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19 April 2010 @ 05:55 pm
[Fic] Forbidden Love - Ch4  

Chapter 4 : The Confession


Kazuya woke up noticing that tears were filling his face. He cried again while sleeping because of his dream. He doesn’t regret having those dreams though because they are the only way he can see his Jin again. He can’t believe that a long time has passed…it’s been 4 years now….4 years since that incident….since their misunderstanding…..He smiled bitterly….It doesn’t really matter…..because….what followed that was the best thing that ever happened in his life.

Yes, he did suffer a lot and he can’t deny that. He suffered a lot thinking that he wasn’t loved at all, but he forgot that entirely when happiness was the only thing that filled his heart afterwards…..he was happy and the memory right now is what makes him smile and continue on living…..he can’t imagine a life without Jin….There is no life without Jin…not for him…..


3 years ago


Kazuya/Jin: We’re home!

Naomi:  Jin sweetie!! *started kissing him on the cheeks*

Jin: hey aunty! *smiles shyly*

Kazuya: *feeling jealous and annoyed* why don’t you just swallow him up mom?

Naomi: Awwww *turns her attention to her son* my Kazuya is jealous *started kissing her son all over his face* you know you two are my favorite boys!!

Kazuya: *giggles from his mom kisses* enough already mom *but smiles sweetly and brightly at her*

Jin: *get mesmerized by the little boy laughter although he’s little jealous from his aunt*enough already aunty! You spoil Kazu too much *pouts from jealousy*

Naomi: *laughs thinking that the kids are jealous for her attention*now now you know I love you two just the same!

Hitoshi: What about me dear? How come I don’t get to be spoiled? *pouts*

Naomi: EH? But honey, you know we need to set a good example for the kids especially when Reyoma and Hiromi are definitely setting a bad example for them!

Jin: It’s true aunty! I don’t want to live there anymore! *sighs*

Kazuya: Yeah, they act like teenagers! So embarrassing!

Naomi: *looks at her husband* See honey! *whines* I told you that those two are so going to ruin the kids!

Hitoshi: *annoyed* but what does that have to do with us? We’re not like them! I can’t even touch you in front of the kids for God sake!

Naomi: We can’t show affection in front of the kids Hitoshi! That’s bad for them! It makes their hormones run wild and when that happens, you can never expect what might happ—

Hitoshi:  I don’t care! Honey! You don’t even let me touch you when the kids are here even if we were in our room!! *whines and pouts badly *

Naomi: Honey, not in front of the kids! Let’s talk about this later! Come on! Let’s have lunch!

Hitoshi: *sulk in the couch and doesn’t move into the dining room*

Naomi: *notices her husband and goes back to him* honey ~~

Hitoshi: I don’t want lunch! Because then I will eat and you know how I love your food and then I will be happy. That would probably show a display of affection, right? *sulks*

Naomi: *chuckles and kisses her husband cheeks*I love the sulking you honey!

Hitoshi: *grins because of the kiss, but try to hide it* whatever!

Naomi: *whispers* come eat your lunch and you can have me as your dessert as much as you want me honey~~ *licks and kisses her husband ears* 

Hitoshi: *look at her immediately with a sparkling eyes* really?

Naomi: *nods* now c’mon! “You’re too easy to please”

Hitoshi: YAAAY!! Lunch time!!

Once they all were sitting on the dining table and in the middle of their conversations. 

Hitoshi: By the way Jin, where are you parents?

Naomi: Yeah, I cooked plenty of food! I thought they will join us!

Jin: Ah, they left to Osaka!

Naomi/ Hitoshi: *dropped their spoons* WHAT??

Jin and Kazuya were taken back by their shouts.

Naomi: *in angry tone* what did they say?

Kazuya: Something about a concert maybe or a hotel reservation?

Naomi: Those jerks! They have the tickets!

Hitoshi: So, they wanted to go first and choose the best seats and give us the worst! What kind of family are they??  

Jin: What tickets are you talking about?

Naomi: *ignored Jin question* honey, there is no time! We need to catch the bullet train! Let’s go!

Kazuya: W-what? Mom?

Hitoshi: Jin, we and your parents aren’t going back tonight, so stay here with Kazuya, ok?

Jin: *troubled by the idea* Huh? O-ok..

Naomi: Bye kids~~ *waves*

Kazuya/ Jin: *waves back*

Jin: What just happened?

Kazuya: I have no idea!

Jin: *sighs* I swear, maybe we are the only two who are sane in this family!

Kazuya: *sighs* Yeah! Let’s just eat!

