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14 December 2012 @ 03:09 am


In Progress

1. Kame Goes Wild

Summary: The first time Kamenashi Kazuya agrees to Akanishi Jin unfair request, he ends up in being in a tough situation. How the situation will end and what caused Kame’s weird behavior? How will Jin act with the new Kame?

 Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter6, Chapter7, Chapter8, Chapter9,
Chapter10, Chapter11, Chapter12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter19, Chapter20, Chapter21, Chapter22, Chapter23, Chapter24, Chapter25, Chapter26 , Chapter27, Chapter28, Chapter29, Chapter30, Chapter31, Chapter 32, Chapter33

2. The Wrong Move

When Jin thought that he can finally put the past behind him, it came back hunting him. Will it stop hunting him one day?
                   Prologue, Chapter1, Chapter2, Chapter3, Chapter4, Chapter 5, Chapter6, Chapter7, Chapter8 , Chapter9, Chapter10, Chapter11, Chapter12 , Chapter13, Chapter14, Chapter15, Chapter16, Chapter17, Chapter18, Chapter19 *new*


1. Forbidden Love

They are the perfect family who has perfect houses and perfects sons. However, their world crumbles when they discover that their sons are having more than brotherly love between them. A struggle of two souls will start, but is a forbidden love will ever be meant to be? 
                   Chapter1: Without You | Chapter2: The Past | Chapter3: False Rejection | Chapter4: The Confession | Chapter5: First Time | Chapter 6: Emptiness | Chapter7: The Ugly Truth | Chapter8: Separation | Chapter9: Between Reality and Imagination | Chapter10: What really Happened...? | Chapter11: Maybe...It's not meant to be...| Chapter12: Forever With You


1. I Only Have My Eyes On You 

Summary: In BTR concert, Kame flirts with Koki and earns a kiss which was seen by Jin, Kame’s lover. Jin decides that his boyfriend needs a big punishment. 

 2. The Visible Love Bite
What happens when KAT-TUN finds Kamenashi Kazuya with a visible love bite while they are changing during a concert?

3. A New Song Is Born
                Summary: What’s the real reason for changing Kame’s solo??

4. Kame's Hunger 
                Summary: Where will Kame's hunger for sex leads to?

5. Your Birthday Gift
                Summary: Jin keeps asking Kame what he wants for his birthday, but the latter shrugs him off. What will Jin do when Kame finally asks him for a gift that is so hard to give??
6. Bakanishi's Way to Celebrate His B-day
                Summary: Jin has his own plans for celebrating his birthday. Bu what happens when he drag Kazuya to his random plans?

16 December 2010 @ 01:26 am

Chapter 21


January, 2008


Pi: *eyes widen in shock* Toma?

Toma: Good morning *smiles*

Pi: *confused* am I dreaming?

Toma: What do you think? *giggles*

Pi: I am dreaming! Ugh *holding his head because of incredible pain* or maybe I’m starting to become delusional?

Toma: *laughs loudly* Go wash your face and come eat breakfast! There is some medicine for your headache too!

Pi: *shocked* Toma?  

Toma: Hmmm?

Pi: *pinching himself* is this real?

Toma: Should I get worried for you to ask this question twice already?

Pi: *confused* How did I get here?

Toma: Jin dropped you

Pi: I’m…Toma I wa—

Toma: its ok we’ll talk later Pi *heads toward the kitchen*

Pi: I really missed you!

Toma: *stopped in his track with a smirk on his face and turned around* I don’t see how you hitting the clubs everyday means you missing me!!

Pi: I was hitting the clubs to get drunk! If that’s not missing you, what is?

Toma: and what am I supposed to say? I miss you too?

Pi: *hurt* no…I’m not forcing you to say anything…you know….all this time we were separated…all I was thinking about is how stupid I was…I took you for granted knowing I will find you anytime I want…you’ll be there for me always…but I was wrong….I’m sorry Toma!

Toma: *heading toward Pi* I know babe….All this time I was actually waiting for you…to figure that out…so that you will remember that we’re in a relationship here….we need to work on it together! *places one of his hand on Pi’s cheek*

Pi: Toma *put his hand on Toma’s hand* I truly missed you….I love you so much babe

Toma: I missed you too….Just so you know, this is so our first and last break from each other….got it?

Pi: *chuckles* yes please!

Toma: *smiles* I love you Pi *leans toward to kiss Pi*

Pi: *meets Toma in a sweetest kiss which Toma breaks*

Toma: Babe, I love you and all…but you stink of alcohol

Pi: *laughs* yeah…sorry about that…I will take a shower, but I will need your help since I still feel dizzy *winks*

Toma: I will gladly help *giggles*




During 1 Pound no Fukuin, 2008


Kame: Do you know what you’re asking me?

Jin: I know Kazu!

Kame: You ruined me…my life and you’re asking for a chance? *irritated* Yamapi knows, Johnny-san knows too….how I can face them again?

Jin: It’s not your fault…you didn’t do anything wrong….You were the victim…

Kame: *looks away* you’re victim!

Jin: I’m sorry….I really mean it even if it doesn’t change anything….I’m very sorry….But I swear, I would have tried to fix this before I left to LA if it weren’t for Johnny-san…

Kame: Don‘t even dare put the blame on him?!

Jin: I’m not, but he’s the one who forced me to leave…if it weren’t for him…maybe I would have a--

Kame:  a what? A chance? How come I believe any of what you’re saying anyway….Maybe you’re the one who decided to leave from your own…

Jin: Yes and I decided to learn English all of a sudden *in a mocking tone*

Kame:  So what are you saying? He threatened you and that’s why you left?

Jin: He actually did! He threatened me with the video he has of—*he stopped talking and looked away from Kame’s gaze*  

Kame: *getting freaked out* what did he say?

Jin: He would….send a copy to my family…your family…*palmed his face* I really screwed up!

Kame was annoyed by the memory of what happened and while looking away from Jin he was worried about that video tape…He truly needs to get it from Johnny-san somehow because he will always be living in fear of someone else finding out about this….Kame was brought back to reality by Jin’s sudden voice…

Jin: I’m sorry…I made you go through a lot!

Kame: *in a mocking tone* yeah…you definitely did that!

Jin: But I really want to fix things between us….I really want to make it up to you Kazu

Kame: Enough from this talk!

Jin: I’m serious Kazu….I want to start over…please?

Kame: *in accusing eyes* do you even know that I can’t even have a normal relationship with anyone because of you!!?

Jin: So, you’ve never been in a relationship? You’re not in a relationship with anyone? *hope evidence in his voice* Not even Koki?

Kame: *irritated* of course not!

Jin: *sighs in relief and smiles* Thank god!

Kame: *getting really mad* what the fuck are you smiling for?

Jin:  *grinning* I’m sorry, but I’m happy that you’re not taken by anyone.

Kame: And do you think that gives you the right to grin? Do you think that you still got a chance? Keep dreaming on bastard! *Kame stood up and was heading toward his bedroom*

Jin: *following him* Kazu!

Kame: Fuck off Jin! Just leave the apartment! I want to be alone! *shutting the bedroom on Jin’s face*

Jin: *Jin put his foot in the door’s way and didn’t allow Kame to close it* can we start over?

Kame: *annoyed* Move your foot!!

Jin: I won’t! Not until you answer me!

Kame: *yelling* I answered you!! Move your foot or I swear I’m going to shut the door on it and let you bleed to death!

Jin: Do it! It will hurt me less believe me!

Kame: Are you crazy?

Jin: *talking very fast and loudly* Yes, I’m crazily in love with you and I don’t care what you do to me Kazu…you can go ahead and kill me for all I care because I’ll be dead without you…

Kame: *taken back from Jin’s outburst* you’re crazy!

Jin: I know!

Kame: Give up Akanishi…I will never give you a chance!

Jin: *hurt* do you hate me that much Kazu?

Kame: *heart felt like ripped apart from Jin’s broken voice and question* you can’t even imagine! “Don’t you fucking kidding me Kazuya Kamenashi! He means nothing to you! He hurt you and you feel sorry for him now???”  *Kame was mad at himself that he blurted out yelling* I just hate you so much! You could have said all this to me back then and I would have run to you happily, but now…..it’s too late…..it’s impossible……I can’t just forget everything like nothing happened…what you did…….it killed me Jin…..it really did and I can never repair from it……I tried so many times, but I couldn’t…….I did love you once…….I did……..but my hate is much more stronger…..it’s hard to replace that hate with love…….

Jin: I don’t care how much it takes Kazu, but I’m going to wait for you till you finally can forgive me……or at least love me, just please……don’t say it’s impossible….give me a chance….please

Kame: Don’t bother! I don’t want to be with you…GOD!!! *grit his teeth*

Jin: *almost in begging tone* Kazu!!

Kame: I mean it Jin! I don’t want you in my life. I’ll try to act normally around you when we’re in work, but other than that, I can’t do anything else….

Jin: *tears falling hurt from what Kame said*

Kame: *taken back from seeing Jin crying..it had been a long time since the last time he saw him crying like this that he let go of the door and moved outside the room* c-could you just leave?

Jin: *looking at Kame then he lowered his face looking at the floor while moving toward the apartment door* I…I…won’t give up…..s-sorry t-to bother you

Kame was holding himself from crying too…A part of him wants to hurt Jin just like he hurt him, but another part want to forget everything that happened and move on…and go there to Jin’s side and hug him right now…It pained him seeing the man he loved crying because of him…


Suddenly, memories of Jin and their wonderful friendship flew right in front of him as a film roll while watching Jin’s back…the rings…their time in Gokusen…Jin smiling face….Jin hints about how beautiful and cute he is….Jin jokes about they being Akakame….and without noticing, Kame’s legs moved on their own in hasty steps hugging Jin from behind.



End of Chapter 21

07 December 2010 @ 11:58 pm


Chapter 20



First day after Jin leave, 2006


Maru: Is he ok?

Koki: Not really…I mean he smiles and pretend that he’s all great, but I know that he’s not….

Ueda: Should we call Jin and tell him about this? After all, they were best friends

Maru: I’m not sure if that’s a good idea at the moment

Taguchi: Me neither….not after their fight that day….things seem bad between them

Ueda: Yeah *sighs*

Koki: Guys, I should tell you something....

Taguchi: What is it?

Koki: Kame made me promise not to tell you this, but I think you all should know….He’s been getting unconscious a lot lately…..like 2 days ago, we were laughing and all of a sudden he passed out….he almost doesn’t eat anything and when the staff forces him to…I noticed how he runs to the bathroom afterwards, so I followed him and saw him throwing up the food…I’m really worried

Maru: Is he throwing up in purpose?

Koki: I don’t know, but I don’t think so…

Ueda: I’m not sure what difference does that make anyway Maru!

Maru: There is a big difference, you just don’t see it yet..

*Ueda’s phone ringing*

Ueda: Hello Manager-san

Manager: Hello Ueda…where are you now?

Ueda: In the dressing room, why?

Manager: Tell all the members to come to Sanno hospital

Ueda: *confused* why?

Manager: Kamenashi passed out in a photoshoot

Ueda: OMG! Is he ok?

Manager: The Dr. said he’s very weak so he attached an IV drops to him… and Johnny-san has given me some instructions that I need to tell you about, so please come ASAP

Ueda: We’re coming right now!




During 1 Pound no Fukuin, 2008


Kame looking with cold piercing eyes at Jin

Kame: He knows what? *still shooting death glares at Jin*

Jin: *Jin freaked out from the sudden change of Kame’s attitude and thought he made a huge mistake blurting that out* h-he…

Kame: WHAT THE HELL DOES HE KNOW?!! *Kame’s shouted in anger while standing and looking at Jin*

Jin: *Jin became nervous and once he saw Kame’s cold eyes he averted his right away….he knew he blew it up* h-he knows….about what happened that day…

Kame: *started to tremble from nervousness* you’re kidding, right?

Jin: I wish *not being able to meet Kame’s eyes*

Kame: D-don’t tell me…you blurted that out to Johnny-san when you were drunk too!! *Kame said in a scary tone*

Jin: I wish…then he won’t have….”Maybe I should just close my mouth….Shit…Kame reverted back…Why the hell did I open my mouth about that! Stupid me…”

Kame: H-how then?

Jin: *looking down at his hands like it’s the most interesting thing to look at* he has a video…

Kame: *confused* Video? Of what?

Jin: *gulped* He bugged the hotel room Kazuya….He has video of that day….

Kame’s eyes widen in shock and he felt like his legs are going to give up on him. He tried to walk slowly to reach the couch, but his legs gave up on him and he sat on the floor with a blank face….He couldn’t believe what he was hearing….Johnny-san knew…..all this time he knew….he has a video too….who else knows….Yamapi also knows….maybe our manager also knows…..what am I going to do…..what am I supposed to do….Kame was truly lost not knowing what to think anymore….

 Jin: *hurried to Kame’s side and helped Kame to stand up and sit on the couch, it shocked him that the latter didn’t even protest…Jin knelt on the floor while looking at Kame’s blank face* Kazu *trying to reach his hand to his cheek*

Kame: *got out from his trance once he heard his name been called…he slapped Jin’s hand away from him* don’t even dare to touch me!!

Jin: *averted his eyes from Kazuya’s cold ones* s-sorry

Kame: Leave!

Jin: *taken back* but Kazu I—

Kame: It’s Kamenashi to you!!

Jin: I’m not leaving!

Kame: *pushed Jin away and stood up walking toward the door of his apartment* leave now!

 Jin: *didn’t move from his place* I didn’t finish yet!

Kame: *Kame blew up shouting* Why the hell did you come here for? Just leave me alone!!

Jin: I want to fix things between us Kazu!!

Kame: *laughs mocking Jin* our friendship is over Akanishi….Nothing will ever be the same between us…There is no us anymore…..There is nothing to fix between us….

