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30 August 2009 @ 10:06 pm
[Fic] Kame Goes Wild - Ch22 Part 1  
Title: Kame Goes Wild
Pairing: AKame
Rating: NC-17.
Genre: Romance, drugs, violence, humor and smut.
Summary: The first time Kamenashi Kazuya agrees to Akanishi Jin unfair request, he ends up in being in a tough situation. How the situation will end and what caused Kame’s weird behavior? How will Jin act with the new Kame?
Disclaimer: I don't own any characters from Johnny's Entertainment, but I own some characters and the plot.

Chapter 22


Seconds passed and Jin finally blurted out again looking at everyone.

Jin: I meant the fans will definitely want to kill someone right now knowing that Kamenashi got a girlfriend and she’s an older one as well. Most of them might not approve, right?

Kame sighed in relief. “OMG!! I love you Jin! For a while there, I couldn’t think anymore and thought everything is going to be ruined! You truly matured…The past you will never be able to say anything after that *smiles*

Reporter: Akanishi-san, we noticed that you’re against this relationship, is that right?

Jin: No comment!

Reporter: So, this means it’s true! Why don’t you approve? Is the reason for that the age gap?

Jin: Sorry, no comment!

Reporter: Akanishi-san, by us sitting here, we kind of have the feeling that something else is going between you three. Are you in a love triangle?

Jin: Huh? How did you get that impression?

Reporter: Because whoever is going to see you at the moment and a while ago will say, you’re acting jealous.

Jin: Of course I’ll be jealous! *Kame’s eyes widen in shock and his hearts start beating fast* Kamenashi got a girlfriend before I did! Why wouldn’t I be jealous? *pouts*

Reporter: *laughs*so, it’s only jealousy regarding that?

Jin: Huh? Of course! We being in a male band, we always have these feelings like, who travelled the most, or who gets more chocolate in valentine or who gets more fan letters and etc. Getting a girlfriend is no exception.

Reporter: Yeah, of course there will be feelings like that!

Jin: *nods* 

Reporter: So, Koizumi-san, does this relationship interfere with your work?

Kyōko: I think any relationship will give those involved strength and courage to do their best and continue their work, right?

Reporter: That’s definitely true. What about you Kamenashi-san?

Kame: I agree with Koizumi-san! I definitely think that people in love will have more power to overcome anything in work because that love give them motivation and the ability to work hard.

Reporter: What about you Akanishi-san? What do you think?

Jin: I think love whether it has its sad moments or happy ones have all kind of effect on people. People in love tend to work harder because that love gives them the will and the power to continue working hard. But some other people might stay in daze thinking about their loved ones not being able to have a clear mind and do any of their work. *laughs*

Reporter: Which kind are you Akanishi-san?

Jin: I think I’m a combination of both. *Kame smiles*    

Kame: “Of course you are! I just wish if they can see you when you get mad from being jealous, you get back at everyone which terrible, but sweet…”

The reporters continued asking questions mainly directed to Kyōko. Kame was so quiet, many thoughts were diving into his mind and it felt to everyone as if his soul travelled far away. He was thinking about everything. “Although I’m grateful that Kyōko-chan is here, but still, this is crazy! I forgot that we just declared that we are dating, shit, this won’t solve anything. I will definitely be stalked by everyone from now on. I wasn’t planning for this to happen? Is Johnny-san crazy? He knew this is going to cause me a huge problem. Doesn’t he know that there will be reporters following me around everyday now that this happened? And here I was planning to surprise Jin and spend the night in his apartment, making love with him and going tomorrow to work together, but NO! This has happened and it ruined everything. *looks at Jin* God! Jin is really doing a great job restraining himself. I thought he would blow up any moment. I’m kind of happy and not really. I want to see him blow up! I always love that side of him, the side that cannot think clearly when it comes to me. AHH!! What am I doing? *looks at the reporters* what the hell is wrong with them?? I feel as if I’m a rabbit surrounded by wolves who are trying to eat me alive! They will do anything to ruin me and it seems like they are trying to dig more about Kyōko-chan. *looks at Kyōko* I can’t believe that Johnny asked her to come. This sure brings back a lot of memories. I…I’m not sure how I used to feel about her, but I feel sorry for her. I used her a lot since the first time we met. Wow! A lot of time passed, time really flies fast! *looks at Jin* in the past, I would have never thought that we’ll be here like this. I thought it was impossible for us Jin, but I’m really happy we are together. *looks again at Kyōko* although I never told you this before, but I’m truly sorry. Sorry for taking advantage of you and your kindness and using you to get rid of my feelings for Jin although it never worked. GOD! What the hell am I doing? I’m just repeating the same mistake over and over again.”

In the mean time, the reporters were asking Kame questions, but he stared blankly at them not saying anything. They kept calling his name, but it didn’t get him out of his daze. When Jin finally tapped Kame’s shoulders without anyone seeing him, Kame finally went out from his daze and noticed that they were waiting for his answer.

Kame: Sorry, but what was the question again?

~ Part 2 ~