Jin: This is delicious! *munch on the food*

Kazuya: Mom is a great cook!  *smiles sweetly at Jin while still munching on the food*

Jin: Yeah, she definitely is! *averts his eyes from the boy and busy himself on the food*

Each one of them was thinking how dangerous this is. It wasn’t their first time spending the night alone in one of their houses, but it was the first time after realizing their feelings and feeling rejected by the other. Somehow they knew nothing good will happen from this. Jin even thought of leaving, but he was worried of leaving Kazuya alone in a big house. What if some thieves sneaked in and saw him and ended up hurting him or even worse killed him. No, maybe even rape him. Jin shivered from the thoughts. No way, he’s definitely not going to allow it. He’s going to stay and protect Kazuya with his life. 

They don’t know how it all started, but one of them suggested a movie that turned out to be a romantic one, but very sad one. Both of them ended up crying badly probably being able to relate themselves to the heroine who was in love with her best friend who never saw her back. He even told her how he loved a girl and asked her for a help crushing her more and more and she helped him because she loves him. The only difference between them and that heroine is that they are men and she was a girl. She had a bigger chance if she confessed, but they thought they didn’t. And the biggest problem was they were cousins. They weren’t crying because of her, but because it was their chance to just cry and let go of their emotions or maybe because they felt sorry for themselves. Because although the movie was sad, very sad….they thought she was lucky….she had a better chance than they did…..she didn’t face the same problem like they did…..

 After the movie finished, they started talking and talking. First, about the movie and what they thought. Jin said how stupid she was not confessing when she had a good chance while Kazuya disagreed. How can she confess when the man she loved just told her that he loved someone else? Jin noticed how bitter and emotional Kazuya was while saying this and Kazuya could definitely understand the heroine feelings when she decided to keep silent and gave up on her feelings until it was too late and she was regretting it.

The movie discussions lead them to their views on life which lead them to their views on love and when noticed the time, it was already night time, so they decided to call it a night. Although the house was too big and had guest rooms, Jin decided to sleep in Kazuya’s room as always. Jin was laying on the couch bed (couch that turns to be bed) while Kazuya was laying on the bed. Both weren’t feeling sleepy at all.

Kazuya: Jin, did you sleep?

Jin: No!

Kazuya: I don’t feel like sleeping!

Jin: Me neither!

Kazuya: Let’s watch a movie then!

Jin: *interested* what movie?

Kazuya: Horror movie!

Jin: No way! How about comedy?

Kazuya: Comedy sucks! And we already saw romance!

Jin: Action?

Kazuya: Action doesn’t sound bad! Ok!

They saw an action movie, but didn’t feel sleepy and it was already 10 pm.  Kazuya thought of doing a prank on Jin so he put a movie on saying that it was a comedy and once Jin saw that it was a ghost horror type of movie, he freaked out. Kazuya got scared as well, he mistook the movie with another one thinking that it was a monster movie, but it turned out to be ghost movie. And since both of the boys were scared of ghosts, they totally freaked out. They immediately turned off the DVD, looked at each other and when they heard the sound of the wind, they started to scream and ran to Kazuya’s room and locked the door. They hide under the bed sheet.

Kazuya: *still trembling* Jin, you don’t have to sleep on the couch bed! It will give you cramps tomorrow!

Jin: *shivering from the image he saw of that ghost* Yeah, I wouldn’t want that! I have soccer exercises, so I need to watch out from that!

Kazuya: *fakes a laugh* it’s just a movie anyway, they try to scare people, but it’s not working! It’s all a lie, right Jin? *gulps*

Jin: Yeah, a lie! *gulps* Just a lie! Let’s sleep Kazu!

After couple of minutes from dead silence in the room where nothing can be heard except their breathing. Both boys were lying on the bed looking at the ceiling as if it’s the most interesting thing in the world.

Kazuya: You know Jin…*Jin looking at Kazuya*….you were right……she should’ve confessed……then she wouldn’t feel regret eating up her heart and soul “like the way I’m feeling right now!”

Jin: *chuckles while looking at Kazuya* why are you still going about that movie? *gulps*

Kazuya: *in a worked out voice* BECAUSE * eyes get locked with Jin* because…..*Kazuya’s eyes averted downwards looking away from Jin’s stare*

Jin: “This is bad! Kazu, stop showing me this face! I might lose control!” *ruffles his hair while chuckling* let’s sleep Kazu!! *gives his back to Kazuya*

Kazuya looked like a cute puppy with a ruffled hair. He placed his hand on his ruffled hair seeing Jin giving his back to him. He tried to say something or even touch Jin, so he extended his hand wanting to touch his back, but once he was so close, he pulled his hand back deciding on otherwise.

Kazuya: *looking at Jin’s back with bitterness* Good night Jin!  

Jin: Good night Kazu!