Jin: I never said I wanted our friendship back… I don’t want things to be like it used to be between us….Yes, I want us to talk like we used to….but I don’t want us to be just friends….just friends won’t do…

Kame: *in anger tone* you’re definitely not a friend Akanishi….nor anything….I told you before….you mean nothing to me….just like a black dot on my notebook….I erased you from my life, why can’t you do the same?

Jin: Because I love you!

Kame: *his heart skipped a beat, but his face didn’t change* I’m tired of hearing that already!

Jin: It’s the truth….I truly love you….since the time we were filming Gokusen 2 together….since the time I bought those rings for us…

Kame’s heart was beating like a crazy on the mention of the rings....He missed those times…

Kame: *looking straight into Jin’s eyes* those rings had no meaning!

Jin: It meant the world to me….I bought them so that we have something that bonds us together!

Kame: Liar….that wasn’t what you said…

Jin: I don’t remember what I said, but I’m pretty sure it was a stupid reason….but the truth is….I loved you since that time and I still love you…

Kame’s face had confusion written all over it…..all this time he thought….he was used by the person he loved and thrown away….he thought he was maybe a replacement for Yamapi…..he thought he was nothing to Jin for being treated that way…..He thought those rings meant the world to him, but not to Jin….He don’t know what to believe or think right now……he was totally confused….and his confusion grew more when Jin opened him mouth to drop words he didn’t know how to answer….

Jin: Can’t we start again?

Kame eyes widen in shock from the question and he kept staring at Jin not knowing how to answer



End of Chapter 20

04 December 2010 @ 12:49 am

Title: The Wrong Move
: Akame (main), TomaPi, Ryoda
: R
Romance, Angst, Smut.
 When Jin thought that he can finally put the past behind him, it came back hunting him. Will it stop hunting him one day?
I don't own any characters from Johnny's Entertainment, but I wish I own Kame!!
Author Note: This fic jumps on time from the past to the present and back to the past again. I hope it won't get you confused! Feel free to ask anything if it did and read previous chapters in case you forgotten the plot! \(^o^)/

Previous Chapters:
Prologue, Chapter1, Chapter2, Chapter3, Chapter4, Chapter5, Chapter6, Chapter7, Chapter8, Chapter9, Chapter10, Chapter11, Chapter12, Chapter13, Chapter14, Chapter15, Chapter 16, Chapter17, Chapter18

Chapter 19


 January, 2008


Toma: *shocked* what are you two doing here?

Jin: He’s drunk and I couldn’t find his keys, so I thought of dropping him here

Toma: *eyeing unconscious Pi* take him to your apartment then

Jin: I can’t…I’m staying with a friend today!

Toma: *getting upset* Are you kidding me Jin…in case you don’t know….we broke up!!

Jin: And that was a big mistake Toma...but I know it’s my fault!

Toma: *sighs* just leave and take him with you!

Jin: *ignores Toma and gets inside the apartment not responding to Toma calling his name, putting Pi on the couch*

Toma: *in angry tone* what the hell Jin??

Jin: Listen Toma….Pi loves you and you know he will always do….he sleeps himself by drinking everyday….he’s like shit since the day you left him…

Toma: *heart clenching in pain looking at Pi and noticing the dark circles around his eyes* it’s not my fault!

Jin: I know…it’s not your fault….I’m sorry I was part of this….I never knew that it will crush your relation, but truly….there is nothing between us if you think there is….we’re only friends and Pi is actually helping me with my own relationship…

Toma: *shocked to hear that Jin has someone he loves* you have someone?

Jin: *smirks* are you relieved now?

Toma: *try to act indifferent* not really…it’s not my business…

Jin: *chuckles* you know Toma…I never saw Pi care about someone as much as he cares about you…

Toma: *laughs bitterly* yeah right

Jin: Seriously Toma….the only reason why Pi sticks to me is because he feels guilty..

Toma: *confused* guilty about what?

Jin: Because knowing you two were in a relation opened my eyes to things I always ignored….

Toma: *chuckles* Pi told me you saw us kissing years ago…

Jin: *smiles from the memory* yeah and that made me realize I like one of my friends *looking shocked at Jin and gulping* don’t worry it’s not Pi….That’s just disgusting to even think about…

Toma: *sighs in relief, but then yell from surprise* you mean you like guys???

Jin: *chuckles* not guys….just one guy

 Toma: *curiosity ran throw Toma’s mind* who is it? 

Jin: *smiles bitterly* Kazuya

Toma: *yelling from surprise* seriously??

Jin: Yeah….why?

Toma: *walks forward and pats on Jin’s shoulder* no wonder Pi is sticking by your side…I could see how Kazuya treating you since you came back and you’re in for bad news Jin….Not to mention you two are bandmates….

Jin: *sighs* Tell me about it!

Toma: *eyeing Jin suspiciously* you lied about staying with a friend, didn’t you?

Jin: *giggles* yeah, but you know it’s for your two own good

Toma: *smiles gently* thanks Jin…I really needed reassurance…I was having my doubts *looks at Pi’s sleeping figure on the couch*

Jin: I know you did....Pi could be a mom sometimes *laughs*

Toma: *joins Jin in laughing* tell me about it!




KAT-TUN Dressing Room…October, 2007



Maru: Come in

Ryo: *hesitating while checking the dressing room and sighing in relief once he spot someone* Yo!

Jin: Yo Ryo! What’re you doing here?

There was only Jin, Ueda and Maru in the dressing room…

Ryo: N-no reason *trying to see Ueda without showing it*

Jin: Well, sorry man, but we have a photoshoot after couple of minutes…I need to go and prepare…

Ryo: *looking at Jin while not really looking* oh…that’s fine…it’s cool

Maru: Later Ryo

Ryo: Later!

Jin: *raising an eyebrow and checking what Ryo is seeing then smirking* Fine….see ya later! Got to go now!

Ryo: *nods* see ya

Jin: *whispers in his ears* he’s not in a good mood lately, so you better watch it!

Ryo: *shocked and gaping at Jin retreating form*

Ryo noticed that Ueda stood up and heading toward the door

Ryo: Wait!

Ueda: *stopped in his track without looking back*what?

Ryo: I-I’m sorry

Ueda: *his heart skipped a beat and he turned around looking at Ryo with cold stares* didn’t I tell you not to talk to me again?

Ryo: *averted his eyes away from Ueda while mumbling* I don’t want that!

Ueda: *but Ueda heard that clearly and looked shocked at Ryo* what do you want then?

Ryo: I-I…want …*seconds in silence and then he blurted out* canwebefriends?

Ueda: *confused* Huh? What did you say?

Ryo: *breathes heavily* “Shit, I didn’t know this is too hard!!” *scratch his hair and looks at Ueda*I like writing lyrics

Ueda: *confused* mm…ok? “where the hell is he headed with this conversation?”

Ryo: *gulped in nervousness* And you like writing lyrics too….so…I thought we could write something……together?

Ueda: *after what Ryo registered on his mind he laughed loudly* what are you? A kid? All Johnny’s like writing lyrics, why not all of us then…the whole company get together and write something….*continue laughing*

Ryo: *feeling hurt from the insults* that’s funny coming from a fa— *but Ryo shut his mouth once he saw Ueda glaring at him*

Ueda: No wonder you are a friend of Jin, but never mind that…I don’t mind….writing lyrics with you I mean…

Ryo: *beamed happily* when do you finish your photoshoot?

Ueda: At 7, why?

Ryo: I’ll wait for you to finish and we could go on a dat---I mean somewhere quiet…*coughing* to write lyrics…

Ueda: *flashes Ryo his brightest smile* fine…see ya later then…

Ryo: See ya princess *he gulped…he didn’t mean for that to be blurted out, it just happened*

Ueda: *stopped and turned around eyeing Ryo coldly* on a second thought….I’m cancelling…you never learn do you…

Ryo: I swear I didn’t mean it….I’m just used to use that word a lot and I don’t even mean something bad by it….

Ueda: *shooting death glares* oh really?

Ryo: I’m sorry…so don’t cancel!

Ueda: *was taken back by Ryo’s sincere eyes and felt his heart beating so fast and happiness growing inside of him* I’ll think about it….if you behaved

Ryo: I promise I will! No more insults!

Ueda: *grinning* Ok

Ryo: *sighs in relief* good luck with the photoshoot Tatsuya

Ueda: *gaped at Ryo for seconds heart jumping from the mention of his name* t-thanks….see ya later

Ueda left the dressing room in hasty steps afraid that Ryo will be able to hear his heart beating so fast and loudly….while Ryo jumped in happiness saying YEEESS!!! I DID IT!! I ROCK!!

Ueda had a wide grin hearing the screams inside of their dressing room and walked away with a wide smile never leaving his face.


End of Chapter 19


I know you all want to know what's going to happen between akame, but I can't ignore the other characters too ne~~
I hope you will enjoy reading this chapter.....Comments are love <3


23 November 2010 @ 06:04 am

Title: The Wrong Move
: Akame (main), TomaPi, Ryoda
: R
Romance, Angst, Smut.
 When Jin thought that he can finally put the past behind him, it came back hunting him. Will it stop hunting him one day?
I don't own any characters from Johnny's Entertainment, but I wish I own Kame!!
Author Note: This fic jumps on time from the past to the present and back to the past again. I hope it won't get you confused! Feel free to ask anything if it did and read previous chapters in case you forgotten the plot! \(^o^)/

Previous Chapters:
Prologue, Chapter1, Chapter2, Chapter3, Chapter4, Chapter5, Chapter6, Chapter7, Chapter8, Chapter9, Chapter10, Chapter11, Chapter12, Chapter13, Chapter14, Chapter15, Chapter 16, Chapter17

Chapter 18


December, 2007


Jin: What’s wrong with you lately?

Pi: Nothing *drinks his tequila*

Jin: You’ve been drinking a lot recently and your always gloomy….It’s like I’m seeing an image of me, why?

Pi: ……………..

Jin: “Don’t tell me!” Is everything ok between you and Toma?

Pi: *sighs* w-we..broke up *Pi felt pain just from mentioning the word…it didn’t feel right*


Pi: 2 weeks ago

Jin: WHY?

Pi: He wants some time alone away from me *looks at Jin in the face* I don’t blame him Jin….It’s been a long time since the last time I truly was there for him *averting his eyes looking at his drink*

Jin: *frustrated and gulps a shot from his drink* It’s because of me, isn’t it?

Pi: No…it’s all because of me…I neglected him way too much…

Jin: That’s because you were helping me….I’m really sorry Pi! I messed up my life and yours too!

Pi: That should be my line….I messed up yours too….I even got in Kame’s black list…

Jin: Huh? What do you mean?

Pi: I’m sorry for not telling you this earlier….but *feeling nervous* well…..I went to him to try and explain things to him…

Jin: *his eyes widen in shock* YOU WHAT???

Pi: I’m sorry Jin, I just wanted to help you

Jin: *gulping down his drink* But I told you not to interfere Pi! He might misunderstand everything!!

Pi: He did….He thought that we are scheming evil plans against him…and laughing behind his back…

Jin: SHIT!! SHIT!! DAMN IT PI!! I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!! *gulps down the rest of his drink*

Pi: I’m sorry….I screwed up big time….both your relation and mine….it’s all my fault…If it weren’t for that kiss to start with, you wouldn’t taste this agony feelings and I……I might have not lost Toma *tears start to fall*

Jin: *sighs heavily* don’t worry Pi, you and Toma will definitely get back together….I just know it!

Pi: Yeah right *gulps down the rest of his drink in one shot* I’m not sure I believe that anymore…

Jin: You’ll see! Now let’s leave….I need to think of a way to talk with Kazu…




After 3 days from the end of Real Face Tour, 2006


Koki: What the hell was that about?

Kame: Leave me alone Koki!

Koki: Well I can’t do that….that bakanishi asked one of us to come and check on you

Kame: *heart beating fast and feeling guilty*

Koki: To think he would ask something like that after you beat the crap out of him *sighs*

Kame: He deserved it!

Koki: *smiles* I bet or else you wouldn’t blow up like that…not to him anyway

Kame: What’s that supposed to mean?

Koki: It means you two are bunch of idiots….you better apologize to him Kame-chan!

Kame: “As if! He violated me and I’m supposed to apologize for punching him for doing so..How ironic!”

Koki: What happened between you two?

Kame: None of your business, so could you please leave me alone now?

Koki: Fine fine….but I’m just saying….your fights are useless because you two care about each other way too much or else, you wouldn’t be feeling this guilty right now….

Kame: Fuck off Koki!! *Koki smirks for hitting the right spot while leaving in hasty steps scared from getting some of Kame’s wrath*


“Shit, I hit him pretty bad….but he deserve it! He just got on my nerves…I was trying to ignore everything that happened and ignore him, but he wouldn’t just let it slide….and even saying sorry after what he did….like sorry could solve everything…….FUCK!.....he looked shocked…..I truly hurt him *clenched his fist in a tight grip*




During 1 Pound no Fukuin, 2008


Jin: I don’t have a reason Kazu….I acted without thinking….all I had in mind was having you at that time….I just couldn’t control myself anymore.

Kame: I can’t forgive you Jin!

Jin: *with begging eyes* can’t you at least try?

Kame: *ignoring Jin and pushing him away* I need to forget in order to forgive and that’s impossible…

Jin was looking at Kame not knowing what to do or say anymore until he remembered a certain person….He remembered his reason to come here….so he sighed heavily and started to talk…

Jin: I lied that day Kazu…

Kame: *snorts* you always lie, what’s new?!

Jin: Please hear me out without any comments…*getting nervous* I never asked Pi to try sleeping with me

Kame: *Taken back by what Jin said* w-what?

Jin: It never even cross my mind to ask him….I have no idea why I blurted that out that day….I was stupid! Maybe I thought you will agree if I actually mentioned Pi…..I have no idea what the hell was I thinking….My head was truly in a mess that day….

Kame: Stop lying Jin! I know that Yamapi knows about what happened!!

Jin: That’s because I was dead drunk couple of months ago and I blurted it out to him

Kame: *raising an eyebrow* When couple of months ago?

