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17 March 2010 @ 11:19 am
[Fic] Kame Goes Wild - Ch33 Part 1  

itle: Kame Goes Wild
Pairing: AKame
Rating: NC-17.
Genre: Romance, drugs, violence, humor and smut.
Summary: The first time Kamenashi Kazuya agrees to Akanishi Jin unfair request, he ends up in being in a tough situation. How the situation will end and what caused Kame’s weird behavior? How will Jin act with the new Kame?
Disclaimer: I don't own any characters from Johnny's Entertainment, but I own some characters and the plot.

Chapter 33


~ Flashback ~

Yuya: *in a very loud voice* WHAT THE HELL?????

Yuya’s parents came running into the living room checking in their son. They saw him seeing the conference with Kame and Jin. The younger boy kept yelling and cursing in a very bad way.


Kame’s dad: *sighs* I’m afraid not Yuya!

Yuya: I’M NOT GOING TO AGREE TO THIS!! *stands up and stomps with his legs* NEVER!! NEVER!! NEVER!! *run and locks himself in his room*

Kame’s mom: Honey, go talk to him!

Kame’s dad: ME? I need someone to talk to me, how can I talk to anyone?

Kame’s mom: *sighs*Yuya is the closest to you and Kazuya!

Kame’s dad: Call Koji! Yuya respects him too much to raise his voice.

 ~ After 25 minutes ~

Koji: Where is he?

Kame’s mom: In his room

Kame’s dad: he didn’t leave for a second, he even skipped dinner!

Koji: I’ll talk to him!

*knocks knocks*

Yuya: GO AWAY!!

Koji: Open up Yuya! It’s me!

Yuya: *gasps* Kazu-niichan! *runs to open the door*

Koji: So, you weren’t going to open the door to me if you knew I wasn’t Kazuya? *shoots him sharp glares*

Yuya: *fidget from the sharp stare* of course not!

Koji: You’re not going to ask me in?

Yuya: *gasps* Sorry, come in!

Koji: Lock the door! We wouldn’t want mom and dad to jump in all of a sudden *laughs*

Yuya: *chuckles* yeah

Koji: *sits on the bed and pats on it* come and sit

Yuya: *nods and sits*

Koji: So?

Yuya: What?

Koji: What’s going on?

Yuya: I think dad already told you

Koji: What he said is you screaming and yelling ‘WHAT THE HELL’ and ‘NEVER’!!  I would like to hear what happened from you.

Yuya: Is it really true?

Koji: About Kazu?

Yuya: *nods*

Koji: We’re going to find out soon about the details, but I’m sure it is since dad and mom talked to them about it.

Yuya: To Kazu-niichan??

Koji: Yeah!

Yuya: Akanishi-san too?

Koji: Yeah!

Yuya: What did they say?

Koji: They admitted they were in a relation!

Yuya: But, why?? Kazu-niichan is fine without anyone! He always said so himself!!

Koji: Appearantly Yuya, it was always a lie! He always had Jin.

Yuya: I don’t want to! I hate this!! This is wrong!!

Koji: so, you’re like dad too?

Yuya: Isn’t it wrong to be gay??

Koji: Well, I have different views when it comes to love Yuya. I mean, what difference does it make if he had a girlfriend or a boyfriend?

Yuya: *shocked* GIRLFRIEND??

Koji: What’s wrong?

Yuya: NO!!! Girlfriends are bad!!

Koji: *speechless* EHHH???

Yuya: *mumbling without stopping and in terror* If he had a girlfriend, then he will marry her like you and Yuichiro-niichan!!

Koji: Oi!! Yuya!!

Yuya: Huh?

Koji: *laughs so hard* now I get it!

Yuya: *pouts* why are you laughing?

Koji: So this is not about Kazu being gay, right?

Yuya: What do you mean? Of course it’s ab—

Koji: What if I tell you that Kazu is actually lying and he has a girlfriend!

Yuya: WHAT?? So, he’s not gay??

Koji: What will you say?

Yuya: *pouts* I don’t want to!!

Koji: *laughs* I knew it! Well, don’t worry! He doesn’t have a girlfriend and it seems like you’re jealous Yuya *pokes Yuya on the cheek*

Yuya: *cheeks gets red as a tomato* I’m NOT!

Koji: Don’t worry! Kazu still cares about you! You’re his little bro!

Yuya: I’m not jealous!! *pouts*

Koji: Fine! It’s my mistake then! I thought you were. Well, I planned on meeting Kazu and telling him to come visit you from time to time if he wanted us to accept them, but if you’re not then why would we bot—

Yuya: I AM!! I AM!!

After Yuya blurted that out without noticing, his cheecks were colored with red from embarassement and being fooled into Koji’s trap while Koji laughed out loud knowing that he won over his little brother.

Yuya: *pouts* you’re mean!!

Koji: Awwwww, Yuya! *chuckles*

Yuya: Of course I will be jealous! He’s the only one who has time for me!