Kazu looks at Jin’s back for seconds annoyed that the other didn’t even turn back at him. He lied on his side giving his back to Jin as well with a pouting face that Jin couldn’t see, but somehow felt. So, he turned around taking a peak of his Kazu, but turned back immediately. Jin heart was beating like crazy all this time, but once he turned back and got to see Kazu’s full back in front of him, it raced a mile more. He knew it would be too dangerous for him to stay with the younger boy in the same place and now in the same bed, but he’ll control it. He will definitely do it!

This was the main reason Jin stopped staying overnight at Kazuya’s. He would keep staring at the younger boy like a hungry wolf. He would see every single detail and everything in Kazuya looked shining and bright to him. It was a puppy love, his first love and probably the only love his ever going to feel. He knows that he will never love someone like he loves Kazuya. It started when they were kids, him wanting to be with him all the time, playing together alone, having fun, getting jealous when anyone come play with them, sleeping overnights and going out. But recently, it turned out to be something different. That love changed to wanting Kazuya for him alone, he doesn’t want to share him with anyone. He wants to have him all for himself including having his body and heart. But that probably is a dream, right?

Jin: *kept opening his mouths couple of times trying to ask the question, but couldn’t until finally he did* Kazu

Kazuya: *still pouting* Hmmmm?

Jin: *takes a deep breath* w-what if…what if you were in her place? What would you do?

Kazuya got shocked from the question and curled up to himself. Silence filled the room. Kazuya wanted to scream out saying that he was in her place. He was in love and he was in love with Jin, but of course he couldn’t say that. He didn’t know what to say, so he remained silent, the question eating up his heart reminding him that Jin is also in love with someone else and that was enough to cause him pain.

However, a sudden loud sound from the wind and movement made the two boys out of their trance mode. Jin from anticipating the answer and Kazuya from the painful impact the question has on him. 

Jin: *breathing heavily* “it’s just the wind! Just the wind!”

But Jin felt a body shivering behind his back, clenching on his shirt like his life is depending on it. Somehow, the warmth radiating from Kazuya’s body has just calmed him down. He turned around and took Kazuya in his chest while ran his hands on his back soothing him. He could feel Kazuya’s body relaxing and calming down on him.

Jin: It’s ok Kazu! It’s just the wind! 

Kazuya: *not wanting to leave the warmth, pretended to be slightly trembling again* but I’m afraid!

Jin: Don’t be! I’m here, aren’t I? *kissed Kazuya’s forehead and nuzzled to his hair and started to smell him, but froze after he realized what he did*

Kazuya: *froze from the Jin’s gesture* “Why are you always so nice to me Jin? You always keep doing these things that make me hope that somehow…..somehow maybe you are….feeling the same way too…”

Jin was going insane. He could feel Kazuya’s breath on his collarbone. His nose is filled with Kazuya’s hair smell that is so sweet and relaxing. Their feet are tangled with each other especially that Kazuya is running his cold foot to warm it. Kazuya’s hands are wrapped around Jin’s neck while Jin’s on Kazuya’s waist. This closeness is driving Jin crazy, but unknown to Jin; it was driving Kazuya crazy too.

Kazuya thought he should try his chances. What was that kiss about? He could even feel Jin smelling his hair and nuzzling to his ears. Kazuya remembered the question that remained unanswered, so he decided to use it.

Kazuya: *pushing himself away from Jin, but held Jin’s hand* Jin

Jin: *tried not to show his disappointment when Kazuya’s warmth left him* w-what?

Kazuya: *Kazuya changed to a sitting position* I still didn’t answer your question

Jin: *Jin followed Kazuya and changed to a sitting position and was delighted seeing their holding hands* yes you didn’t!

Kazuya: *locking eyes with Jin* I’m currently in the same place as her!

Jin: Huh? What do you mean?

Kazuya: *took a deep breath and blurted out* I’m currently in love

Jin: *squeezed Kazuya’s hand tightly and started to breath heavily*w-what?

Kazuya: Ouch! Jin, my hand! It hurts!

Jin: *getting furious after registering what Kazuya said* you’re just in the 7th grade! What do you know about love? *jealousy started eating up his heart* “Who could Kazuya love? A girl in his class? Of course it would be a girl! There is no way I’m agreeing to this! ”

Kazuya: *getting angry from Jin’s reaction and pulled his hand from Jin’s* I said you’re hurting my hand!

Jin: Ah, sorry! I--*looks at Kazuya* what did you mean you’re in the same place as her? Is the *gulps* girl in love with someone else?

Kazuya: The person I’m in love with is in love with someone else and I couldn’t confess because of that. I’m kind of stupid like that heroine too! Same as your situation*smiles bitterly*

Jin: *feels like his throat is so dry and it hurts just to talk* who is she?