Jin: Maybe in May or June…

Kame: *mumbling* after you came back

Jin: I was hitting the clubs and drinking all the time….it kind of happened one of those days….sorry….

Kame: *looked away trying to show a straight face, but actually feeling happy about that new information he just learned about*

Jin: Pi punched me real bad afterwards

Kame: You deserve it!

Jin: I know….I just….it made me realize how bad I messed up…

Kame: I don’t get one thing Jin….Why now? Why do you want to fix things now?

Jin: It’s not just now Kazu…I’ve been trying to do so since I got back, but you never give me the chance to do so…

Kame: *with accusing eyes* because instead of fixing it when it happened, you actually ran away to LA

Jin: It wasn’t my choice!

Kame: Yeah right!

Jin: I swear….Johnny-san forced me to go!

Kame: *eyes widen in surprise* Huh?

Jin: I didn’t have a choice but to leave or else *Jin averted his eyes away from Kame*

Kame: Or else what?

Jin: ………

Kame: *in higher tone* or else what??

Jin: *Jin looked at Kame and when they eyes met, Jin averted his eyes* He knows Kazu

Kame: *eyes widen in shock*


End of Chapter 18


I'm extremely sorry for taking a break from writing without even telling you guys. Sometimes, life get the best of us and it did to me....Recently, I reached a point where I truly missed writing and so here I am again....I can't promise you a fast update as my life is still in a mess right now....but I have a feeling that the next update will be pretty soon, hehehehehe~
I hope you still remember this fic and enjoy this chapter. Comments are love <3

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Chapter12: Forever With You



Silence…..blindness…..everything seemed so far away….the voices of people….the cars…..it was almost like time stopped at that moment for him…..he still couldn’t process what happened….he couldn’t understand…..he kept saying in his mind……that all of this…..is not real….this can’t be happening….this is not the way it supposed to be….somehow, his legs started walking….he didn’t realize until he was pushing his way among the crowd….his heart was running miles away…..screaming pain with each beat….and when he finally reached where he wanted to be….when he finally saw the love of his life….his legs finally gave away next to him…..he tried to voice out his name….to call him so he would open his eyes…..but nothing came out from his voice except whispers…..small whispers….his voice was  heavy almost choked…..he started calling his name with It, but Jin didn’t budge…..he kept calling and calling till his voice grew heavier and clearer…..still…..no response…..He started shaking his body while tears covering his vision……he was waiting…..waiting to be awaked……but why…..why can’t he wake up from this nightmare…..why…….

An ambulance finally came and two men started to carry Jin very slowly, but Kazuya was freaking out already…. He wouldn’t let them take him, but after a struggle and Kazuya telling them that he was from his family, they let him ride with them.


The ride was long in Kazuya’s eyes….Seeing his boyfriend covered with blood like that was killing him….He saw worse, yes….but he couldn’t take it anymore….it felt weird…..it felt different…..it felt real….but it always feel real to him…..he was wondering when will he be awaked from this nightmare….but his heart didn’t allow him to leave Jin alone….Even if this was another nightmare….he wouldn’t leave him no matter what….He can’t…..he was feeling guilty…...for leaving Jin like that….flashbacks were coming back to him…..about what happened earlier…..it was ripping his heart apart….


They didn’t allow him to go inside during the operation…..he was out watching from a window how they started to move him to another bed……cut his clothes…..inject him with something…..it was hurting him……how could they do that to Jin….He couldn’t stand the sight of blood anymore….it was hurting his body all over…..it felt like they were cutting a piece of him and not Jin……he decided to sit on the chair away from that window……he was praying……to be awaked…..a nurse came and started asking him questions…..so many questions about Jin…..about his life…..his blood type and medical records…..but all of a sudden…….Kazuya saw more nurses going to the operation room…..Jin’s operation room….in a hurry….Kazuya face went pale and he started running after them……but the nurse wouldn’t let him in…..he could hear a sound……a very weird sound that made his heart sink……he knew that sound…..heard it so many times in movies……he didn’t like this anymore…..he didn’t like where is this leading him to……he didn’t want to continue this nightmare anymore…..he wanted to be awake…..he started punching himself so he would be awake……the nurse stopped him, but he pushed her away….another nurse came and held him in a strong grip…..he started to struggle and struggle…..but froze once the doctor came out from the operation…..looking pale…..Kazuya didn’t get what he was saying….he couldn’t understand anything anymore…….he screamed out loud at the doctor that he was a liar……The nurses loosened their grip and Kazuya ran inside to the room……he saw them covering Jin’s face and he got mad……he pushed the sheet away from Jin’s face……crying his heart out…..apologizing for saying they weren’t meant to be…..they were….they were meant to be no matter what anyone else said….he kept shaking and nudging Jin to awake……

Kazuya: *sobbing* we’re meant to be Jin…..we’re meant to be….I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say that….Please God! Please, I didn’t mean saying that…..Jin, wake up! Wake up babe…..we’ll go to them…..so wake up already…..at least wake me up……Someone wake me up please….please…..


~After 1 hour~

Doctor: Please Kazuya ….you need to talk to the police about the accident!

Kazuya: *running his hands on Jin’s cheek*

Doctor: We need to take Jin already!

Kazuya: NOO!! He will wake up…..He will……this happened before and he woke up…..

Doctor: How many times do I have to tell you that he’s dead?! He can’t wake up anymore….

Kazuya: Just leave the room please!! He will wake up….he can’t leave me….you’ll see…..he will be awake soon…..or maybe I will be awake soon…..

Doctor: Please Kazuya….they will come and take him, so let go of him….


Doctor: *shakes his head looking at the nurses* just take him!

The nurses came next to Jin, trying to carry him on the bed they brought, but Kazuya stopped them screaming and yelling at them to stop.


The doctor ordered two nurses to hold Kazuya while taking Jin away, but Kazuya went hysterical on them and started pushing them away fighting them, so one of the nurses injected him with an injection that made him loosen up after a minute and lose his balance.

Kazuya: *mumbling* please don’t take him away from me….please….

And Kazuya was out sleeping soundlessly….the doctor decided to call for a psychiatric to check on Kazuya’s mental state since he didn’t make sense at all and he thought he needed one to support him right now….especially when the doctor knew that there is definitely a relation between those two….which shocked the doctor who heard Kazuya talking to the dead Jin telling him about them....how what their parents think doesn’t matter to them….to him…..that they are meant to be together….it doesn’t matter if they were cousins or not…..they were lovers…….he thought he truly needed a psychiatric …..because….this whole thing is very messed up….he thought.


Kazuya woke up while checking his surroundings knowing that this doesn’t look familiar. He was glad he was finally awake from the nightmare, but shocked to see the place. He thought maybe he got sick again and Jin brought him to the hospital. But a nurse was in the room gone to call for someone as he saw a doctor coming to his room approaching his bed. He signed in relief noticing that the doctor is someone new….A face he never saw before….so he finally woke up from his nightmare….


????: How are you feeling Kazuya?

Kazuya: I’m fine! Where is Jin?

????: Where do you think he is?

Kazuya: Waiting outside for me till you do a check up on me?

????: And why are you having a check up?

Kazuya: I probably got sick again, right?

????: Let me introduce myself first Kazuya! I’m Peter, a Psychiatric!

Kazuya: Psychiatric??!

Peter: Yeah…do you know what psychiatric are for?

Kazuya: *shakes his head*

Peter: They treat patients who have mental problems! 
Kazuya: Huh? Then, why are you here?

Peter: Don’t you remember what happened?

Kazuya: What happened?

Peter: First, talk to me about Jin!

Kazuya: Why?

Peter: what is your relation with him?

Kazuya: He’s my boyfriend!

Peter: Boyfriend? Aren’t you cousins?

Kazuya: Yes

Peter: You’re cousins and boyfriends?

Kazuya: *sighs in annoyance* will you call Jin here please?

Peter: Why? Where is Jin?

Kazuya: Do you have a problem in your head??! He’s outside, isn’t he? You know, you’re the one who needs some help for your mental state!

Peter: Don’t you remember the accident?

Kazuya froze on the mention of the accident…his heart beat started to race crazily…his face went pale….he felt sick in the stomach…..

Kazuya: *trembling* w-w-w-what….a-accident?

Peter: I think you know what accident I mean!

Kazuya: Stop playing stupid tricks!!

Peter: What accident did you remember just now??

Kazuya: *yelling* It’s a nightmare!! It can’t be true!!

Peter: What if it was?

Kazuya: Where is Jin??

Peter: You know where he is, don’t you?

Kazuya: NO!! You’re lying! You’re trying to make me crazy!!

Peter: Where is he Kazuya?

Kazuya: *breathes heavily* Shut up!! JIN!!!

Peter: He’s not here!

Kazuya: NO!! You don’t understand!! He would never leave me!!

Peter: He didn’t….it was something he couldn’t control!

Kazuya: NO!! He can’t leave me!! He won’t!! *cries*

Peter: Sorry Kazuya, but sometimes destiny has different plans for you.

Kazuya: *screaming loudly* NO!! HE PROMISED!! HE WILL NEVER LEAVE ME!! I WANT JIN!!

Peter: Calm down Kazuya! Your p—

But Kazuya didn’t wait to hear anything. He left the bed in a hurry and ran away from the room freaking out when he saw everyone started to look at him. He gasped when he saw the familiar doctor who was operating on Jin. He let out his sobs and cries. He kept running in search for that soulless room where it holds all the dead bodies. He needed to find Jin soon. Nurses were running after him, but it only made him run faster. But then he froze…..Shock and surprise was written all over his face. His parents and Jin parents came out from a room crying. They were as surprised as he was looking at him in shock; however, they didn’t have the time to approach him because nurses caught up to him holding him.

Kazuya: *screams while struggles* LET ME GO!! LET GOOO!!!

Naomi: Kazuya! *trying to approach him*


Naomi: *cries* but we love you both! We never wished for this to happen!

Kazuya: *falls on his knees* it’s because of you…..you all….you never wished for our happiness….you would always interfere in some way or another…..it’s…*grabbing his hair in frustration*…because of me……I didn’t turn around! Why didn’t I turn around sooner?? God is punishing me for saying those awful words…..I didn’t mean them…..I hate you all….I never heard any of your words……I never cared….I….but I hurt him…..Jin is hurt because of me…..I changed…..I don’t know how to go back….I….I want Jin!! Please…..let me go…..I need to see him…..

Hiromi: *cries while looking at the nurses* let him go please! You can’t treat someone like this!

Naomi: Let go of my son!!

One of the nurses: We can’t! The doctor told us to take him back to his room.

Hitoshi: Where is that doctor?? How could he treat my son like this??

Reyoma: We’re going to sue you all!

They talked to the doctor and Kazuya was finally released from the nurses’ grip. He went inside the room to see Jin covered with a white sheet. He removed the sheet from his face and noticed how pale his lover is. He was pale and white almost like the sheet. There was no color in his face, no color on his lips. He was colorless and Kazuya felt how soulless he was. He broke down on his knees crying his heart out like a baby screaming out his cries letting out harsh sobs.  

Kazuya: This was not meant to happen….it wasn’t supposed to be like this….Jin….I’m sorry….it’s all my fault….I should’ve gone with you without any fight……I shouldn’t say those words…..we are meant to be….always…..forever……even in our next life……we are definitely meant to be Jin…..you’re my everything……you can’t just leave me…….you could at least take me with you…..I can’t be without you…..I—I….can’t….

His parents and Jin’s parents were looking at Kazuya pitifully. They never saw Kazuya cry that much, never in their life. They thought it couldn’t be worse after what happened, but they were wrong because Kazuya was talking to Jin, touching his cheeks in a soothing manner as if he was talking to a baby. It broke their heart to see him like that. It broke their heart to see Jin like that.

What shocked them the most is when Kazuya started smiling looking like a crazy person talking to Jin as if he was there and awake?

Kazuya: I knew it! I knew you wouldn’t leave me Jin! I know you after all! Don’t scare me like that again please! *hugs Jin*

Jin: Sorry babe, but you know that I will never leave you.

The doctor came and talked to Kazuya, but the latter didn’t hear a single word nor did he reply back or look at the doctor. His parents started to call him, but he didn’t reply to them at all. They started to get worried. The doctor told them that he did all that to prevent Kazuya from seeing Jin again because he thinks it was a huge shock to him that could lead him to a mental disorder. Kazuya’s parents were worried especially because Kazuya had a history in that area when he was separated from Jin. They tried to hold Kazuya, but the latter pushed them away still talking to Jin. The doctor looked at them and he knew they were shocked. He told them that he has to separate him from Jin; therefore, he brought the nurses who started to hold Kazuya, but Kazuya acted wildly.


Doctor: Sorry Kazuya, but you need to go to your room!


He lost consciousness and was taken back to his room. His parents were crying seeing how in bad shape Kazuya was, but tried to assure themselves that it was due to the shock of losing Jin. The psychiatric Peter asked to meet them and asked them so many questions, private questions about almost everything that is related to Kazuya and Jin. They told them the whole story and finally reached to the last part.

Reyoma: We were searching for them! We never thought that they would run away that fast!

Hiromi: We went to Kazuya’s house to tell them….


~ Flashback ~


Hitoshi/Naomi: *surprised* Jin woke up??

Hiromi: Yeah! And he came here…

Naomi: WHEN??

Hiromi: Yesterday early I think?

Naomi: *scared* Where is he?  

Reyoma: We don’t know, we thought he would be here already!

Naomi: OMG!

Hiromi: Naomi?

Hitoshi: Kazuya didn’t come back since yesterday

Hiromi: Do you think he’s with Jin?

Naomi: I’m sure he is! Shit! Did they run away together?

Reyoma: I don’t think so I mean they wouldn’t in this count— *he froze when he thought about it*

 Hiromi: We need to find them!

Naomi: *covering her face with her hands* I’m tired from this! I can’t go on like this anymore!

Hiromi: That’s why we came here…Me and Reyoma made a decision!

