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14 December 2012 @ 03:09 am


In Progress

1. Kame Goes Wild

Summary: The first time Kamenashi Kazuya agrees to Akanishi Jin unfair request, he ends up in being in a tough situation. How the situation will end and what caused Kame’s weird behavior? How will Jin act with the new Kame?

 Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter6, Chapter7, Chapter8, Chapter9,
Chapter10, Chapter11, Chapter12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter19, Chapter20, Chapter21, Chapter22, Chapter23, Chapter24, Chapter25, Chapter26 , Chapter27, Chapter28, Chapter29, Chapter30, Chapter31, Chapter 32, Chapter33

2. The Wrong Move

When Jin thought that he can finally put the past behind him, it came back hunting him. Will it stop hunting him one day?
                   Prologue, Chapter1, Chapter2, Chapter3, Chapter4, Chapter 5, Chapter6, Chapter7, Chapter8 , Chapter9, Chapter10, Chapter11, Chapter12 , Chapter13, Chapter14, Chapter15, Chapter16, Chapter17, Chapter18, Chapter19 *new*


1. Forbidden Love

They are the perfect family who has perfect houses and perfects sons. However, their world crumbles when they discover that their sons are having more than brotherly love between them. A struggle of two souls will start, but is a forbidden love will ever be meant to be? 
                   Chapter1: Without You | Chapter2: The Past | Chapter3: False Rejection | Chapter4: The Confession | Chapter5: First Time | Chapter 6: Emptiness | Chapter7: The Ugly Truth | Chapter8: Separation | Chapter9: Between Reality and Imagination | Chapter10: What really Happened...? | Chapter11: Maybe...It's not meant to be...| Chapter12: Forever With You


1. I Only Have My Eyes On You 

Summary: In BTR concert, Kame flirts with Koki and earns a kiss which was seen by Jin, Kame’s lover. Jin decides that his boyfriend needs a big punishment. 

 2. The Visible Love Bite
What happens when KAT-TUN finds Kamenashi Kazuya with a visible love bite while they are changing during a concert?

3. A New Song Is Born
                Summary: What’s the real reason for changing Kame’s solo??

4. Kame's Hunger 
                Summary: Where will Kame's hunger for sex leads to?

5. Your Birthday Gift
                Summary: Jin keeps asking Kame what he wants for his birthday, but the latter shrugs him off. What will Jin do when Kame finally asks him for a gift that is so hard to give??
6. Bakanishi's Way to Celebrate His B-day
                Summary: Jin has his own plans for celebrating his birthday. Bu what happens when he drag Kazuya to his random plans?