Koji: *changed to a serious face*Yuya

Yuya: He spends his free times on our home and play baseball with me. You and Yuichiro-niichan both are very busy and rarely come home except in occasions, but Kazu-niichan comes from time to time. But now, now that he has a *gulps* b-b-b-bo-oy

Koji: boyfriend!

Yuya: boyfriend, he won’t have time for me anymore and he will be busy like you two! He will drift away as well!

Koji: But you know Yuya, you should think about it in a different way.

Yuya: What do you mean?

Koji: Kazu has a boyfriend and not a girlfriend! They can’t get married! They can’t have kids! He can’t get that busy! He will have time to come and he will even bring his boyfriend with him! You even can take out your anger on Jin and beat him up on baseball match whenever he takes Kazu away from you for a long time *smirks*

Yuya: *eyes sparkling* really??

Koji: Yeah!!

Yuya: Wow! Now that you mentioned it like that, you do have a point! Thanks Koji-niichan! Now I don’t mind accepting Akanishi-san! *grins*

Koji: *smirks*Great!


~ End of Flashback ~


Kame: HEY!! You’re not allowed to hurt MY Jin!

Koji: It’s not like Yuya can hurt anyone Kazuya!

Kame: You’re right!

Koji: So, when are we meeting him?

Kame: Huh? Who?

Yuichiro: What’s up with that reaction? Who else? Your boyfriend?

Kame: Are you kidding me? You already met him! He slept at our house couple of times when we were kids!

Koji: WOW! So you guys were in a relation for that long?

Kame: NOOO!!!! NOOOO!!!! EWWW!! We were kids Koji!

Koji: Thank god, I would feel weird knowing that my bro was doing it in the room next door.

Kame: *throws the couch pillow on Koji’s face* stop it! *blushing so badly*

Yuichiro: *getting confused from the blushing face* you really weren’t in a relation at that time Kazuya?

Kame: NO! Guys! Seriously! What’s up with you? We only started when he came back from LA!

Koji: So you were Amercanized like him!

Kame: Huh?

Yuichiro: *ignoring Koji’s joke* Anyway, I want to meet him Kazuya!

Kame: Well, I will check our schedules and I will let yo—

Yuichiro: Him alone!

Kame: *shocked* EH??

Koji: We want to meet him alone!

Kame: But, why?

Koji: We want to talk to him from a man to man!

Kame: *annoyed* I’m a man too!!

Koji: Sorry, but that’s kind of hard to convince us with at the moment!

Kame: *shoots them with death stares*what did you say?

Yuichiro: He’s just kidding, Kazuya! Chill out!

Kame: I’m not letting you meeting him alone!

Yuichiro: Why not?

Kame: How do I know you won’t beat the crap out of him?

Koji: Now, I’m hurt! You don’t trust us? You’re brothers?

Kame: As if! Remember what mom had to go through because of you guys! Do I have to remind you!

Yuichiro: We won’t beat anyone Kame! I’m a married man and I even have a kid! How can you even think of that?

Kame: Because….because…why do you want to see him alone anyway? “Knowing that idiot, he will probably blurt out something about us that will tick you guys off and embarrass me forever and I might end up killing him and commit a suicide because of it, so I rather not!”

Koji: We want to get to know him more!

Yuichiro: and we know how you are when you are around someone.

Kame: What do you mean?

Koji: You tend to lead the conversation! In your interviews, you are the one who answer the questions, carry the conversation and so on and we can’t have you do that. We want to get to know him without you there to interfere.

Kame: I see, well, you do have a point there!

Koji: So, ask your boyfriend about it and let us know about his opinion.

Kame: Ok! I will!

Yuichiro: Good! I better get going now then!

Koji: Me too! I need to pick up my wife!

Kame: Alright! Do you want a ride?

Koji: No thanks, I brought my car!

Yuichiro: I did too! 

Kame: Ok *looks down*

Koji: *sighs while eyeing Kame and approaches him*

Kame: What?

Koji: *hugs Kame* don’t worry bro! Things will be fine! Just remember that what matters in this world is the fact that you have your loved ones by your side.

Kame: *hugs Koji back while smiling gently* thanks Koji

Yuichiro: My turn!

Kame: I think I’ll pass!

Yuichiro: *laughs* no way! *hugs him tightly while Kame gasps for breath* walk proud and don’t let anyone look down at you, got it?

Kame: *groans from the tight hug and the heavy weight of his brother* y-y-yes! *breathes heavily when Yuichiro finally breaks the hug* you know, I love you Yuichiro, but you truly need to lose weight!

Yuichiro: *laughs so hard* yeah! Try to imagine being in my wife’s position! I truly feel sorry for her sometimes!

 Koji: *laughs* Then lose weight dumbsass!

Yuichiro: She’s the one who doesn’t want me to!

Kame: *laughs* seriously?

Koji: Some women are crazy!

Yuichiro: *smacks Koji’s head* hey!

Koji: Sorry! 

Yuichiro: See you Kazuya! Call me when Jin decides on a date and time!

Koji: Me too!

Kame: Alright! Bye~~


~ Part 2 ~

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