 Hitoshi: What?

Reyoma: We no longer object of their relation! I can’t lose my son again!

Naomi: Really?

Hiromi: Yeah! I don’t care what other people will think…I just want them to be happy…I want our family to go back like it used to be!

Naomi: *sighs* Kazuya changed a lot Hiromi

Hiromi: Believe me; once he knows that they are accepted by us, they will be happy and go back like the old days!

Hitoshi: *looking away thinking* He hates us

Naomi: Yeah…he even called me bitch…

Reyoma: Let’s find them and tell them about our decision!

Naomi: Yeah and go back home!

Hitoshi: Let’s call private detectives!

Hiromi: Yeah!

Naomi: Kazuya’s papers, cards and passport are all with us! He won’t be able to go far away!

Reyoma: That’s good!


~ End of flashback ~


Peter: Did they know that you agreed to their relation?

Naomi: *sobs* no! We couldn’t find them anywhere!

Hiromi: We were so late…..we will never go back to the old days again!

Peter: Let’s hope at least you will get one of them back!




~After 1 month, mental institution~


Peter: How are you feeling today Kazuya?

Kazuya: *pouts* I’m not fine! Did you see Jin? He went out and didn’t come back yet!

Peter: *sighs while writing* No, I didn’t!  So, did you b—

Kazuya: *grins wildly while looking at the door* Jin!! Where did you go??

Jin: *approaching Kazuya from the other side sitting on the bed* Sorry babe, I went to buy chocolate! *grins*

Kazuya: *pouts* why didn’t you tell me? I would have asked you to bring me orange juice!

Jin: I will get it for you babe!

Kazuya: *grab Jin’s hand* no, there is no need….Later!

Peter: Kazuya!

Jin: *gets close to Kazuya’s ears* babe, you look hot showing off your shoulder like that! *winks*

Kazuya: *chuckles* then I won’t adjust my clothes!

Peter: *louder* Kazuya!

Jin: Good cause I’m planning to rip them off slowly! *smirks*

Kazuya: *giggles* show me what you got tiger!

Peter: Kazuya! Jin isn’t going anywhere, so will you focus with me?

Jin: *sticks out his tongue* stupid doctor!!

Kazuya: Later Dr. Peter! I have some quality time to spend with my boyfriend!   

Peter sighs while leaving Kazuya’s room. He went to his office and threw Kazuya’s file on the table with annoyance where a page was opened. He needs to send Kazuya’s file after couple of days…


On the table, Kazuya’s file was opened on Kazuya’s profile page….on it was written details about Kazuya like his age, his name, his hobbies and etc…..and under the mental state section was written…..Delusional……


In Kazuya’s room, he was sleeping on his bed, Jin’s arms wrapping around his waist…..Kazuya was sleeping soundlessly with a smile on his face……..he was happy…..


End of Forbidden Love


Thanks to everyone who kept reading and commenting on this fic. I can't believe I finally finished writing this fic. As I told you previously, it's angst and won't have a happy ending. It was truly difficult to write this fic since each time it will make me end up crying...I hope it made you live with them and feel the frustration and the pain they had....Sorry if this chapter wasn't pleasing.....please don't kill me in your mind for it......Hope to hear your opinion about this chapter and the fic mainly.....Comments are <3

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Chapter11: Maybe….it’s not meant to be….


It’s been 4 months since Jin and Kazuya ran away without looking back. They took the train to another city and from there; they took a bus and another one till they finally reached the city that clicked to them. They rented an apartment there and started living together. They spent the first 2 months going out in dates and making love to each other endlessly. But after the 2 months, Jin started to work because the money they had started to run out. Kazuya tried to work, but no place accepted him without seeing any of his identification cards afraid that he might have a criminal record. Therefore, it was only Jin working while Kazuya took care of the apartment and the chores. It was then that Jin noticed that his Kazuya has changed so much.   


Jin: I’m home!

*no answer*

Jin sighed knowing very well why he didn’t receive any answer. He went to the living room and saw Kazuya in a daze looking at the ceiling deep in his thoughts!

Jin: Kazu~~

Kazuya: *went out of his daze once he heard Jin’s voice* Welcome home Jin!

Jin: What were you doing Kazu?

Kazuya: Nothing

Jin: You know, you can’t just sit there doing nothing. I even bought a TV so that you will have fun watching your favorite shows.

Kazuya: I don’t like watching TV Jin!

Jin: Not even baseball matches!

Kazuya: Yeah

Jin: But, you used to like watching them all the time!

Kazuya: I don’t care about that anymore! Why do you keep bringing this topic over and over again?

Jin: Because I feel guilty leaving you alone and knowing you doing nothing except staring at the ceiling sucks! *pouts*

 Kazuya: Then, don’t work anymore! You know that I don’t like you leaving me alone! *upset*

Jin: But we need the money Kazu!

Kazuya: We still have money!

Jin: What happens when we don’t have it anymore? We need to prepare ourselves from now!

Kazuya: I don’t care!

Jin: Kazu!

Kazuya: Enough about that! What do you want for dinner?

Jin: What do you want to eat?

Kazuya: I don’t feel like eating anything special, so you decide!

Jin: Let’s see what we have! *opens the fridge and notices nothing changed from the morning* Kazu, what did you eat for lunch?

Kazuya: *surprised* I had rice!

Jin: I don’t see any trace for it though!

Kazuya: I just made a small portion for me! Why?

Jin: Why are you lying to me? You didn’t eat anything again, did you?

Kazuya: I didn’t feel like it!

Jin: Kazu! You’re not a kid that needs to be kept reminded about his food!

Kazuya: Stop calling me a kid!! I never told you to remind me about anything!

Jin: But you totally are!

Kazuya: *annoyed* I swear if you continued, you’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight!

Jin: *angry* EH! What the hell? I’m just worried about you!

Kazuya: *irritated* Fine! Let me see you just set a foot inside of the bedroom tonight!

Jin: Kazu!!

But Kazuya went inside the room locking the door and ignoring Jin calling him. Jin sighed deeply. He missed the old Kazuya who was so alive and energetic. His current Kazuya acts sometimes like he’s in deep sleep showing less emotion and acting very cold. Jin didn’t believe a year could change someone like that, but then he can’t blame him for changing because what happened to them wasn’t that easy. The first 2 months for them living together was horrible. They had so much love and fun living together, but once Jin stepped out of the apartment even if it were for 5 minutes; once he returns, Kazuya would be in a very bad shape crying and hugging his knees as if he was abandoned. It was worse after Jin started working because Kazuya wouldn’t stop complaining and trying to make him quit his work. He would throw a tantrum and act wildly against Jin for leaving him. Jin realized that Kazuya still thinks all this might be a dream or believes that he will be abandoned by Jin one day which was annoying Jin because no matter how much he promised Kazuya, he wouldn’t trust him.       

Right now, Kazuya was acting as if he was ready for being left alone which was killing Jin inside. He can’t think of a good way to change that or solve this issue Kazuya is facing.


~ Current time ~


Jin: *going to the kitchen and wrapping his arms around Kazuya’s waist* hey babe *kisses him on the neck* what are you cooking?

Kazuya: Pasta! It’s been a long time since we last ate it.

Jin: Yay! It’s been almost 1 month since the last time we ate it!

Kazuya: It’s because I got sick from eating it all the time! Now, I kind of miss its taste *chuckles*

Jin: Great cause I’m really starving!

Kazuya: Go take a shower and it will be ready then!

Jin: Ok, but after I get my kiss! *kisses Kazuya passionately in the lips*

Kazuya turned around deepening the kiss ignoring the pot. They kept kissing for almost 2 minutes without breaking it off for a second; however, they broke it off once breathing was a necessity. They kept looking at each other, lust obvious in their eyes as well as love. Jin was about to kiss Kazuya again, but Kazuya turned away his face.   

Kazuya: I can’t let our dinner burn Jin *giggles*

Jin: So not fair! I just want a kiss!

Kazuya: I could see that it won’t be just a kiss!

Jin: Kazu~~

Kazuya: Babe, after dinner!

Jin: Fine! But right after dinner! You hear me!

Kazuya: *nods while giggling*

Once Kazuya heard the water running, he sunk on the floor panting heavily. His heart beating very fast that it’s causing him a lot of pain. He was very exhausted, he didn’t eat anything for the whole day and he felt out of energy. He didn’t understand what’s happening to him. He would feel soulless the whole day once Jin step out from the apartment and his soul would come back once Jin enters the apartment. He tried so many times to sleep after he finishes the chores when Jin is still working, but it never worked. The same happens when he try to eat, he feel sick and wouldn’t stand the smell of food at all. It was truly bad. But what’s causing him so much pain is when Jin start to talk about their old days and compare him to the old him and complain about how much he changed. Kazuya lost all his confidence that he started to think that Jin is only loving him for the sake of the memory and not the current him. The mere thought caused him so much pain. He wanted to talk with Jin, but he never found the voice when he’s about to. He feels like he’s carrying the world on his shoulders, so many worries and thoughts that keep crawling under his skin killing his insides slowly specially the thought of waking up one day to find Jin gone. He was terrified of the thought.

Jin finished shower and dinner was ready. They started eating while Jin chatted about his work. Kazuya smiled to the enthusiasm Jin had when he talked about his work, but he was feeling pain inside of him. He didn’t understand why, but he guessed it’s probably because he was jealous that he wasn’t there with Jin. When they finished dinner, Jin started washing the dishes not allowing Kazuya to help him and asked him to rest instead.  

Kazuya decided to go take a shower, but once he stepped in the bedroom taking his towel, Jin came to him hugging him from behind. 

Kazuya: I need to take a shower Jin!

Jin: Nope, you don’t need to! You will take one later!

Kazuya: But I’m sweaty and I—

Jin turned Kazuya around sealing his lips with a kiss. After he broke the kiss, he carried Kazuya in bridal style making Kazuya giggle and threw him on the bed. He started ravishing him with deep kisses making sure to leave many hickeys marking Kazuya his. He always loved to leave kiss marks on Kazuya and Kazuya was the same too because they never were able to do so in the past. Kazuya was especially marking Jin as much as he can in all the places after he heard Jin talking with his workers in the phone. He was afraid that they will snatch Jin away from him, so he left marks in obvious places. He knew they wouldn’t dare come close to him once they see it and Jin never complained about them. In contrary, he was extremely happy about it especially when he finally realized how possessive Kazuya is. 

Jin started taking off Kazuya’s clothes kissing and licking all the right places. He started to suck a trail on his way downward till he finally reached Kazuya’s length. He started sucking him focusing on the head making Kazuya pant so harshly. However, Jin noticed Kazuya panting heavily not being able to breathe. Jin started to freak out.

Jin: Kazu babe, what’s wrong? C’mon, take a deep breath!

Kazuya: *gasps heavily for breath*

Jin: *tried to leave the bed, but Kazuya grabbed his hand forcefully* I’ll just bring water Kazuya!

Kazuya: D-dd—d-on’t….le..lea-ve…m-m—

Jin: Babe! Don’t talk, just take a deep breath! I’ll bring you water! *kisses Kazuya on the forehead and pulls Kazuya’s grip from his hand*

Jin ran to the kitchen bringing water and went back immediately to the bedroom. The water glass dropped from his hand once he saw Kazuya closing his eyes and no more gasps is heard. He freaked out and went immediately to Kazuya checking his pulse which was heard. He was relieved, but still freaked out for seeing Kazuya like that. He started putting on his clothes and carried him to the hospital. However, the hospital refused to let him in asking for the insurance card and Kazuya’s health card. Jin lied and said that he forgot it at home and will bring it later, but the hospital was very stubborn not agreeing in checking Kazuya at all. Jin asked them if there was another hospital nearby especially private ones. He finally took him to a private hospital where he had to beg so badly and pay all the money he had in his wallet just for them to do a check up on Kazuya. Jin felt hopeless and useless. He never thought how important Kazuya’s papers and cards until now. What if it happens again? The thought drove him crazy. The doctor told him that Kazuya only suffers from exhaustion and started asking him questions about his food diet and etc. Jin felt very bad because he never was able to force Kazuya to eat, but how will he when he’s out to work. The doctor also told Jin that he won’t be able to accept Kazuya again in the hospital without his medical records. Jin asked him if he can create new one for him, but the price the doctor asked for in order to do so was too much. Jin only paid the medication the doctor prescribed for Kazuya and for some other checkups he made by his credit card that he created once they ran away. Jin carried Kazuya back home noticing that Kazuya started running a fever. Jin kept awake all night using wet towels to cool Kazuya’s body. He blamed himself for running around while Kazuya in his arms in the cold weather. He cursed that hospital in his mind because they were the reason.     


~In the morning ~


Kazuya woke up feeling a very bad headache and was shocked to see towels scattered around on his sides. But he felt very happy feeling Jin hands wrapped on his waist. He missed these mornings because after Jin worked, he would rarely be there next to him. Kazuya started to run his hands on Jin’s hair and noticed that Jin started to stir in his sleep. Once Jin woke up, he smiled sweetly at Kazuya and started running his hand on his cheeks.

Jin: Good morning babe~~

Kazuya: *in a weak voice* good morning

Jin: How do you feel?

Kazuya: what happened?

Jin: You freaked me out! You were having difficulty in breathing and were out for good afterwards. I took you to the hospital and they said it was exhaustion. See why I’m always worried and annoying you to eat!!

Kazuya: *feels guilty* sorry

Jin: Just stay in bed for today. I will call work and tell them I’m not going.

Kazuya: *eyes sparkling* Jin~~

Jin: Hey, don’t look so happy about me ditching work!

Kazuya: *chuckles* but I’m really happy you are~~

Jin: What am I going to do with you? *chuckles along with Kazuya*


After they ate breakfast on the bed, they took a shower together after Jin insisting that he can’t leave Kazuya alone. Kazuya tried so many times to seduce Jin, but all his tries failed and Jin spanked him on his ass telling him that they won’t be having sex for couple of days. Kazuya gasped from the decision. 