 Kazuya: Who?

Jin: *gulps* the one you love?

 Kazuya: “It’s YOU!” just someone *blushed*

Jin: *feels like someone is stabbing his heart each minute* but, isn’t it early to say that you love that person? I mean, you’re still a teenager. Soon, you’ll just grow out of that love!

Kazuya: *getting angry from Jin looking down at his love* I don’t see our parents grew out of their love and they knew each other since school. Look at them now, they remind me of teenagers! Love doesn’t know age! It’s not like you’re that older than me anyway; you’re only older with 2 years! Will you grow out of your love too?

Jin: *taken back from the way Kazuya was protecting his lover* yes, you’re right! “He must really love her! God, I feel like crying! Why didn’t I just die before today! I can’t believe I’m hearing this!” *tears started falling without Jin noticing*

Kazuya: *shocked from seeing the tears* J-Jin?

Jin: I can’t believe you’re in love with someone!

Kazuya: *taken back and try to reach Jin* Jin, why are you crying?

Jin: all this time I thought……all this time…..I don’t know……I can’t believe ……that all of a sudden you just……you love someone else…….I’m not allowing this! *locked eyes with Kazuya* I thought I will be ready for this one day, but I’m not! I will never be ready for this! *wiping out his tears with his hands*

Kazuya: *Kazuya got confused from what Jin was saying it was as if, as if he was confessing* Jin, what are you saying? “Please tell me you love me!” *Kazuya was begging Jin with his eyes to tell him his feelings*

Jin: *biting his lips* I love you *seeing the shock expression on Kazuya’s face and hearing the gasp that came from his mouth freaked him out* I know it’s wrong and *Kazuya was calling him* I know we’re cousins…..I know that I shouldn’t be *Kazuya was calling his name again* feeling this way towa—

Kazuya: *interrupted Jin by holding both Jin’s cheeks while smiling brightly* can you stop mumbling?

Jin: *looking downwards* I’m sorry!

Kazuya: *smiling and sighing* God Jin! I so love you too!

Jin: *squatted his head upwards immediately, shocked from Kazuya’s confession* but, h-h-how??

Kazuya: You’re the one I’m in love with genius!

Jin: But, you said it’s a girl!

Kazuya: You were the one who said it was a girl!

Jin: *looked at Kazuya trying to remember this earlier conversation and he was right, it was Jin indeed who assumed it was a girl*

Kazuya: *started laughing* we’re both helpless….*Kazuya put his forehead on Jin’s* I knew you were in love with someone and that’s why I never planned on confessing after that day. I never knew that someone was me. Shit, if you didn’t talk now, then we probably would have never knew an—

Jin: *put his fingers in front of Kazuya’s mouth* Shhhh

Jin held Kazuya’s chin and pulled his face to him while Kazuya was still holding Jin’s face with both hands. Kazuya leaned into Jin’s and there it was their first kiss. It wasn’t demanding or fast. It was very slow; both of them were exploring and taking their time tasting each other. A kiss that mixed with tears, tears of happiness. Breaking the kisses to look deeply into each other eyes and kiss again with the same pace, no rushing. They had all the time they need now. They’re finally together. 

 Jin: Our parents will blame me!

Kazuya: Eh? Why?

Jin: Because I’m the older!

Kazuya: Then we’ll just have to make sure they never find out!

Jin: What if they did!

Kazuya: *shivered from the thought and a pain clenched his heart on the mention of his parents* then, we’ll just run away!

Jin: *chuckles* are you kidding?

Kazuya: I’m serious!

Jin: What about the money? Where are we going to stay?

Kazuya: No wonder they’re going to blame you!

Jin: *pouts* Kazu!

Kazuya: You think too much Jin! It wouldn’t be running away if you thought too much to it!

Jin: That’s coming from a 7th grader!

Kazuya: Well, you should make this 7th grader happy or you might run away alone~~

Jin: Don’t worry! If that happened, I will make sure to come grab your ass and take you with me!

Kazuya: *gasps* you’ll kidnap me?

Jin: *eyeing Kazuya* Will I have to?

Kazuya: *shakes his head* of course you don’t! I will go anywhere with you! *start on kissing again*

Chapter 5 : First Time

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you can always paint the roses redqueen_kat_tun on April 19th, 2010 02:09 pm (UTC)
Is it alright if I take this spot? I hope it is... *shot*

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Yup, I did! I will make sure to write the other fics and update them tomorrow maybe ^^

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I hope you enjoyed reading it and wasn't too sleepy to understand what was going on *winks*

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Garnetgarnet_light on April 20th, 2010 09:33 am (UTC)
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