giggles* of course as well as your punishment for trying to seduce me *smirks*

Kazuya: *yelps and start running away from his lover who runs after him*

It was finally a Saturday when their relation took a different direction. Kazuya celebrated his 13th birthday a month before. Their family ditched them as usual and went to spend two days in France. Both boys were waiting for this chance because of their young age, it was impossible to find a place in the hotel without their family knowledge, so it was safer this way. At least, this way, no soul will find out about them. Therefore, Jin took Kazuya to his room, locked the door and led him to sit on the bed. Both of them were sitting on the bed, laying out all the stuff needed for what’s coming. They both stared at each other nervously until Jin broke the silence.

Jin: So, do you know how men have—

Kazuya: *nervous* I know!

Jin: *looked at Kazuya while frowning* how do you know?

Kazuya: *started blushing badly* I watched g-gay porn *bite his lips*

Jin: *shocked* g-gay porn? You watched gay porn?

Kazuya: God! Enough already Jin! The fact I watched them is embarrassing itself!

Jin: *smiled gently and kissed Kazuya’s on his forehead* and how did you find it?

Kazuya: *turned bright red* I can’t believe you’re asking me that Jin!

Jin: I’m going to ask you the same after we finish too *smirks*

Kazuya: *smacks Jin on the shoulder* shut up or I’ll just leave!

Jin: I don’t think you will leave Kazu! *start kissing Kazuya’s earlobe and licking it*

Kazuya: *moans and bend to give more access to Jin while one of his hands is holding tightly on Jin’s shoulder* yeah I won’t!

Jin: *Jin grins from Kazuya’s reaction and start teasing his lover and bites on Kazuya’s earlobe* you do know that gay porn is all about the sex, right?

Kazuya: *in a daze while breathing heavily*huh? What do you mean?

Jin: It means our case will be all about love Kazu! *and Jin leaned to kiss his lover*

The kiss was the same as their first kiss. Gentle and slow. They were both tasting and exploring each other. Jin intertwined his hand with Kazuya’s while the other hand pushed the younger boy to lay on his back, nervousness showing on his trembling body. Jin showered Kazuya with kisses all over his face starting from his forehead, on his closed eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, and chin and headed toward his neck sucking on his Adam apple and collarbone eliciting moans from the younger boy.

Kazuya felt touched by Jin ministrations, kissing him like that. He always loved how the older boy treasured him and by each kiss he gave him, he melted. He felt himself relaxing and could almost forget all his nervousness. His heart was racing and he knew Jin would be able to hear it soon since he started descending heading toward his neck and soon will reach his chest where his heart resides. And soon, he felt excited and unexplainable sensation ran through his veins when Jin started sucking his collarbone and Adam apple making him moan. But he knew he has to point out something to Jin, the older boy was taking this in a too slow pace! In a killing pace!

Kazuya: *tighten his hold on the intertwined hand between him and Jin while brings his other hand to touch Jin other arm and bring him closer* Jin!

Jin: *stopped his ministrations and looked up to meet Kazuya’s eyes* what is it Kazu?

Kazuya: *breaths heavily and nervousness start kicking in again* you don’t have to control yourself Jin!

Jin: *ruffles Kazuya’s hair* don’t be silly! I’m not controlling myself or anything.

Kazuya: But you’re…….*averts his eyes from Jin and sits down* can’t you be fast?

Jin: *noticed the obvious bulge of his lover and smirked* I don’t want to scare you off Kazu!

Kazuya: *said innocently* I won’t be scared off, I promise!

Jin: *leans so close to Kazuya almost touching his lips* but this is our first time Kazu, I want to have my time exploring you *Jin said almost in a whisper*can’t we take it slow just this once? We’ll have plenty of times in the future!

Kazuya: *heart racing from the closeness of his lover who could claim his lips any seconds and yet he doesn’t*fine, If it’s just this once *their nose almost touching driving Kazuya crazy, so he leans and claims his lover lips in a passionate kiss*

Kazuya lay on the bed while Jin on top of him, still kissing him. Jin sneaked his hands under Kazuya’s shirt touching his chest which made Kazuya tremble because for Kazuya every touch from Jin was setting him on fire. Jin took Kazuya’s shirt off and started kissing his neck, licking and sucking it. Kazuya bend his head a little bit to give Jin more access because it made him feel so good. Jin started to lick a path downwards and stopped on one of Kazuya’s nibbles. He started licking the tiny nibbles and was shocked when his lover moaned loudly. It seemed like he was oversensitive there which made Jin smirk. He bitten the nibble teasingly and started licking it soothingly followed by sucking it which made Kazuya lose it. Kazuya started moaning loudly, body trembling badly from pleasure and length twitching in anticipation growing hard which was getting painful from the jeans he was wearing.

Jin started unbuckling Kazuya’s belt and jeans and threw them on the floor seeing the obvious bulge. Kazuya looked downwards at what his boyfriend was doing and he thought to himself that maybe he should help Jin out of his clothes as well. But once he saw his obvious bulge and Jin smirk when he saw it, he turned bright red and averted his eyes immediately. Kazuya heard unbuckling of belt, so when he looked at Jin, he saw that his boyfriend has already discarded his shirt and is taking off his jeans. He also noticed that he wasn’t the only one who was excited although he didn’t touch Jin at all; the older boy was far harder than him.

Jin: *smirks* you like what you see?

Kazuya: *blush* s-s-shut up!

Jin: Don’t worry, you’ll get to feel it soon in you Kazu!

Kazuya: *pouts while blushing badly and trembling from nervousness* Jin! Stop talking dirty!

Jin: *giggles*ok ok! What a baby you are?

Kazuya: *pouts* I’m not a baby!!!

Jin: *hovers on top on Kazuya* but you’re my baby!

Jin kisses Kazuya on the lips very passionately where a battle of tongues starts between them. Each one of them try to touch the other more by licking and sucking or even nibbling and then soothing that area by licking it.

Jin licked a path from Kazuya’s lips heading downwards toward his necks and then chest and started sucking his chest leaving obvious love bites since no one would get to see his chest and started sucking and licking his nibbles again giving his full attention to both of them eliciting loud moans from his younger boyfriend that made him so excited. He made sure to leave love bites on both his nibbles, but he sucked too much till both nibbles got swelled and his boyfriend started whining because of his erection. He headed downward and licked his bellybutton heading downwards which made Kazuya put a hand on his mouth because he was about to moan from the excitement alone.

Jin was about to take Kazuya’s pants when Kazuya held his hands all of a sudden.

Jin: *shocked by the sudden movement from Kazuya* what is it?

~ Part 2 ~