Kazuya: You can’t decide on this without me!

Jin: I’m doing it for your own health! You need to rest and sex is included in the exhaustion list!

Kazuya: *pouts* but didn’t do anything yesterday!

Jin: And whose fault is that?

Kazuya: That’s why I’m going to make it up to you!

Jin: No thank you! I assure you I will however make you make it up to me after you have enough rest!

Kazuya: But—

Jin: Not buts! Now move your ass to the bedroom!

Jin forced Kazuya to go back to sleep assuring him that he won’t leave him. Jin was staring at Kazuya’s sleeping face worried about his younger boyfriend facial expression. It seems that Kazuya was having a nightmare; therefore, Jin tightened his arms around Kazuya taking him in his chest wrapping him securely. He sighed in relief after seeing Kazuya peaceful face again. Soon, Jin followed his boyfriend and slept as well.   


Jin called his work asking them for a vacation for a week faking sickness. Kazuya and Jin spent 5 days together doing nothing but laying around in their apartment and enjoying their time together. Jin had to break his resolve when Kazuya kept seducing him endlessly, but they didn’t go all the way. Jin would please Kazuya and make him come while touching himself or touching their lengths together till they see white, then stop at that point no matter how many times Kazuya protested. But deep down, Kazuya liked to be treated delicately in that way like if he’s something that’s going to be broken if touched in the wrong way. It was funny, but sweet and Kazuya was amused all the time trying his best to tease Jin and seduce him. It reminded him of their old days when he was trying to seduce Jin in sleeping with him and not treat him like a kid.   

In the sixth day, Jin had a serious talk with Kazuya about something that made Kazuya snap like usual. He mentioned their family and that was a taboo word for Kazuya.    

Kazuya: Didn’t you say you won’t mention them again!!!

Jin: But Kazu, this time it’s different!

Kazuya: What‘s the difference?

Jin: We need your papers! I never thought about it previously because we never stayed anywhere else except in this apartment. But Kazu, we really need your paper…What if you got sick again?

Kazuya: I will take care of myself Jin! I’m eating, aren’t I?

Jin: What about when I go back to work?

Kazuya: Jin!!

Jin: No Kazu, everything is perfect when we are together, but once we’re not…..things are very bad….you don’t eat….you obviously don’t sleep….you simply do nothing except house chores and that’s it!

Kazuya: You think it’s something I can control? It just happens…I—I

Jin: Listen babe, I know you will be back to not eating once I get to work and you’ll sweet talk me into ignoring it later on..

Kazuya: Jin~~

Jin: No Kazuya! I mean it! We really need your papers! You can go out and even get a part time job….You will have a life other than staring in the ceiling and walls.

Kazuya: And how are you planning on getting them?

Jin: We’re going to your parents!

Kazuya: *stands up* NO WAY!

Jin: Kazu pl—

Kazuya: I’m not going! You’re not going either!!! They are bunch of liars manipulative people who will try everything they can to separate us!!

Jin: We’ll be together and there is no way they can do that again!

Kazuya: No means NO Jin!! I’m not going!!

Jin: Fine, I’ll go alone then!

Kazuya: *snaps* WHAT?!!

Jin: If you don’t want to go with me, then I’ll be going alone!

Kazuya: I don’t need those damned papers!! You’re not allowed to go either!!

Jin: That’s my choice Kazu, not yours! *stands up and head toward the bedroom*

Kazuya: No Jin, it’s not! It’s my papers and cards, I don’t give a fuck about them; therefore, there is no need for you to go there!

Jin: *picking up his wallet and keys* you weren’t there when you were sick!! You didn’t feel like a hopeless useless boyfriend ok!!

Kazuya: Where are you going?

Jin: To buy us bus tickets!

Kazuya: I said we’re not going!

Jin: I’ll buy two in case you changed your mind!! *opens the apartment door*

Kazuya: *follows him to the elevator* No! Jin, please listen to me…

Jin: See ya later Kazu! *ride the elevator*

Kazuya: *punches the elevator door* FUCK!! *yells* Why the hell aren’t you listening to me??


~ After 1 hour~


Kazuya’s mobile phone vibrated indicating a new SMS which he received from Jin saying:


I bought us the tickets

The bus will leave after 2 hours!

Will you bring me my bag and make sure it has all my papers?

I’ll be waiting for you in the bus station at 5:30 pm!

I hope you will change your mind and go with me babe


Kazuya was very annoyed with the SMS. There is no way he’s going to go to his family and Jin knows that, but what upsets him is that Jin will go to his parents’ trap. Kazuya knows them very well and he knows that they will do anything to separate them. He was worried, upset, annoyed, and anxious and many other mixed feelings are making him confused not knowing what to do or what to decide. 1 hour and a half to think is not enough in his eyes.


~ Bus station, 5:40 pm~


Jin was getting worried that Kazuya won’t show up. He didn’t give a damn about his bag because he always could go and pick it up himself; however, he chose to use it as an excuse to get Kazuya to the bus station so that he might be able to pressure him on changing his mind and going with him. But it’s been 15 minutes and there is no trace for Kazuya. His heart clenched in pain thinking that Kazuya stood him up and won’t show up. But, once he saw his Kazu walking toward where he was standing, he beamed happily at him. He was incredibly happy that he saw him and walked immediately to him in a fast pace hugging him tightly.


Jin: God! I’m so happy you came!

Kazuya: *loved the warmth radiating from Jin’s body, but was still upset*I didn’t have any choice! You asked me to bring your bag, didn’t you?

Jin: But I was afraid you weren’t going to show up!

Kazuya: *pushing Jin lightly* I’m not going with you Jin!

Jin: C’mon Kazu, we’ll be together!

Kazuya: As if they are going to let us walk away together!

Jin: You don’t know that!! Maybe they changed their mind…Maybe they’re not as bad as you think they are!

Kazuya: *pushes Jin’s bag to Jin’s chest* just go Jin! If you want to leave me that badly, just go!

Jin: *shocked* what?!!

Kazuya: You’re practically leaving me once you step a foot in that bus!

Jin: Who the hell do you think I’m doing this for??

Kazuya: *annoyed* did I ask you to?? Did I ever complain about my papers to you?

Jin: Of course not because if this was the other way around, you would be doing the same!

Kazuya: Oh really!!?

Jin: Yeah Kazu…Because if I got sick and you weren’t able to at least get the hospital to check on me, you will be acting just like I am doing right now!

Kazuya: Thankfully, you have your papers!

Jin: But you don’t!!

Kazuya: I rather die Jin, than get those papers from those filthy bastards! So don’t even bother!

Jin: *angry* GOD!!! Are you listening to yourself?? If you don’t care about your life, I do!! Besides, those are your parents!

Kazuya: It’s up to me whether I hate them or not! My life isn’t enough for you to control, you want to control my feelings too??

Jin: God! You know what, suit yourself! I’m going anyway! *turns around*

 Kazuya: *yells* Fine! Go to them! Be my guest! But I won’t be here when you come back!

Jin: *shaking his head for Kazuya’s stubbornness* as if you can go anywhere without your papers and cards!

Kazuya: *very upset* FUCK YOU JIN!!   

Jin: *turns back to look at Kazuya* what is wrong with you? I can’t mention our family to you! I can’t keep bothering you to eat! I can’t keep bothering about your life! I can’t go out without you acting like an abandoned puppy!

Kazuya: *feeling hurt* I CHANGED! That’s what happened! People change in months….so I’m ought to change after a year….but I guess you won’t know that since you slept soundlessly during that time!! *gasps noticing what he said* Jin…I didn’t mean th—

Jin: *hurt by Kazuya’s words* no, please do continue! I want to hear how you feel about me!

Kazuya: I’m sorry…I’m just tr—

Jin: Enough Kazu! I don’t want to fight with you and this isn’t even worth fighting for! God, why can’t you just understand how I feel?!!

Kazuya: Yeah…blame it on me Jin…I’m the heartless one who won’t understand….I’m the annoying one who keeps giving you trouble….if I’m bothering you that much, why don’t you just dump me?!!

Jin: *very annoyed* Where the hell do you bring those ideas from??

Kazuya: *tears falling* you think I don’t know how you feel….how do you think I feel when you keep comparing me to who I was?? Is the current me that awful?

Jin: *feeling bad seeing Kazuya’s tears* and who is the current you?? You don’t care about anything anymore including yourself….you don’t have any  hobbies now…..you lost interest in everything you ever cared about…..you don’t even trust me thinking that I will leave you one day!!

Kazuya: And I was right! You are leaving me right now, aren’t you??!

Jin: *sighs while holding his face with both hands* how can I make you understand?!!

Kazuya: *tears falling more than before* I won’t understand Jin!! I’m scared!! You know how I…..I can’t be without you…..I’m afraid to stay alone…I’m afraid I’m going to lose you….

Jin: *going close to Kazuya* I know Kazu….that’s why I want us to go together babe!!

Kazuya: *pushes Jin away when he tries to hug him* you know I can’t go! I’m still wounded from them…you know how I can’t even stand the mention of their name….I can’t see them….I can’t!!

Jin: Then, what am I supposed to do? I can’t think of another solution Kazu!! You tell me! Do you have better plans?

Kazuya: You staying here is a great plan to me!

Jin: And who will bring us your papers and cards? Hah? Who will?

Kazuya: I don’t know! I don’t care about them Jin, just don’t go!

*bus horn*

Jin: Sorry Kazu, but you yourself don’t know what’s best for you! *turns away and start to walk*

Kazuya: Jin!

Jin: Take care of yourself Kazu till I come back!

Kazuya: Jin, please don’t go!

Jin: *turns around to face Kazuya* sorry babe, but I’m doing what I think is best!

Kazuya: *cries* Jin please…JIN!! *shakes his head* I guess they might be right about one thing…..maybe…maybe….we’re not meant to be! *sobs* goodbye Jin! *turns around closing on his mouth with one hand while Jin tears started to fall shocked from what Kazuya said*  


Jin was deeply hurt to hear those words and didn’t know what to do. Somehow, there was this voice inside of his heart telling him to follow Kazuya and ignore this whole bullshit….but another voice coming from his head is telling him to ride the bus because this is for Kazuya….He felt pain clenching his heart threatening to eat him alive watching Kazuya’s back walking away from him and rewinding those hurtful words….how could Kazuya think that they weren’t meant to be? Didn’t they fight for their love and did everything they could to prove to their family that they were?? He looked back at the bus seeing that almost everyone is inside the bus already and looked back at Kazuya who is walking away without looking back at him…..He closed his eyes, confusion filled his heart and mind….He doesn’t know what to do anymore….


Kazuya was sobbing walking away not wanting to look back because he knew he would give in. He felt bad saying what his parents told him almost a year ago…He never believed that…..but lately, that phrase keeps ringing through his mind for some unknown reason creeping to his heart stabbing it and leaving scars behind……Because for a while, Kazuya did think so…..but that was long ago…..when he was almost giving up on having Jin back…..Kazuya could hear yells of his name and he knew that voice extremely well, but he thought his mind playing tricks on him, so he totally ignored it….he kept walking and sobbing when he noticed the voice coming closer to his ears, so he finally turned around to check and gasped when he saw Jin running to him….he started to smile although his tears are still falling…

Jin froze to his place once Kazuya turned around looking at him feeling pain and guilt for seeing the tears and the red eyes…He smiled to Kazuya once he saw his boyfriend smiling at him and continued to run toward him when everything went blank….

Kazuya opened his eyes in surprise, shock and disbelieve once he saw his boyfriend running frame flying in the air and crushing on the car that ran into him hitting the windows breaking them and ending up falling to the street…..His body had Goosebumps and his leg started to tremble so badly. Everything in him ran wild, his thoughts, his heart beats, his eyes, his whole body was screaming for Jin…..he could see blood….everywhere….on the car…on the streets….people gathering around the accident…..but he couldn’t move his body…..he didn’t believe this…..it must be another nightmare of his……it must be…..he was waiting to be awake by Jin……



Chapter12: Forever With You



I’m very sorry for posting this late...I guess by everything that happened around, I was out for a while not feeling like writing at all especially this fic since it’s angst….I thought of changing the story, but I decided to stick with the main storyline even if the events isn’t happy and satisfying…I hope you will enjoy reading this chapter, I literally cried while writing this because the mere imagination made me feel extremely bad….I think the next chapter will be the final one, but I didn’t start writing it yet. I will however start writing it tomorrow and post it before the weekend.

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12 July 2010 @ 02:28 am

Chapter 10: What Really Happened…?



Kazuya was still sitting on the floor crying his heart out. He was tired from everything and he couldn’t take it anymore. Suddenly, the door opened and his teary eyes could see Jin although the tears made him have a blurry vision, but he finally saw Jin again. Jin went inside with plastic bags, but freaked out when he saw Kazuya on the floor crying so badly looking at him with a hurt expression. He placed the bags on the table and rushed to Kazuya hugging him tightly.

Jin: What’s wrong Kazu? Why are you crying?

Kazuya started to punch Jin’s chest continuously for scaring him like that. He truly thought he left him again like hundreds of his nightmares.

Kazuya: Why did you leave me?? Why?

Jin: I just went to bring us food! I know you didn’t eat anything!

Kazuya: *in panic* I thought you left me again! I thought you won’t be back! I thought you—

Jin: Sorry babe! I just wanted to put some meat in you because you’re nothing but bones now

Kazuya: *calming down* look who’s talking, you’re no better than me! *wraps his arms around Jin’s waist* please don’t leave me like that again!

Jin: I’m sorry! I wrote you a note in case you woke up, but I guess you didn’t read it!

Kazuya: *shakes his head*

Jin: its ok Kazu, I’m here now! *pats his back* It’s ok!

After minutes from Kazuya’s cries that finally subsided while Jin patting his head and back, Kazuya broke the silence.

Kazuya: My back and ass hurts *pouts*

Jin: *laughs*Imagine how you would feel then if we went all the way and I kept thrusting inside of you! You should thank me for stopping! You don’t know how hard that was for me!

Kazuya: *giggles* thank you~~

Jin: God, you scared the hell out of me with your cries! I know you were always a kid, but it seems you went back a few years this past year!

Kazuya: *gasps and pouts* I’m not a kid!

But a sudden hungry groan coming from Kazuya’s stomach made that statement like a joke, they both started to laugh together.

Jin: C’mon, let’s eat!

Kazuya: It’s been a long time since I ate a proper meal!

Jin: Yeah, me too! I brought pasta! *grins*

Kazuya: *looking at Jin with raised eyebrows* Pasta Jin! Pasta!! Even here?

Jin: *pouts* you know how much I like pasta Kazu!

Kazuya: Just pasta?

Jin: You’re jealous from pasta now? *chuckles*

Kazuya: *wraps his hands around Jin’s neck* you’re really here Jin!

Jin: Eh? You just noticed? Are you still sleeping? *giggles*

Kazuya: I was dying without you

Jin: I know that feeling…Come, let’s eat and talk about everything…

Kazuya: *nods*    


~ After lunch ~


Jin: Listen! Committing suicide was the only way…for us to be together again….

Kazuya: How can that be?

Jin: I can’t deny that….I fell in darkness for a while and couldn’t imagine living my life without you…..so, I thought about suicide and I did it!

Kazuya: *shakes his head* But you’re not dead!! I don’t care about what everyone says!! You’re not dead!!

Jin: *places his hands on Kazuya’s cheeks* I’m not dead Kazu! I’m here aren’t I?

Kazuya: But you’re always here!! Always!! In my dreams….in my real life…..in my nightmares…everyday…..I don’t know what’s real and what’s not anymore!!  

Jin: I’m real Kazu! I did try to commit suicide, but I survived….

Kazuya: *widen his eyes* then, why? Why did my parents…say…you were….They were lying to me??

Jin: I think because I got into a coma….they had a machine connected to me….providing me with oxygen because I couldn’t breathe by myself….they said the coma was due to drowning in the bath tub…in my own blood…

Kazuya: *start to tremble* and all this time….I thought….I didn’t know…I don’t know what I thought..I just wished…..I wa—

Jin: Shhhhhh, babe it’s ok now! Everything is fine, we’re together again!

Kazuya: *nods and places his head on Jin’s chest placing his ears over Jin’s heart* you’re alive! I hear your heart beating!

Jin: *chuckles* yeah

Kazuya: *closes his eyes while still listening to Jin’s heartbeats* Tell me everything Jin!

Jin started to tell Kazuya how he felt and what happened after he left. Jin thought of committing suicide to relieve himself from the pain he was feeling, but while doing it…he thought of another reason….He told Kazuya how he thought that by trying to kill himself, their parents will feel so guilty to the point they will allow them to be together. However, his plan didn’t turn out as he wanted it to be because he fell into coma from drowning in the bath tub where water reached his brain shutting his system. The doctors told his parents that there was no hope for him to live although Jin could hear everything they were talking about. He realized that his plan worked because the letter he left and the guilty words he heard from his parents were great evidence of his success. However, no matter how many times he tried to open his eyes, he couldn’t….He felt very hopeless especially after sensing Kazuya’s parents there and hearing them talking about how bad Kazuya’s state is. But one day, Jin was able to see his surroundings along with hearing the people around him. It was then that he noticed that he was finally awake….That was 3 weeks ago. He took a while though to recover and regain his energy. His parents cried so badly and although Jin was happy to see them again, he acted very cold to them to continue his plan while his heart was clenching in pain.


~ 10 days ago ~


Hiromi: Please Jin, eat something!

Jin: I don’t want anything from you!

Reyoma: Son, please…you have to eat something!

Jin: Why did you bring me to the hospital? Why didn’t you let me just die?

Hiromi: Please don’t say that Jin, we love you!

Jin: If you truly love me, then you wouldn’t have done what you did to me. Separating me from the person I love the most in this world! I don’t want to live without him!

Reyoma: But to commit a suicide Jin? You….you hate the life we gave you that much?

Jin: Yes I do! I don’t want to live without Kazu! I can’t live without him! So please, just kill me already!!

Hiromi: Jin, we’ll do anything….so please eat and get better please!

Jin: I don’t want to! I’ll starve myself to death!

Hiromi: Jin please…you’re our only son!

 Jin: Will you give me back Kazu?

Reyoma: We can’t do that since you know they’re not here, but we can let you go see him!

Jin: *eyes sparkle looking at his parents* really?

Hiromi: Yeah, so just get better, ok?

Jin: You promise?

Reyoma/Hiromi: We promise!


~ Present ~


Kazuya: *slapping Jin* how could you?

Jin: *hold his slapped cheeks in shock* Kazu

Kazuya: You actually tried to kill yourself because of that!!

Jin: I did it for us Kazu

Kazuya: Don’t you dare Jin! Trying to commit a suicide for our sake won’t make it all better! What if you died?

Jin: But I didn’t!

Kazuya: What if you did? Did you ever think of that? Did you think of what will happen to me?

Jin: I’m sorry Kazu, but this was the only thing I could come up with!

Kazuya: *slaps Jin again* idiot! You’re crazy! *placed his head on Jin’s lap* I can’t even picture a life without you…

Jin: *places his head on top of Kazuya* me neither Kazu! That’s why I had to take the risk!

Kazuya: God! What if the doctors were right and you never woke up?

Jin: It doesn’t matter because I’m here now, aren’t I?

Kazuya: I would never forgive you if you did something like this ever again Jin no matter what happens! Even if our parents tried to separate us again! Never do that again!

Jin: I won’t Kazu! The first time was enough of a blow to me. It scared the hell out of me being in coma trying to open my eyes, but couldn’t! I could see only darkness!

Kazuya: *runs his hand on Jin’s cheek while still laying on his lap* sorry for slapping you babe~~ you also had it tough!

Jin: *places his hand on top of Kazuya* If it’s anything from you, it won’t hurt me one bit!

Kazuya: Promise me that you will never do that again Jin!

Jin: I promise!

Kazuya: I’m glad your parents agreed to let you leave!

Jin: They didn’t!

Kazuya: Huh? But you sa—

Jin: They lied to me! I kept asking them to come to see you, but they were delaying it! I knew something was off, so I stole my passport and run away from home!

Kazuya: But they promised you, didn’t they?

Jin: Kazu *hugs him* our parents will do anything to separate us because they see our relation as a sin!

Kazuya: *angry* How could they when they promised you?

Jin: I understand how they feel Kazu…imagine being in their place and then having your son commit a suicide….they think we went overboard with this…I heard them talking about how our relation is very dangerous and damaging.

Kazuya: *yelling* I HATE THEM! I HATE THEM ALL!

 Jin: Shhhh babe…it doesn’t matter now!

Kazuya: *worried* what will we do now Jin?

Jin: I’m going to take you away from here!

Kazuya: Where to?

Jin: I don’t know yet, but I stole some money from home and it should be enough to rent an apartment for couple of months!

Kazuya: We’re going to live together? *smiles widely*

Jin: *smiles back* yeah, just like we promised!

Kazuya: So, we’re going to run away? Will they let us? What if they found us?

Jin: I don’t know! I don’t trust them at all that’s why we have to go far away from here! Your parents have no idea that I came here, but I think they will probably search the whole country for you when they realize it!

Kazuya: Fuck them; I don’t give a damn about them!

Jin: *widen in shock his boyfriend tone* Kazu, you shouldn’t say that!

Kazuya: Why not? They mean nothing to me anymore!

Jin: *places his hand on Kazuya’s cheek* babe…don’t bear a grudge against them!

Kazuya: But they were the reason we a—

Jin: Doesn’t matter! I don’t like seeing you like this. You were always so sweet and adorable toward them, you shouldn’t change that! Besides, they are our parents and they love us!

Kazuya: *pulls away his hand* will you stop defending them? I don’t want to hear anything about them!

Jin: Kazu

Kazuya: I’m serious Jin! If you talked about them, I’m going to leave!

Jin: Fine, fine! I won’t talk about them! C’mon now, smile for me

Kazuya: I’m not in the mood to do so!

Jin: *start to tickle him* I’m going to make you laugh then!

Kazuya: Stop, Jin! *laughs* stop….hahaha…..enough…*laughs loudly*

Jin finally stopped tickling him and they were facing each other. Jin watching his younger boyfriend breathing heavily while Kazuya looking at Jin gently. Jin leaned and started to kiss Kazuya passionately while his hands played under Kazuya’s shirt.

Kazuya: *moans* Jin

Jin: *whispers to Kazuya’s ears* don’t worry, I’m well prepared this time…I bought us a lube *licks Kazuya’s earlobe*

Kazuya: Ahhh….Jin….*places his hand on the back of Jin’s head and pushes him forward toward his lips* I like the eager you…

They went back to kissing again while Jin’s hands reached Kazuya’s nipples playing around with them eliciting moans from the younger boy. But Kazuya broke the kiss suddenly and pushed Jin away.

 Kazuya: I can’t leave!

Jin: *in a daze* Huh?

Kazuya: I can’t leave the country without my parent’s approval! They have all my papers and passport, so we won’t be able to go very far!

Jin: Kazu *pouts* you’re thinking about other things while we are kissing…

Kazuya: But this is important Jin!

Jin: *sighs* there’s nothing we could do about that Kazu

Kazuya: But, we have to think about something!

Jin: *places his nose over Kazuya’s* they’ll find us Kazu no matter what we did…Did you forget that our parents are rich; they can hire God knows how many detectives just to find us…it’s easy for them!

Kazuya: Then, what will we do? *worried*

Jin: I don’t know and I don’t want to think about it anymore. All I know is that I want to hold you now and be held by you. I want to take advantage of every second we’re together!

Kazuya: B-bu—

Jin: Shhhhhh, no more Kazu….Just kiss me!



Kazuya moans were filling the room. The room was hot, extremely hot for them both because the passion they have for each other is radiating heat from their bodies making them sweat. Jin was devouring Kazuya’s lips and mouth by his hot tongue that itched to taste Kazuya more and more. Kazuya was drowning in the heat and once he was close to suffocating, he pushed Jin gently to take a deep breath and pulled him back to another heated kiss. They were touching each other everywhere, heart racing like a marathon and moans growing louder. They were everything, but patient because they longed for each other. Kazuya started to take off Jin’s clothes and throwing them behind his back not caring where it lands while Jin was carrying Kazuya to the bed. Jin pushed himself away from Kazuya looking at him with lustful and loving eyes. He started his dance of tease licking Kazuya starting from his forehead passing by his nose, lips, neck making sure to place a few kiss marks which he always longed to leave and moving toward his chest specifically his nipples where he took his time licking them switching to sucking. Kazuya was holding onto Jin’s arm while panting heavily, his erection is torturing him and the anticipation was maddening. Jin couldn’t handle it as well since seeing his lover underneath him shaking from pleasure and frustration while feeling his erection against himself poking each other was too much to handle. He moved toward his abdomen licking its sides making Kazuya flinch with each lick. He moved toward his belly button sliding his tongue inside it making sure to make some sounds making Kazuya gulp and moan little louder calling his name. He headed downward toward Kazuya aching member and made sure to look up and meet Kazuya’s eyes who were in a total daze and gulping frequently. Kazuya felt dry, his throat was so dry and his mind was in a daze. He couldn’t think about anything, not their escape, or parents or anything at all. All he had in mind was that he missed this, missed Jin and wanted more…he truly wanted more from Jin….

Jin started licking Kazuya’s length from the bottom till the tip slowly, but firmly. Kazuya was groaning from the pleasure and wanted to look at Jin more, but once he lift his head to see Jin, Jin took his whole length inside of his hot mouth making Kazuya’s head fall back again moaning louder especially when Jin’s tongue touch the tip. It sent electricity in Kazuya’s body making him moan while shutting his eyes tightly. Jin loved the scene of seeing Kazuya’s eyebrows forming a shape he knew well or his forehead showing some wrinkles or his eyes closed in a harsh manner in a way he knew that his younger lover in deep pleasure. Kazuya was panting and moaning Jin’s name over and over again while placing his hand on top of Jin’s head holding his hair firmly. Kazuya couldn’t handle it anymore and pulled Jin’s face away from him.

Kazuya: *panting heavily* E-e-enough……inside…me….now!

And that made Jin forget the teasing and taking this slow…he left his boyfriend to bring the lube and poured a fair amount on his middle finger. He started to penetrate his lover slowly while kissing him passionately. Kazuya wrapped his hands over Jin’s neck hissing from pain through their kiss, but not breaking it. He returned Jin’s kisses as eagerly while Jin inserted another finger making sure to stretch his boyfriend very well. But Kazuya surprised Jin when a hand of his found Jin’s erection and started pumping him slowly touching all the right places. Jin kiss turned hungrily with a lot of panting through it and little moans. Kazuya pulled away Jin’s fingers and pushed Jin a little bit to have some space. Jin was puzzled from Kazuya gesture, but soon knew the reason when Kazuya’s head went downward on his lap licking his erected member just as he did to him little earlier from the bottom to the tip. Kazuya focused on the tip though earning himself delicious moans from his older boyfriend and finally took pity on him and started sucking him. Jin’s fingers found its way again to Kazuya’s hole and he started to slide them again after pouring another generous amount of lube. When he slides the third finger inside of his lover, he felt how close he is; therefore, he pushed Kazuya’s head away from him.

Jin: I want….*pants* to come….inside..you…

Kazuya poured a great amount of lube on his lover stroking him to spread around the lube. Jin couldn’t handle it and pushed Kazuya on the mattress to lay on his back. Kazuya spread his legs around Jin while licking his lips and gulping. Jin started entering his boyfriend and made sure to look at him to see his lover expression and moaned from the tight hot feeling that engulfed his length. Kazuya was biting on his lips from both the pain and pleasure that he felt inside of him. Jin started moving slowly making Kazuya move with him while having a firm grip on his arms. Kazuya’s moans started to grow more and more accompanying Jin’s moans, and soon they both found their perfect rhythm. Jin thrusts started to become faster and harder aiming for his lover switch which he found immediately since he knew everything about his lover body. Kazuya moans were getting louder and louder while his body trembled each time Jin pushed toward that switch inside of him that made his body in complete mess setting him on fire. Jin wrapped his arms around his lover back and neck switching their position to have Kazuya on top of him. Kazuya started riding his lover while Jin kept aiming for that heavenly spot inside of Kazuya making him clench tightly wrapping his arms around Jin’s neck while his legs around Jin’s back. Tears started falling from the pleasure formed inside of Kazuya’s body that he felt he was about to explode. He was licking and sucking on Jin’s neck and shoulder marking his boyfriend while eliciting moans from him. Jin felt something warm falling on his shoulder. He pushed Kazuya a little bit to see his face and got surprised seeing his lover with tears on his eyes.

Jin: *running one of his hands on Kazuya’s face to remove his tears* Kazu

Kazuya: *tears still falling* I-I..Love…*hand running on Jin’s cheek* you Jin!

Jin: I love..you too…babe *kisses Kazuya passionately*

Kazuya wrapped his arms around Jin’s neck tightly again nuzzling his head on his neck smelling breathing in their smell mixed with Jin’s hair shampoo while Jin speed up his thrusts. His both hands holding Kazuya tightly wrapping him in the waist and helping him meeting his thrusts since Kazuya stopped moving his hips from the pleasure. Soon, Jin moaned Kazuya’s name telling him he’s coming while Kazuya tighten his hold over Jin feeling his trembling figure filling him in the inside while riding his orgasm where Kazuya came as well during it from the sensation. They both were in high panting heavily till they started to breathe normally. None of them moving from their position. Kazuya was still wrapping his arms around Jin’s neck while Jin had his tight hold on Kazuya’s waist.           

 Jin broke the silence when he started kissing Kazuya’s neck.

Jin: That was intense!

Kazuya: *chuckles* yeah

And when Kazuya pulled away from his boyfriend to see his face, Jin took notice of Kazuya’s messy hair and the teary eyes that made his member twitch. Kazuya started kissing Jin sloppily because of his tired body.

Kazuya: *moans* Jin

Jin: Sorry, but I’m up again!

Kazuya: *surprised eyes* that fast?

Jin: I could never resist you babe~~

Kazuya: Oh God!

And Jin bounced on Kazuya pushing him to the mattress starting another heated session.


~ In the mean time ~


*door bell ringing*

Naomi: *opens the door and eyes widen in shock*

Reyoma: Hey little sis!

Hiromi: Hey Naomi!

Naomi: EHHH!


Chapter11: Maybe….it’s not meant to be….


Title: Bakanishi’s Way to Celebrate His B-day

Pairing: Akame

Rating: N-17

Genre: Crack, Smut

Type: One-shot

Summary: Jin has his own plans for celebrating his birthday. But what happens when he drag Kazuya to his random plans?

Disclaimer: I don’t own any characters from Johnny’s entertainment, but I own the plot.

A/N: I wrote this especially for both Jin’s and Crystal’s (ueda_fangirl ) b-day! There is no much plot in this fic though, lol! Happy Birthday to you two~~



~In Jin’s apartment~


Kame: So, what’s very important that you had to drag me here in the middle of the night!!

Jin: Kazu *pouts* I want to celebrate my birthday together!

Kame: I thought you’re celebrating with your troop?

Jin: That’s tomorrow!! Today is just you and me!

Kame: *whines* but I didn’t bring your birthday gift!!

Jin: It doesn’t matter! I want us to spend time together!

Kame: *smiles gently once he saw the clock* Happy birthday Jin~~ *kisses his lover on the lips*

Jin: *check the clock* wow, it’s already 12:15! *looks back at Kame* Thanks babe~~ C’mon, I got beer!

Kame: Don’t you have wine?

Jin: The bottle you brought the last time is still here, but I’m not drinking with you!

Kame: I don’t get why you hate whine, but love beer!

Jin: Are you kidding me? Beer taste awesome, but wine taste crap!

Kame: *rolls his eyes* whatever!

Jin: Hey Kazu~~

Kame: Yeah?

Jin: Dance for me!

Kame: W-what?

Jin: I want you to dance for me!

Kame: *embarrassed* why not we dance together?

Jin: We will, but for now…I want you to dance for me….pole dance!

Kame: *turns like a tomato and drinks more wine* Jin~~ *whines* I don’t want to~~

Jin comes to the living room bringing his home stage pole which he bought couple of years ago. Kame did dance on it for couple of times, but that was mainly when he was drunk and under Jin insisting and was accompanied with Jin too. He blushed remembering the last time he danced on it. It turned later to a hot session with Jin grinding to each other on the pole and moving around in a sensual way. Just the memory is making Kame heart race.

Jin: C’mon Kazu….please….it’s my birthday~~ *giving his best puppy eyes*

Kame: *sighs* fine, but no stripping!

Jin: Ok!

Kame went on the stage pole with a visible blush on his face. He was smiling his nervous smile playing around with his hair and started biting his lips. Once the music started, he rushed to the bottle of wine and started drinking a small portion from it. Jin chuckled. It was a mystery to him how Kazuya will be nervous like hell under his eyes like this, but not in concerts. It made him feel happy though to know that he has that kind of affect over his lover.

Kame felt little bit refreshed from the taste of wine and went on the stage again. He started to hold the pole and move around it while moving his hips and grinding it all over the pole. He then started using the pole to make amazing slides. Once he landed on the stage, he started grinding his hips and thrusting toward the pole which had a little effect on his member. Kame started to close his eyes and move around the pole again in a very passionate way making Jin gasp from the breath taking sight of his lover almost fucking the pole. Kame started to feel really hot, extremely hot that he was taking off a piece of his clothing after another. He could feel the wine running through his system making him little high and dropping all his nervousness to the floor. But he started to feel hot, very hot…Like on fire…he had to take off his clothes…

Kame started a tease strip dance where he would slowly while locking his eyes with Jin; show a part of his skin. He was taking off his shirt by raising it a little bit hiding his nipples and finally showing them then throwing his shirt at his older lover. Jin chuckles knowing that his boyfriend is loosening up and the wine finally worked out its magic. Kazuya was the type who would get drunk easily from wine and yet he loves drinking it so much. Jin grinned in happiness knowing that his plan will work out. He had so many plans for them today and this was just the start of it all.

Kame continued his strip dance while managing to continue his pole dance grinding his ass and shaking it slowly all over the pole. After all, who can be better than Kazuya in multitasking? He started unbuttoning his belt and threw it away then went on with opening the buttons of his pants and sliding down his zipper in a very sexy manner while licking his lips and looking at Jin teasingly. However, he didn’t take off his pants and kept it on, but slide it a little lower showing all his curves making Jin gulp in anticipation especially when he’s member jerking up from every move that leads to a wild imagination in his mind. Kame finally took off his pants while leaning on the pole steadying himself while doing so and finally kicked his pants away from the stage. It was obvious to Jin’s eyes that his lover lower part is in need for attention with the visible bulge that can be seen. Jin walked toward Kame joining him on the pole stage grinding his erect member with Kame’s back while the latter boy is grinding his on the pole. Both of them started to moan and Kazuya turned around helping Jin taking off his clothes while both of them kept their grinding and kissing each other.   

Jin’s phone kept vibrating and dancing around with its different ring tones, messages from his family and friends were filling his phone memory, but none of the couple heard any of it. The two of them were absorbed with what they’re doing and the music was loud enough to block their hearing.

The door of Jin’s apartment was opened and the people coming in were whispering and signaling ‘shhhh’ to each other. They took off their shoes and started to light the cake they brought while moving silently toward the living room. They finally opened the door screaming ‘Surprise’ which made Jin and Kame jump from the pole stage with widen eyes to the floor moaning from the painful impact of their body hitting the floor. The people standing in the door were as shocked as them. Jin’s mom, dad and his bro were standing on the door with widen eyes and opened mouths. They definitely didn’t expect to see such a scene.

Jin’s mom: *coughs* annyeong~~ (=hello in Korean)

Reio: Sorry for interrupting bro, Kazu-nii!

Jin’s dad: Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!

Jin’s mom: So *looked at her husband and Reio*

All of them: happy birthday Jin~~

Jin’s mom: I’ll leave the cake on the kitchen! See you tomorrow~~

And the three of them left the room shutting the door in a hurry. Kame and Jin were still looking at the door in shock when the silence was broken by Jin.

Jin: *shouting* Thank you all!!

Jin’s mom heard him on her way back from the kitchen.

Jin’s mom: No problem hon! Have fun! You too Kazu-kun! Jal jja (=good night in Korean)

And they heard shutting of the front door. They looked at each other still not sure of what really happened.

Kame: what does jal jja mean?

Jin: I don’t know! Mom and Hangul!! *sighs*

Kame: We’re just in underwear!

Jin: Yeah

Kame: *reality finally dawned in his system* FUCK!!! YOUR PARENTS SAW US LIKE THIS!! *yelling*

Jin: *closing his ears* God Kazu! It’s not like they don’t know about us!

Kame: But seeing us like this! OMG!! OMG!! How can I ever face them again?? SHIT!! SHIT!!

Jin: *puts his hand on Kame’s shoulder* babe calm down!

Kame: *still yelling and in panic* How do you want me to calm down! Why does your mom have your key anyway?? *shoots death glares at his boyfriend*

Jin: Because…she help me clean up the apartment when I’m at work…

Kame: What are you? 10 years old? *Jin pouts*where are my clothes? I have to leave! I need air!!

Jin: Kazu~~ It’s my birthday~~

Kame: Don’t birthday me Jin! What happened totally ruined the mood! I don’t feel like staying anymore!

Jin: *pining Kame to the floor* but they left now and they won’t come back again! You heard mom, she told us to have fun! *grins*

Kame: That’s the problem! God! Don’t remind me of the fact that my image will be ruined now in their eyes!

Jin: *laughs* does that even matter? What matters is your image in my eyes, isn’t it?

Kame: Yeah right! As if I don’t have anyone else in my life except you!

Jin: How mean Kazu~~ *pouts*

Kame: Imagine my family seeing us like this, how will you react?

Jin: *shivers from the thought of Kazuya’s dad seeing him like that or his brothers*

Kame: Exactly!

Kame was trying to stand, but got little dizzy from the sudden move that he sat on the floor again.

Kame: I drunk a lot *pouts*

Jin: Let’s go to bed!

Kame: You would love that won’t you?

Jin: *grins* yeah

Kame: I need to take a bath! It’s hot!!

Jin: That’s even better!

Kame: *pronounces slowly* A-L-O-N-E!

Jin: *pouts* but I want us to take a bath together!

Kame: *sticks out his tongue* dream on!



~In the bathroom~


Kame was taking a shower since he searched for the bath lotion he loves, but couldn’t find. Kazuya was never the type to take a bath except with the products he loves that has a very nice aroma. He only found his shampoo and decided to take a shower instead. In the middle of the shower, Jin sneaked inside of the bathroom grinning like an idiot. He was totally drunk because once his offer was rejected; he started drinking more beer and when he finished them, he even drunk a little bit from the wine which was very strong. It made him feel little sick and he rushed to the bathroom to throw up, but once he saw his Kazu showering, he started to grin like a crazy drinking the materials he wanted to throw up. It tasted awful and bitter, but what mattered to him right now was Kazu. He remembered seeing the same pose in that stupid Lamdash CM that he did behind his back. He remembered that he actually bought the same shaver for no reason other than his Kazu doing a CM for it. Jin grinned again to himself thinking about a perfect plan.

He took the shaver and the shaving cream from the mirror closet in the bathroom and went toward the shower room scaring Kame who jumped up in surprise once cold air hit his back from the sudden opened door.

 Kame: Out Jin!

Jin: Nope! I thought of something really great babe~~

Kame: *switches off the water to hear his older boyfriend* I said out! *but he got confused when he saw the Lamdash shaver he did a CM for and a shaving cream* you finally decided to shave?

Jin: No, it’s you who I’m going to shave!

Kame: What that supposed to mean? In case you didn’t notice, I don’t have a beard or mustache unlike someone I know, so there is nothing to shave!

Jin: *looking down at Kame’s lower part* yes there is

Kame saw where is Jin looking at understood what his lover meant. He jumped backward.

Kame: NO WAY!

Jin: C’mon Kazu, I promise it will feel nice!

Kame: NOOO!! Why don’t you shave?

Jin: I will after I shave you!

Kame: No means no!

But Jin pinned Kame to the wall and the latter freaked out so he ducked and sneaked between Jin’s arms trying to leave, but it made it easier for Jin to pin him to the shower floor.

Jin: C’mon babe~~ what are you scared of?

Kame: It’s my manhood you’re talking about! Let go Jin!

But Jin started to apply the shaving cream on Kame’s private part and started shaving the hair. Kame was laying still afraid of moving so that he won’t be hurt while Jin shaved every hair in his private parts. When he finished, he noticed that Kame was crying.

Jin: Kazu *looking sorry and worried*did I hurt you?

Kame: No! You’re awful and mean!

Jin: Kazu~~

Kame: How will I take any bath in the public now? How will I shower in front of our band mates in the concerts??

Jin: Then, you don’t have to shower in front of anyone except me! *the idea made him grin and he started to touch Kame*

Kame: Don’t touch me! I don’t like this! It feels weird!

Jin: But, I read in the internet that it feels better when the hair is removed!

Kame: I don’t care! You and your fucking internet!!

Kame tried kicking Jin away from him, but Jin had his hand running around all the places that was just shaved. Kame gulped and his breath hitched, he sure did feel every touch now like a double.

Kame: Don’t even think of getting your way with me Jin!

Jin: Kazu! I’m sorry~~ here *hands Kame the shaving cream and the shaver* shave mine too

Kame: Are you serious?

Jin: Yeah!

Kame: I will truly do it!

Jin: That’s fine!

Kame applied the shaving cream on Jin, but when he started to hold the shaver to shave the hair, he stopped looking at Jin gently.

Kame: I won’t do that Jin!

Jin: EH?

Kame: Let’s just say, allowing you to remove my pubic hair is your birthday gift and you won’t get anything more from me. *in a teasing tone*

Jin: *eyes widen in shock* NO! Please shave me! Please Kazu!!

Kame: Nope! Now that I took a shower, I feel refreshed! *sighs in satisfaction*

Jin: KAZU~~ *whines with his puppy eyes*

Kame: I prefer this arrangement over shaving you babe~~


Kame left the bathroom while Jin followed him. He saw Kame going inside his bedroom and putting on some clothes of his. He watched him with puppy eyes so that he will change his mind, but Kame shrugged him off ignoring him completely. Jin knew he won’t get anything from acting like an abandoned puppy, so he changed his tactics by doing toward Kame and wrapping his arms around his waist.

Jin: Kazu, please...I want to have you on my birthday….I can’t imagine not waking up seeing you next to me on my birthday.

Kame: Don’t try Jin! *tried to push him away*

Jin: But, I was born 26 years ago in this same day and all I want right now is to be with the one who I’m going to spend my future with!

Kame: *feeling touched by what Jin said and yet acted cold* enough Jin *but he couldn’t bring himself to push him away*

 Jin: Won’t you spend this special day with me? We won’t do anything if you want…I just want to hold you like this!

Kame: *extremely touched and can’t hide it anymore with the blush decorating his face, he placed his hands over Jin’s* ok!

Jin: *grins* Thank you babe~~ *kisses Kame’s neck*

Kame: *sighs from the heavenly kisses Jin is giving his neck*Jin

Jin: Kazu~~

Kame felt something hard poking his ass, but ignored it and focused on the kisses when he realized what is it that poking him. He understood what his lover is doing. 

Kame: C’mon babe~~ I’m sleepy, so let’s head to bed!

Jin: *confused* EH?

Kame: I can’t wait to be held by you sweetly like this

Jin turned Kame around to look at his face, but Kame wore a gentle smile on his face, too gentle making him look angelic. Jin ignored whatever his lower part is asking him to do and allowed himself to be pulled by Kame to the bed. But Jin, went back to the closet and wore a new short and headed to the bed again. Horror filled Jin’s eyes and body when he saw Kame taking off the clothes he wore couple of minutes ago to be completely naked. Jin gulped knowing that it was just Kame’s habit and he won’t get any from him today. They both went to bed Kame laying on Jin’s chest while the latter had his other arm wrapping Kazuya’s waist. Jin heart beat were very fast and Kame heard it. Kame tried to not show his giggles to his lover since he knows how a great torture is this to his lover especially when he’s naked and grinds to him like this as if he’s trying to sleep.

Jin wanted to blow up and jump his boyfriend, but tried so hard to handle it. However, when Kame started running his fingers on hand, Jin lost it. He switched their position so that Jin was pinning Kame on the mattress.

Kame: Took you this long! *giggles*

Jin: *confused* what?

Kame: I was counting the minutes till you finally snapped. *chuckles*

 Jin: Kazu~~ are you teasing me on my birthday? *pouts*

Kame: It’s your fault for shaving my pubic hair!

Jin: I’m sorry~~

Kame: I don’t care about that! You know I can’t deny you anything anyway!

Jin: *grins* I love you

Kame: *giggles* I’m sure you do! Because I’m the one who can take care of this! *grinds his foot with Jin’s member*

Jin: *sighs* please do!

Kame: How about I top you to do so?

Jin: *eyes looking in horror Kame* What? *Kame chuckles from Jin’s reactions*

Kame: Just kidding~~

Jin: Stop being a tease Kazu *pouts*

Kame: But you’re fun to tease~~

Jin: Not on my birthday!

Kame: Then, I will tease you everyday making up for today’s share *giggles*

Jin: *sighs* Whatever! Just kiss me already!

Kame: My pleasure *kisses Jin passionately*

After couple of minutes, moans and gasps were filling the room evident of their hot activities. Jin was having his sweetest time thrusting inside of his lover making sure to hit the right spot noticing that what was written on the Internet was true; Kame was definitely moaning loudly feeling it more than ever. Kame noticed that fact too and felt so embarrassed for feeling it too much, but Jin didn’t even let him hide his voices. They were both feeling completely high on the highest cloud when they both came hard, Jin inside of Kame while Kame on his stomach and Jin’s hand. Sleep soon kicked in and they finally dropped on the mattress completely exhausted while giggling like idiots which is the alcohol affect. Kame woke up one hour later because of Jin tossing around all over his body while mumbling. He also felt something hard poking him.

Kame: Jin?

Jin: *drools* apron…naked….

Kame noticed his older boyfriend hard member standing proudly. He stared at Jin and tried to process whatever he mumbles and he finally got a picture of what his boyfriend dreaming about.

Kame: *smacks Jin on the head* what the hell are you dreaming about you pervert? Don’t get any weird ideas to annoy me with later…*sighs from not getting any response*


~In the mean time in Jin’s dream~


Jin was sitting on the kitchen waiting for Kame to finish cooking their meal. He just woke up minutes ago to find his boyfriend naked with only an apron on cooking their breakfast. Not just that, but Kame was acting extra cute, all sweet and kind with flowers around him. He was in a complete daze watching his boyfriend’s ass displayed in front of his already imagining all the type of things they would do when Kazu finish their breakfast.


Jin: *smiles while still sleeping* mabushii~~


The End



Sorry, this is a total failure >.< In this fic, it seems that Jin are getting his wicked plans from his dreams. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading and comments are love~~

03 July 2010 @ 05:26 pm

Chapter 17


After Jin return, May 2007


Jin was dead drunk like usual partying till he got totally wasted and Pi was the one who had to take him home as usual. It worried Pi how Jin was trying to do anything to destroy himself. Jin had grown dark eye bags which is easy to hide by makeup, but hard to miss without makeup. They finally reached Jin’s apartment where Pi finally got to place Jin on the couch and went to the kitchen to bring him water. However, the sight of crying Jin shocked him when he went back to the living room. Jin was crying his heart out and Pi didn’t get used to seeing Jin like this.

Pi: Jin! Here *gives him the glass of water* drink some water

Jin: *sobs* I don’t want anything

Pi: Jin!

Jin: I’m tired Pi! I’m tired!

Pi: I know….do you want me to talk to Kazuya?

Jin: *eyes widen in shock* NO!!! NO!!

Pi: *taken back by Jin’s reaction* Ok, ok! I was just trying to help!

Jin: Nothing can help me Pi! W-what I…*gasps*did...it can’t be forgiven….

Pi: What happened Jin? What did you do?

Jin: I-I…can’t tell….you won’t….I don’t know…

Pi: You’re not making any sense! C’mon, let’s take you to bed!

Pi helped Jin to the bed and saw a picture frame of Kazuya on the drawers next to the bed that wasn’t there before. Pi heart clenched in pain for his best friend. Seeing him like this without being able to help is torture. Pi started helping Jin getting in bed and took off his accessories, shoes and belt when he heard his friend mumbling.

Jin: Kazu…forgive me please…Kazu…

Pi: Don’t worry Jin, he’ll forgive you one day

Jin: how…how will he do so…when I forced him…

Pi: *eyes widen in shock* what did you say Jin? What do you mean?

Jin: I forced myself….on him…I…r-ra-raped…him…

Pi: *gasps* YOU WHAT???!!

Jin: *look at his friend with tears in his eyes* Pi…I-I..didn’t..mean to!

Pi: *punch him on the face* how could you do that Jin? Are you crazy?? I can’t believe you actually raped him!! No wonder he will never forgive you for that!!

Jin: I’m sorry *sobs* I-I’m so-sorry…

Pi: *looks at Jin with piercing eyes* I’m not the one you should be saying sorry to! God!! *looks away from Jin* and all this time I was mad at Kazuya for hurting you like this….but it was your fault…no wonder he blows up whenever he hears your name!!

Jin: Pi!! Please…I don’t know…*gasps for breathe since he’s sobbing so badly*…why I did what I did…I love him so much…I never thought *gasps* I would hurt the one I love…but having him was too much…too much on my mind…I just couldn’t think about anything else…

Pi: I don’t want to hear it Jin! God! I can’t look at you! Kazuya might not be a close friend to me, but I can’t imagine you doing such a thing to him Jin! God! It was his first time Jin! I remember we talked about our first time and I discovered that he was a virgin…you really blew it big time! Shocking him with what you did!! *starts to walk away*

Jin: Please don’t leave me Pi!! *try to follow his friend, but fells on the floor*

Pi: I can’t see you right now Jin! It makes me want to punch you even more! *leaves the room and the apartment in a rush*  


~After 2 weeks in Toma’s apartment~


Toma: What’s wrong babe?

Pi: Nothing

Toma: You having a bad temper all the time is nothing?

Pi: *irritated* Toma! I said it’s nothing, so it’s nothing!

Toma: You don’t even hang out with your friends anymore!

Pi: Why? You don’t want me to stay here with you?

Toma: Well, I’m happy that you’re here with me, but I know something is happening between you and Jin!

Pi: *eyes widen from the mention of Jin’s name* W-why?

Toma: Because you always act like this when you’re in a fight with Jin!

Pi: It’s nothing Toma! I don’t care about that guy anymore!

Toma: C’mon Pi! It’s Jin and he’s your best friend!

Pi: *angry* He’s not anymore!

Toma: Pi *turns his face toward him* babe...*plays with his hair* I know you don’t mean that because you’re just angry!

Pi: I really mean it, so I don’t want to hear anything about him!

Toma: *places both his hands on Pi’s cheek*what happened babe?

Pi: He screwed up….big time!

Toma: Then, shouldn’t you help in fixing things?

Pi: Nothing can be fixed! *sighs* God! I don’t even want to think about him at all!

Toma: *looking at Pi with gentle eyes* Pi! You know how I always love the kind hearted you who worries about his friends although you cover it with your pranks and teasing!

Pi: Toma~~

Toma: Anything can be fixed, so shouldn’t you give Jin a hand in fixing what he did? You can’t leave a friend in need, right?

Pi: That’s because you don’t know what he did!

Toma: Whatever he did Pi, if you, his best friend is giving him the cold shoulder, what about the others?

Pi: *averts his eyes away*

Toma: I know that you’ll do the right thing babe~~ you always do!

Pi: *sighs in defeat and leans his forehead on top of Toma’s* what will I do without you?

Toma: Nothing? *giggles*

Pi: We had a huge fight and I ended up punching him!

Toma: *caress Pi’s cheek* all you have to do is say sorry. You know that Jin can’t hold a grudge!

Pi: Yeah, that stupid idiot is just a kid sometimes…*mumbling* that’s why it shocked me…

Toma: it’s because he’s a kid, he don’t think about the consequences that much…

Pi: Yeah…well enough talking about him! *kisses Toma passionately*

They both were kissing passionately with tongues each one of them is trying to dominate the kiss until Pi finally broke the kiss. They spent couple of seconds taking a deep breath since they needed it.

Pi: Toma?

Toma: Hmmm?

Pi: What if I hurt you one day?

Toma: Huh? What do you mean?

Pi: I mean…what if I hurt you by betraying you or something like that?

Toma: Why are you asking such a question Pi? Are you thinking of betraying me?

Pi: No! Of course not! It’s just a question!

Toma: *sighs* you definitely ruined the mood!

Pi: Sorry!

Toma: Well, I don’t know Pi! I love you so much, but a betrayal is not easy to handle or to forgive…Maybe I will and maybe I won’t!

Pi: But don’t you think people deserve second chances?

Toma: Of course! But, it depends on the person who was hurt and the person hurting him/her. People have different views on this.

Pi: What about your view?

Toma: Are you asking me if I could give you another chance?

Pi: Yeah!

Toma: I will…of course I will!

Pi: *grins* you love me that much babe?

Toma: Do you even have to ask?

Pi: Come here~~



Kame’s apartment, July 2007


Kame: It’s a huge surprise that you’re actually here! It’s been a long time!

Pi: Well, I had to come and talk to you about something!

Kame: *raise an eyebrow* what is it?

Pi: I know how tough…it is to be…*nervous*…you know….treated badly…

Kame: *confused* Huh?

Pi: Listen…I don’t approve with what Jin did *Kame’s eyes widen in shock and start trembling*, but as twisted as it was…he did it…out of love

Kame: *angry* You knew?

Pi: Jin told me just a co—

Kame: *tears forming in his eyes* so you two are laughing behind of my back!

Pi: *eyes widen in shock* W-what? No! Kame, lis—

Kame: I don’t want to hear anything!! It must be amusing for you two to talk about it, isn’t it? *shoots death glares*

 Pi: Kame, you misunderstood!! It’s not like that!!

Kame: What is it like then Yamapi??!! What?! No wonder you two are best friends!!

Pi: Kame! Listen to me!

Kame: I don’t want to listen to anything! Just leave!! And tell Jin to stay the hell away from me!

Pi: Kame!!

Kame: LEAVE!!

Once Pi left, Kame hugged his knees and cried on his couch.

Kame: *crying* I knew it! You did it just to humiliate me!! I knew it!!

That night, Kame swore to himself that he will find a way to get back to Jin for what he did and be the one laughing at him at the end. On the other hand, Pi never mentioned it to Jin especially when Jin told him before that he should never talk to Kame about it. Despite Jin’s warnings, Pi wanted to help his friend, but turned out leaving a misunderstanding instead…A misunderstanding that was the reason for making things even hard on Jin… It was a wrong move…


End of Chapter 17

It's been a long time since my last update, sorry about that. I've been busy with my latest fic that it made me think only about it. I hope you will enjoy this chapter which shows a side to why Kame is not believing Jin no matter how the other tries to apologize. Comments are love~~

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